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Ticket #613: xpra.spec

File xpra.spec, 53.3 KB (added by pyther, 8 years ago)
1# This file is part of Xpra.
2# Copyright (C) 2010-2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
3# Xpra is released under the terms of the GNU GPL v2, or, at your option, any
4# later version. See the file COPYING for details.
6%define version 0.13.7
8# EL5/6 do not define __python2 or python2_sitelib
9%if 0%{?rhel} && 0%{?rhel} <= 6
10%{!?__python2: %global __python2 /usr/bin/python2}
11%{!?python2_sitelib: %global python2_sitelib %(%{__python2} -c "from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib; print(get_python_lib())")}
12%{!?python2_sitearch: %global python2_sitearch %(%{__python2} -c "from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib; print(get_python_lib(1))")}
15%if 0%{?build_no} == 0
16%define build_no 0
18%define old_xdg 0
20%define requires_lz4 python-lz4
21%define requires_fakexinerama libfakeXinerama
22%define requires_python_gtk ,pygtk2, python-imaging, dbus-python
23%define requires_xorg , xorg-x11-server-utils, xorg-x11-drv-dummy, xorg-x11-drv-void, xorg-x11-xauth
24%define requires_opengl , PyOpenGL, pygtkglext, numpy
25%define requires_extra %{nil}
26%define requires_x264 , x264-xpra
27%define requires_ffmpeg , ffmpeg-xpra
28%define requires_vpx , libvpx-xpra
29%define requires_webp , libwebp-xpra
30%define build_requires_x264 , x264-xpra-devel
31%define build_requires_ffmpeg , ffmpeg-xpra-devel
32%define build_requires_libvpx , libvpx-xpra-devel
33%define build_requires_libwebp , libwebp-xpra-devel
34%define requires_sound , gstreamer, gstreamer-plugins-base, gstreamer-plugins-good, gstreamer-python, pulseaudio, pulseaudio-utils
37# Build Argumentnts
38%define strict_build_args --with-strict
39%define sound_build_args  --with-sound
40%define webp_build_args   --with-webp
41%define server_build_args --with-server
42%define opencl_build_args --with-csc_opencl
43%define ffmpeg_build_args --with-dec_avcodec --with-dec_avcodec2 --with-csc_swscale
44%define vpx_build_args    --with-vpx
45%define x264_build_args   --with-enc_x264
47# Distro Specific builds
48%if 0%{?fedora}
49%define requires_vpx , libvpx
50%define requires_webp , libwebp
51%define build_requires_libvpx , libvpx-devel
52%define build_requires_libwebp , libwebp-devel
55%if 0%{?el7}
56#version shipped is good enough for dynamic linking:
57%define requires_sound %{nil}
58#OpenGL packages are not available yet:
59%define requires_opengl %{nil}
62%if 0%{?el6}
63%define requires_sound %{nil}
66%if 0%{?el5}
67%define requires_lz4 %{nil}
68%define requires_opengl %{nil}
69%define opencl_build_args --without-csc_opencl
70%define requires_sound %{nil}
71%define old_xdg 1
72%define strict_build_args --without-strict
73%define sound_build_args  --without-sound
74#uuidgen is in e2fsprogs! (no we don't do any fs stuff)
75%define requires_extra , e2fsprogs, python-ctypes
79# Build Video Statically
80%if 0%{?static_video_libs}
81%define static_vpx 1
82%define static_x264 1
83%define static_ffmpeg 1
84%define static_webp 1
87%if 0%{?static_ffmpeg}
88%define ffmpeg_build_args --without-dec_avcodec --with-dec_avcodec2 --with-avcodec2_static --with-csc_swscale --with-swscale_static
89%define requires_ffmpeg %{nil}
92%if 0%{?static_vpx}
93%define vpx_build_args --with-vpx --with-vpx_static
94%define requires_vpx %{nil}
97%if 0%{?static_webp}
98#static webp support is in trunk, not 0.13.x
99%define webp_build_args --with-webp --with-webp_static
100%define webp_build_args --without-webp
101%define requires_webp %{nil}
104%if 0%{?static_x264}
105%define x264_build_args --with-enc_x264 --with-x264_static
106%define requires_x264 %{nil}
110Name:       xpra
111Version:    %{version}
112Release:    %{build_no}%{dist}
113Summary:    Xpra gives you "persistent remote applications" for X.
