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Ticket #598: selinux-xpra-cups.patch

File selinux-xpra-cups.patch, 1.3 KB (added by Antoine Martin, 5 years ago)

simpler solution for selinux and cups

  • xpra-cups/README.TXT

     1To compile this policy,
     2just symlink the SELinux make file here:
     3ln -sf /usr/share/selinux/devel/Makefile ./
     4Then run make:
     7To load the policy:
     8semodule -i xpra_cups.pp
     10To relabel the file:
     11restorecon /usr/lib/cups/backend/xpraforwarder
  • xpra-cups/xpra_cups.fc

     1/usr/lib/cups/backend/xpraforwarder             gen_context(unconfined_u:object_r:xpra_cups_exec_t,s0)
  • xpra-cups/xpra_cups.if

     1## <summary></summary>
  • xpra-cups/xpra_cups.te

     1policy_module(xpra_cups, 1.0)
     3require {
     4    type cupsd_t;
     7type xpra_cups_t;
     8type xpra_cups_exec_t;
     11domain_auto_transition_pattern(cupsd_t, xpra_cups_exec_t, xpra_cups_t)