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Ticket #532: resize-via-idle_add.patch

File resize-via-idle_add.patch, 876 bytes (added by Antoine Martin, 7 years ago)

I seem to remember that we were resizing via idle_add to prevent races before

  • xpra/x11/gtk_x11/window.py

    10711071        if self.client_window is None or not self.client_window.is_visible():
    10721072            return
    10731073        try:
    1074             #workaround applications whose windows disappear from underneath us:
    1075             if trap.call_synced(self.resize_corral_window):
    1076                 self.notify("geometry")
     1074            def may_resize():
     1075                #workaround applications whose windows disappear from underneath us:
     1076                if trap.call_synced(self.resize_corral_window):
     1077                    self.notify("geometry")
     1078            gobject.idle_add(may_resize)
    10771079        except XError, e:
    10781080            log.warn("failed to resize corral window: %s", e)