115Group:      Networking
116License:    GPL
117URL:        http://xpra.org/
118Packager:   Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
119Vendor:     http://xpra.org/
121Source:     xpra-%{version}.tar.bz2
122BuildRoot:  %(mktemp -ud %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-XXXXXX)
124### Patches ###
125Patch12: old-xdg-desktop.patch
127Requires: %{requires_lz4} %{requires_python_gtk} %{requires_extra} %{requires_sound} %{requires_ffmpeg} %{requires_vpx} %{requires_x264} %{requires_webp} %{requires_xorg} %{requires_fakexinerama} %{requires_opengl}
129# Video Libraries
130BuildRequires:    %{build_requires_libvpx} %{build_requires_libwebp} %{build_requires_x264} %{build_requires_ffmpeg}
131#BuildRequires:    libvpx-xpra-devel, libwebp-xpra-devel, ffmpeg-xpra-devel, x264-xpra-devel
132BuildRequires:    libXcomposite-devel, libXdamage-devel, libXrandr-devel, libXfixes-devel, libXtst-devel
133BuildRequires:    Cython, python, pygtk2-devel, pygobject2-devel
134BuildRequires:    desktop-file-utils, pkgconfig
135# use to determine if we have xdummy support, this probably needs to be fixed
136BuildRequires:    xorg-x11-server-Xorg
137# uses svnversion to determine build number
138Requires(post):   desktop-file-utils
139Requires(postun): desktop-file-utils
141%if 0%{?rhel}
142BuildRequires: gtk2-devel
146Xpra gives you "persistent remote applications" for X. That is, unlike normal X applications, applications run with xpra are "persistent" -- you can run them remotely, and they don't die if your connection does. You can detach them, and reattach them later -- even from another computer -- with no loss of state. And unlike VNC or RDP, xpra is for remote applications, not remote desktops -- individual applications show up as individual windows on your screen, managed by your window manager. They're not trapped in a box.
148So basically it's screen for remote X apps.
151%setup -q
152%if 0%{?old_xdg}
153%patch12 -p1
158rm -rf build install
160# set pkg_config_path for xpra video libs
164CFLAG=S-O2 LDFLAGS=-Wl,-rpath=%{_libdir}/xpra python setup.py build --with-opengl %{strict_build_args} %{sound_build_args} %{ffmpeg_build_args} %{vpx_build_args} %{x264_build_args} %{opencl_build_args} %{webp_build_args} %{server_build_args}
167rm -rf %{buildroot}
168%{__python} setup.py install --with-Xdummy -O1 --prefix /usr --skip-build --root %{buildroot}
170#we should pass arguments to setup.py but rpm macros make this too difficult
171#so we delete after installation (ugly but this works)
172rm -fr %{buildroot}%{python2_sitearch}/xpra/platform/win32
173rm -fr %{buildroot}%{python2_sitearch}/xpra/platform/darwin
177rm -rf %{buildroot}
183#el5 doesn't generate an egg file
184%if ! 0%{?el5}
192%dir %{_sysconfdir}/xpra
193%config(noreplace) %{_sysconfdir}/xpra/xorg.conf
194%config(noreplace) %{_sysconfdir}/xpra/xpra.conf
197desktop-file-validate %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/applications/xpra_launcher.desktop
198desktop-file-validate %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/applications/xpra.desktop
202/usr/bin/update-desktop-database &> /dev/null || :
203/bin/touch --no-create %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor &>/dev/null || :
206update-desktop-database &> /dev/null || :
207if [ $1 -eq 0 ] ; then
208    /bin/touch --no-create %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor &>/dev/null
209    /usr/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor &>/dev/null || :
213/usr/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor &>/dev/null || :
216* Sat Jun 14 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.13.5-3
217- re-fix opengl compatibility
219* Fri Jun 13 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.13.5-1
220- fix use correct dimensions when evaluating video
221- fix invalid latency statistics recording
222- fix auto-refresh wrongly cancelled
223- fix connection via nested ssh commands
224- fix statically linked builds of swscale codec
225- fix system tray icons when upgrading server
226- fix opengl compatibility with older libraries
227- fix ssh connection with shells not starting in home directory
228- fix keyboard layout change forwarding
230* Tue Jun 10 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.13.4-1
231- fix numeric keypad period key mapping on some non-us keyboards
232- fix client launcher GUI on OSX
233- fix remote ssh start with clean user account
234- fix remote shadow start with automatic display selection
235- fix avoid scaling during resize
236- fix changes of speed and quality via xpra control (make it stick)
237- fix xpra info global batch statistics
238- fix focus issue with some applications
239- fix batch delay use
241* Sun Jun 01 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.13.3-1
242- fix xpra upgrade
243- fix xpra control error handling
244- fix window refresh on inactive workspace
245- fix slow cursor updates
246- fix error in rgb strict mode
247- add missing x11 server type information
249* Sun Jun 01 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.13.2-1
250- fix painting of forwarded tray
251- fix initial window workspace
252- fix launcher with debug option in config file
253- fix compilation of x265 encoder
254- fix infinite recursion in cython csc module
255- don't include sound utilities when building without sound
257* Wed May 28 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.13.1-1
258- honour lossless encodings
259- fix avcodec2 build for Debian jessie and sid
260- fix pam authentication module
261- fix proxy server launched without a display
262- fix xpra info data format (wrong prefix)
263- fix transparency with png/L mode
264- fix loss of transparency when toggling OpenGL
265- fix re-stride code for compatibility with ancient clients
266- fix timer reference leak causing some warnings
268* Thu May 22 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.13.0-1
269- Python3 / GTK3 client support
270- NVENC module included in binary builds
271- support for enhanced dummy driver with DPI option
272- better build system with features auto-detection
273- removed unsupported CUDA csc module
274- improved buffer support
275- faster webp encoder
276- improved automatic encoding selection
277- support running MS Windows installer under wine
278- support for window opacity forwarding
279- fix password mode in launcher
280- edge resistance for automatic image downscaling
281- increased default memory allocation of the dummy driver
282- more detailed version information and tools
283- stricter handling of server supplied values
285* Fri May 16 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.12.6-1
286- fix invalid pixel buffer size causing encoding failures
287- fix auto-refresh infinite loop, and honour refresh quality
288- fix sound sink with older versions of GStreamer plugins
289- fix Qt applications crashes caused by a newline in xsettings..
