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Xpra is 'screen for X', and more: it allows you to run X programs, usually on a remote host and direct their display to your local machine. It also allows you to display existing desktop sessions remotely.
Xpra is "rootless" or "seamless", and sessions can be accessed over SSH, or password protected and encrypted over plain TCP sockets.
Xpra adapts to bandwidth constraints and is fully open-source.
For more details see here, you can find the source here.

features Enhancements

This fork adds many enhancements over the original version: better performance and platform support, hardware acceleration, multi-user support, GUI tools and configuration and options; keyboard and clipboard fixes; cursor, sound, system tray and notifications forwarding; IPv6 support, support for shadowing existing displays, etc; and many bug fixes.
Development is very active, so keep an eye on the news for new versions and features.
For more details see here.

download Download

You can find binary installers for:
Winswitch is a front-end for xpra (and also VNC, NX, RDP, etc), it is available here and the binaries include xpra.

forward Get started with Xpra

On the machine which will export the application (xterm in this example):
xpra start :100 --start-child=xterm
We can then attach to this session from the same machine, with:
xpra attach :100
If connecting from a remote machine, you would use something like (or you can also use the GUI):
xpra attach ssh:serverhostname:100

forum Help and Discussions

Send your questions to the mailing list or join us on the IRC channel: #winswitch on irc.freenode.net, please be aware of irc netiquette.