290- fix error with graphics drivers only supporting OpenGL 2.x only
291- fix OpenGL crash on OSX with the Intel driver (now blacklisted)
292- fix global menu entry text on OSX
293- fix error in cairo backing cleanup
294- fix RGB pixel data buffer size (re-stride as needed)
295- avoid buggy swscale 2.1.0 on Ubuntu
297* Sat May 03 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.12.5-1
298- fix error when clients supply invalid screen dimensions
299- fix MS Windows build without ffmpeg
300- fix cairo backing alternative
301- fix keyboard and sound test tools initialization and cleanup
302- fix gcc version test used for enabling sanitizer build options
303- fix exception handling in client when called from the launcher
304- fix libav dependencies for Debian and Ubuntu builds
306* Wed Apr 23 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.12.4-1
307- fix xpra shadow subcommand
308- fix xpra shadow keyboard mapping support for non-posix clients
309- avoid Xorg dummy warning in log
311* Wed Apr 09 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.12.3-1
312- fix mispostioned windows
313- fix quickly disappearing windows (often menus)
314- fix server errors when closing windows
315- fix NVENC server initialization crash with driver version mismatch
316- fix rare invalid memory read with XShm
317- fix webp decoder leak
318- fix memory leak on client disconnection
319- fix focus errors if windows disappear
320- fix mmap errors on window close
321- fix incorrect x264 encoder speed reported via "xpra info"
322- fix potential use of mmap as an invalid fallback for video encoding
323- fix logging errors in debug mode
324- fix timer expired warning
326* Sun Mar 30 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.12.2-1
327- fix switching to RGB encoding via client tray
328- fix remote server start via SSH
329- fix workspace change detection causing slow screen updates
331* Thu Mar 27 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.12.1-1
332- fix 32-bit server timestamps
333- fix client PNG handling on installations without PIL / Pillow
335* Sun Mar 23 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.12.0-1
336- NVENC support for YUV444 mode, support for automatic bitrate tuning
337- NVENC and CUDA load balancing for multiple cards
338- proxy encoding: ability to encode on proxy server
339- fix fullscreen on multiple monitors via fakeXinerama
340- OpenGL rendering improvements (for transparent windows, etc)
341- support window grabs (drop down menus, etc)
342- support specifying the SSH port number more easily
343- enabled TCP_NODELAY socket option by default (lower latency)
344- add ability to easily select video encoders and csc modules
345- add local unix domain socket support to proxy server instances
346- add "xpra control" commands to control encoding speed and quality
347- improved handling of window resizing
348- improved compatibility with command line tools (xdotool, wmctrl)
349- ensure windows on other workspaces do not waste bandwidth
350- ensure iconified windows do not waste bandwidth
351- ensure maximized and fullscreen windows are prioritised
352- ensure we reset xsettings when client disconnects
353- better bandwidth utilization of jittery connections
354- faster network code (larger receive buffers)
355- better automatic encoding selection for smaller regions
356- improved command line options (add ability to enable options which are disabled in the config file)
357- trimmed all the ugly PyOpenGL warnings on startup
358- much improved logging and debugging tools
359- make it easier to distinguish xpra windows from local windows (border command line option)
360- improved build system: smaller and more correct build output (much smaller OSX images)
361- automatically stop remote shadow servers when client disconnects
363* Tue Mar 18 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.11.6-1
364- correct fix for system tray forwarding
366* Tue Mar 18 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.11.5-1
367- fix "xpra info" with bencoder
368- ensure we re-sanitize window size hints when they change
369- workaround applications with nonsensical size hints (ie: handbrake)
370- fix 32-bit painting with GTK pixbuf loader (when PIL is not installed or disabled)
371- fix system tray forwarding geometry issues
372- fix workspace restore
373- fix compilation warning
374- remove spurious cursor warnings
376* Sat Mar 01 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.11.4-1
377- fix NVENC GPU memory leak
378- fix video compatibility with ancient clients
379- fix vpx decoding in ffmpeg decoders
380- fix transparent system tray image with RGB encoding
381- fix client crashes with system tray forwarding
382- fix webp codec loader error handler
384* Fri Feb 14 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.11.3-1
385- fix compatibility with ancient versions of GTK
386- fix crashes with malformed socket names
387- fix server builds without client modules
388- honour mdns flag set in config file
389- blacklist VMware OpenGL driver which causes client crashes
390- ensure all "control" subcommands run in UI thread
392* Wed Jan 29 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.11.2-1
393- fix Cython 0.20 compatibility
394- fix OpenGL pixel upload alignment code
395- fix xpra command line help page tokens
396- fix compatibility with old versions of the python glib library
398* Fri Jan 24 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.11.1-1
399- fix compatibility with old/unsupported servers
400- fix shadow mode
401- fix paint issue with transparent tooltips on OSX and MS Windows
402- fix pixel format typo in OpenGL logging
404* Mon Jan 20 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.11.0-1
405- NVENC hardware h264 encoding acceleration
406- OpenCL and CUDA colourspace conversion acceleration
407- proxy server mode for serving multiple sessions through one port
408- support for sharing a TCP port with a web server
409- server control command for modifying settings at runtime
410- server exit command, which leaves Xvfb running
411- publish session via mDNS
412- OSX client two way clipboard support
413- support for transparency with OpenGL window rendering
414- support for transparency with 8-bit PNG modes
415- support for more authentication mechanisms
416- support remote shadow start via ssh
417- support faster lz4 compression
418- faster bencoder, rewritten in Cython
419- builtin fallback colourspace conversion module
420- real time frame latency graphs
421- improved system tray forwarding support and native integration
422- removed most of the Cython/C code duplication
423- stricter and safer value parsing
424- more detailed status information via UI and "xpra info"
425- experimental HTML5 client
426- drop non xpra clients with a more friendly response
428* Tue Jan 14 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.12-1
429- fix missing auto-refresh with lossy colourspace conversion
430- fix spurious warning from Nvidia OpenGL driver
431- fix OpenGL client crash with some drivers (ie: VirtualBox)
432- fix crash in bencoder caused by empty data to encode
433- fix ffmpeg2 h264 decoding (ie: Fedora 20+)
434- big warnings about webp leaking memory
435- generated debuginfo RPMs
437* Tue Jan 07 2014 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.11-1
438- fix popup windows focus issue
439- fix "xpra upgrade" subcommand
440- fix server backtrace in error handler
441- restore server target information in tray tooltip
442- fix bencoder error with no-windows switch (missing encoding)
443- add support for RGBX pixel format required by some clients
444- avoid ffmpeg "data is not aligned" warning on client
446* Wed Dec 04 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.10-1
447- fix focus regression
448- fix MS Windows clipboard copy including null byte
449- fix h264 decoding with old versions of avcodec
450- fix potential invalid read past the end of the buffer
451- fix static vpx build arguments
452- fix RGB modes exposed for transparent windows
453- fix crash on clipboard loops: detect and disable clipboard
454- support for ffmpeg version 2.x
455- support for video encoding of windows bigger than 4k
456- support video encoders that re-start the stream
457- fix crash in decoding error path
458- forward compatibility with namespace changes
459- forward compatibility with the new generic encoding names
461* Tue Nov 05 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.9-1
462- fix h264 decoding of padded images
463- fix plain RGB encoding with very old clients
464- fix "xpra info" error when old clients are connected
465- remove warning when "help" is specified as encoding
467* Tue Oct 22 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.8-1
468- fix misapplied patch breaking all windows with transparency
470* Tue Oct 22 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.7-1
471- fix client crash on Linux with AMD cards and fglrx driver
472- fix missing WM_CLASS on X11 clients
473- fix "xpra info" on shadow servers
474- add usable 1366x768 dummy resolution
476* Tue Oct 15 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.6-1
477- fix window titles reverting to "unknown host"
478- fix tray forwarding bug causing client disconnections
479- replace previous rencode fix with warning
481* Thu Oct 10 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.5-1
482- fix client time out when the initial connection fails
483- fix shadow mode
484- fix connection failures when some system information is missing
485- fix client disconnection requests
486- fix encryption cipher error messages
487- fix client errors when some features are disabled
488- fix potential rencode bug with unhandled data types
489- error out if the client requests authentication and none is available
491* Tue Sep 10 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.4-2
492- fix modifier key handling (was more noticeable with MS Windows clients)
493- fix auto-refresh
495* Fri Sep 06 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.3-2
496- fix transient windows with no parent
497- fix metadata updates handling (maximize, etc)
499* Thu Aug 29 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.2-2
500- fix connection error with unicode user name
501- fix vpx compilation warning
502- fix python 2.4 compatibility
503- fix handling of scaling attribute via environment override
504- build fix: ensure all builds include source information
507* Tue Aug 20 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.1-1
508- fix avcodec buffer pointer errors on some 32-bit Linux
509- fix invalid time convertion
510- fix OpenGL scaling with fractions
511- compilation fix for some newer versions of libav
512- honour scaling at high quality settings
513- add ability to disable transparency via environment variable
514- silence PyOpenGL warnings we can do nothing about
515- fix CentOS 6.3 packaging dependencies
517* Tue Aug 13 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.10.0-3
518- performance: X11 shared memory (XShm) pixels transfers
519- performance: zero-copy window pixels to picture encoders
520- performance: zero copy decoded pixels to window (but not with OpenGL..)
521- performance: multi-threaded x264 encoding and decoding
522- support for speed tuning (latency vs bandwidth) with more encodings (png, jpeg, rgb)
523- support for grayscale and palette based png encoding
524- support for window and tray transparency
525- support webp lossless
526- support x264's "ultrafast" preset
527- support forwarding of group-leader application window information
528- prevent slow encoding from creating backlogs
529- OpenGL accelerated client rendering enabled by default wherever supported
530- register as a generic URL handler
531- fullscreen toggle support
532- stricter Cython code
533- better handling of sound buffering and overruns
534- experimental support for a Qt based client
535- support for different window layouts with custom widgets
536- don't try to synchronize with clipboards that do not exist (for shadow servers mostly)
537- refactoring: move features and components to sub-modules
538- refactoring: split X11 bindings from pure gtk code
539- refactoring: codecs split encoding and decoding side
540- refactoring: move more common code to utility classes
541- refactoring: remove direct dependency on gobject in many places
542- refactoring: platform code better separated
543- refactoring: move wimpiggy inside xpra, delete parti
544- export and expose more version information (x264/vpx/webp/PIL, OpenGL..)
545- export compiler information with build (Cython, C compiler, etc)
546- export much more debugging information about system state and statistics
547- simplify non-UI subcommands and their packets, also use rencode ("xpra info", "xpra version", etc)
549* Mon Jul 29 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.9.8-1
550- fix client workarea size change detection (again)
551- fix crashes handling info requests
552- fix server hangs due to sound cleanup deadlock
553- use lockless window video decoder cleanup (much faster)
554- speedup server startup when no XAUTHORITY file exists yet
556* Tue Jul 16 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.9.7-1
557- fix error in sound cleanup code
558- fix network threads accounting
559- fix missing window icons
560- fix client availibility of remote session start feature
562* Sun Jun 30 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.9.6-1
563- fix lost clicks on some popup menus (mostly with MS Windows clients)
564- fix client workarea size change detection
565- fix reading of unique "machine-id" on posix
566- fix window reference leak for windows we fail to manage
567- fix compatibility with pillow (PIL fork)
568- fix session-info window graphs jumping (smoother motion)
569- fix webp loading code for non-Linux posix systems
570- fix window group-leader attribute setting
571- fix man page indentation
572- fix variable test vs use (correctness only)
574* Thu Jun 06 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.9.5-1
575- fix auto-refresh: don't refresh unnecessarily
576- fix wrong initial timeout when ssh takes a long time to connect
577- fix client monitor/resolution size change detection
578- fix attributes reported to clients when encoding overrides are used
579- Gentoo ebuild uses virtual to allow one to choose pillow or PIL
581* Mon May 27 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.9.4-1
582- revert cursor scaling fix which broke other applications
583- fix auto refresh mis-firing
584- fix type (atom) of the X11 visual property we expose
586* Mon May 20 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.9.3-1
587- fix clipboard for *nix clients
588- fix selection timestamp parsing
589- fix crash due to logging code location
590- fix pixel area request dimensions for lossless edges
591- fix advertized tray visual property
592- fix cursors are too small with some applications
593- fix crash when low level debug code is enabled
594- reset cursors when disabling cursor forwarding
595- workaround invalid window size hints
597* Mon May 13 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.9.2-1
598- fix double error when loading build information (missing about dialog)
599- fix and simplify build "clean" subcommand
600- fix OpenGL rendering alignment for padded rowstrides case
601- fix potential double error when tray initialization fails
602- fix window static properties usage
604* Wed May 08 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.9.1-1
605- honour initial client window's requested position
606- fix for hidden appindicator
607- fix string formatting error in non-cython fallback math code
608- fix error if ping packets fail from the start
609- fix for windows without a valid window-type (ie: shadows)
610- fix OpenGL missing required feature detection (and add debug)
611- add required CentOS RPM libXfont dependency
612- tag our /etc configuration files in RPM spec file
614* Thu Apr 25 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.9.0-1
615- fix focus problems with old Xvfb display servers
616- fix RPM SELinux labelling of static codec builds (CentOS)
617- fix CentOS 5.x compatibility
618- fix Python 2.4 and 2.5 compatibility (many)
619- fix failed server upgrades killing the virtual display
620- fix screenshot command with "OR" windows
621- fix support "OR" windows that move and resize
622- IPv6 server support
623- support for many more audio codecs: flac, opus, wavpack, wav, speex
624- support starting remote sessions with "xpra start"
625- support for Xdummy with CentOS 6.4 onwards
626- add --log-file command line option
627- add clipboard regex string filtering
628- add clipboard transfer in progress animation via system tray
629- detect broken/slow connections and temporarily grey out windows
630- reduce regular packet header sizes using numeric lookup tables
631- allow more options in xpra config and launcher files
632- safer test for windows to ignore (window IDs starts at 1 again)
633- expose more version and statistical data via xpra info
634- improved OpenGL client rendering (still disabled by default)
635- upgrade to rencode 1.0.2
637* Thu Mar 07 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.8.8-1
638- fix server deadlock on dead connections
639- fix compatibility with older versions of Python
640- fix sound capture script usage via command line
641- fix screen number preserve code
642- fix error in logs in shadow mode
644* Wed Feb 27 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.8.7-1
645- fix x264 crash with older versions of libav
646- fix 32-bit builds breakage introduce by python2.4 fix in 0.8.6
647- fix missing sound forwarding when using the GUI launcher
648- fix microphone forwarding errors
649- fix client window properties store
650- fix first workspace not preserved and other workspace issues
652* Fri Feb 22 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.8.6-1
653- fix python2.4 compatibility in icon grabbing code
654- fix exit message location
656* Sun Feb 17 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.8.5-1
657- fix server crash with transient windows
659* Wed Feb 13 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.8.4-1
660- fix hello packet encoding bug
661- fix colours in launcher and session-info windows
663* Tue Feb 12 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.8.3-1
664- Python 2.4 compatiblity fixes (CentOS 5.x)
665- fix static builds of vpx and x264
667* Sun Feb 10 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.8.2-1
668- fix libav uninitialized structure crash
669- fix warning on installations without sound libraries
670- fix warning when pulseaudio utils are not installed
671- fix delta compression race
672- fix the return of some ghost windows
673- stop pulseaudio on exit, warn if it fails to start
674- re-enable system tray forwarding
675- remove spurious "too many receivers" warnings
677* Mon Feb 04 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.8.1-1
678- fix server daemonize on some platforms
679- fix server SSH support on platforms with old versions of glib
680- fix "xpra upgrade" closing applications
681- fix detection of almost-lossless frames with x264
682- fix starting of a duplicate pulseaudio server on upgrade
683- fix compatibility with older versions of pulseaudio (pactl)
684- fix session-info window when a tray is being forwarded
685- remove warning on builds with limited encoding support
686- disable tray forwarding by default as it causes problems with some apps
687- rename "Quality" to "Min Quality" in tray menu
688- fix rpm packaging: remove unusable modules
690* Thu Jan 31 2013 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.8.0-9
691- fix modal windows support
692- fix default mouse cursor: now uses the client's default cursor
693- fix short lived windows: avoid doing unnecessary work, avoid re-registering handlers
694- fix limit the number of raw packets per client to prevent DoS via memory exhaustion
695- fix authentication: ensure salt is per connection
696- fix for ubuntu global application menus
697- fix proxy handling of deadly signals
698- fix pixel queue size calculations used for performance tuning decisions
699- edge resistance for colourspace conversion level changes to prevent yoyo effect
700- more aggressive picture quality tuning
701- better CPU utilization
702- new command line options and tray menu to trade latency for bandwidth
703- x264 disable unecessary I-frames and avoid IDR frames
704- performance and latency optimizations in critical sections
705- avoid server loops: prevent the client from connecting to itself
706- group windows according to the remote application they belong to
707- sound forwarding (initial code, high latency)
708- faster and more reliable client and server exit (from signal or otherwise)
709- "xpra shadow" mode to clone an existing X11 display (compositors not supported yet)
710- support for delta pixels mode (most useful for shadow mode)
711- avoid warnings and X11 errors with the screenshot command
712- better mouse cursor support: send cursors by name so their size matches the client's settings
713- mitigate bandwidth eating cursor change storms: introduce simple cursor update batching
714- support system tray icon forwarding (limited)
715- preserve window workspace
716- AES packet encryption for TCP mode (without key secure exchange for now)
717- launcher entry box for username in SSH mode
718- launcher improvements: highlight the password field if needed, prevent warnings, etc
719- better window manager specification compatibility (for broken applications or toolkits)
720- use lossless encoders more aggressively when possible
721- new x264 tuning options: profiles to use and thresholds
722- better detection of dead server sockets: retry and remove them if needed
723- improved session information dialog and graphs
724- more detailed hierarchical per-window details via "xpra info"
725- send window icons in dedicated compressed packet (smaller new-window packets, faster)
726- detect overly large main packets
727- partial/initial Java/AWT keyboard support
730* Mon Oct 08 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.7.0-1
731- fix "AltGr" key handling with MS Windows clients (and others)
732- fix crash with x264 encoding
733- fix crash with fast disappearing tooltip windows
734- avoid storing password in a file when using the launcher (except on MS Windows)
735- many latency fixes and improvements: lower latency, better line congestion handling, etc
736- lower client latency: decompress pictures in a dedicated thread (including rgb24+zlib)
737- better launcher command feedback
738- better automatic compression heuristics
739- support for Xdummy on platforms with only a suid binary installed
740- support for 'webp' lossy picture encoding (better and faster than jpeg)
741- support fixed picture quality with x264, webp and jpeg (via command line and tray menu)
742- support for multiple "start-child" options in config files or command line
743- more reliable auto-refresh
744- performance optimizations: caching results, avoid unnecessary video encoder re-initialization
745- faster re-connection (skip keyboard re-configuration)
746- better isolation of the virtual display process and child processes
747- show performance statistics graphs on session info dialog (click to save)
748- start with compression enabled, even for initial packet
749- show more version and client information in logs and via "xpra info"
750- client launcher improvements: prevent logging conflict, add version info
751- large source layout cleanup, compilation warnings fixed
753* Fri Oct 05 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.6.4-1
754- fix bencoder to properly handle dicts with non-string keys
755- fix swscale bug with windows that are too small by switch encoding
756- fix locking of video encoder resizing leading to missing video frames
757- fix crash with compression turned off: fix unicode encoding
758- fix lack of locking sometimes causing errors with "xpra info"
759- fix password file handling: exceptions and ignore carriage returns
760- prevent races during setup and cleanup of network connections
761- take shortcut if there is nothing to send
763* Thu Sep 27 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.6.3-1
764- fix memory leak in server after client disconnection
765- fix launcher: clear socket timeout once connected and add missing options
766- fix potential bug in network code (prevent disconnection)
767- enable auto-refresh by default since we now use a lossy encoder by default
769* Tue Sep 25 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.6.2-1
770- fix missing key frames with x264/vpx: always reset the video encoder when we skip some frames (forces a new key frame)
771- fix server crash on invalid keycodes (zero or negative)
772- fix latency: isolate per-window latency statistics from each other
773- fix latency: ensure we never record zero or even negative decode time
774- fix refresh: server error was causing refresh requests to be ignored
775- fix window options handling: using it for more than one value would fail
776- fix video encoder/windows dimensions mismatch causing missing key frames
777- fix damage options merge code (options were being squashed)
778- ensure that small lossless regions do not cancel the auto-refresh timer
779- restore protocol main packet compression and single chunk sending
780- drop unnecessary OpenGL dependencies from some deb/rpm packages
782* Fri Sep 14 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.6.1-1
783- fix compress clipboard data (previous fix was ineffectual)
785* Sat Sep 08 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.6.0-1
786- fix launcher: don't block the UI whilst connecting, and use a lower timeout, fix icon lookup on *nix
787- fix clipboard contents too big (was causing connection drops): try to compress them and just drop them if they are still too big
788- x264 or vpx are now the default encodings (if available)
789- compress rgb24 pixel data with zlib from the damage thread (rather than later in the network layer)
790- better build environment detection
791- experimental multi-user support (see --enable-sharing)
792- better, more accurate "xpra info" statistics (per encoding, etc)
793- tidy up main source directory
794- simplify video encoders/decoders setup and cleanup code
795- remove 'nogil' switch (as 'nogil' is much faster)
796- test all socket types with automated tests
798* Sat Sep 08 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.5.4-1
799- fix man page typo
800- fix non bash login shell compatibility
801- fix xpra screenshot argument parsing error handling
802- fix video encoding mismatch when switching encoding
803- fix ssh mode on OpenBSD
805* Wed Sep 05 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.5.3-1
806- zlib compatibility fix: use chunked decompression when supported (newer versions)
808* Wed Aug 29 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.5.2-1
809- fix xpra launcher icon lookup on *nix
810- fix big clipboard packets causing disconnection: just drop them instead
811- fix zlib compression in raw packet mode: ensure we always flush the buffer for each chunk
812- force disconnection after irrecoverable network parsing error
813- fix window refresh: do not skip all windows after a hidden one!
815* Mon Aug 27 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.5.1-6
816- fix xpra_launcher
817- build against rpmfusion repository, with build fix for Fedora 16
819* Sat Aug 25 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.5.1-1
820- fix DPI issue with Xdummy: set virtual screen to 96dpi by default
821- avoid looping forever doing maths on 'infinity' value
822- fix incomplete cloning of attributes causing default values to be used for batch configuration
823- damage data queue batch factor was being calculated but not used
824- ensure we update the data we use for calculations (was always using zero value)
825- ensure "send_bell" is initialized before use
826- add missing path string in warning message
827- fix test code compatibility with older xpra versions
828- statistics shown for 'damage_packet_queue_pixels' were incorrect
830* Mon Aug 20 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.5.0-1
831- new packet encoder written in C (much faster and data is now smaller too)
832- read provided /etc/xpra/xpra.conf and user's own ~/.xpra/xpra.conf
833- support Xdummy out of the box on platforms with recent enough versions of Xorg (and not installed suid)
834- pass dpi to server and allow clients to specify dpi on the command line
835- fix xsettings endianness problems
836- fix clipboard tokens sent twice on start
837- new command line options and UI to disable notifications forwarding, cursors and bell
838- x264: adapt colourspace conversion, encoding speed and picture quality according to link and encoding/decoding performance
839- automatically change video encoding: handle small region updates (ie: blinking cursor or spinner) without doing a full video frame refresh
840- fairer window batching calculations, better performance over low latency links and bandwidth constrained links
841- lower tcp socket connection timeout (10 seconds)
842- better compression of cursor data
843- log date and time with messages, better log messages (ie: "Ignoring ClientMessage..")
844- send more client and server version information (python, gtk, etc)
845- build cleanups: let distutils clean take care of removing all generated .c files
846- code cleanups: move all win32 specific headers to win32 tree, fix vpx compilation warnings, whitespace, etc
847- removed old "--no-randr" option
848- drop compatibility with versions older than 0.3: we now assume the "raw_packets" feature is supported
850* Mon Jul 23 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.4.0-1
851- fix client application resizing its own window
852- fix window dimensions hints not applied
853- fix memleak in x264 cleanup code
854- fix xpra command exit code (more complete fix)
855- fix latency bottleneck in processing of damage requests
856- fix free uninitialized pointers in video decoder initialization error codepath
857- fix x264 related crash when resizing windows to one pixel width or height
858- fix accounting of client decode time: ignore figure in case of decoding error
859- fix subversion build information detection on MS Windows
860- fix some binary packages which were missing some menu icons
861- restore keyboard compatiblity code for MS Windows and OSX clients
862- use padded buffers to prevent colourspace conversion from reading random memory
863- release Python's GIL during vpx and x264 compression and colourspace conversion
864- better UI launcher: UI improvements, detect encodings, fix standalone/win32 usage, minimize window once the client has started
865- "xpra stop" disconnects all potential clients cleanly before exiting
866- use memory aligned buffer for better performance with x264
867- avoid vpx/x264 overhead for very small damage regions
868- detect dead connection with ping packets: disconnect if echo not received
869- force a full refresh when the encoding is changed
870- more dynamic framerate performance adjustments, based on more metrics
871- new menu option to toggle keyboard sync at runtime
872- vpx/x264 runtime imports: detect broken installations and warn, but ignore when the codec is simply not installed
873- enable environment debugging for damage batching via "XPRA_DEBUG_LATENCY" env variable
874- simplify build by using setup file to generate all constants
875- text clients now ignore packets they are not meant to handle
876- removed compression menu since the default is good enough
877- "xpra info" reports all build version information
878- report server pygtk/gtk versions and show them on session info dialog and "xpra info"
879- ignore dependency issues during sdist/clean phase of build
880- record more statistics (mostly latency) in test reports
881- documentation and logging added to code, moved test code out of main packages
882- include distribution name in RPM version/filename
883- CentOS 6 RPMs now depends on libvpx rather than a statically linked library
884- CentOS static ffmpeg build with memalign for better performance
885- no longer bundle parti window manager
887* Tue Jul 10 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.3.3-1
888- do not try to free the empty x264/vpx buffers after a decompression failure
889- fix xpra command exit code (zero) when no error occurred
890- fix Xvfb deadlock on shutdown
891- fix wrongly removing unix domain socket on startup failure
892- fix wrongly killing Xvfb on startup failure
893- fix race in network code and meta data packets
894- ensure clients use raw_packets if the server supports it (fixes 'gibberish' compressed packet errors)
895- fix screen resolution reported by the server
896- fix maximum packet size check wrongly dropping valid connections
897- honour the --no-tray command line argument
898- detect Xvfb startup failures and avoid taking over other displays
899- don't record invalid placeholder value for "server latency"
900- fix missing "damage-sequence" packet for sequence zero
901- fix window focus with some Tk based application (ie: git gui)
902- prevent large clipboard packets from causing the connection to drop
903- fix for connection with older clients and server without raw packet support and rgb24 encoding
904- high latency fix: reduce batch delay when screen updates slow down
905- non-US keyboard layout fix
906- correctly calculate min_batch_delay shown in statistics via "xpra info"
907- require x264-libs for x264 support on Fedora
909* Wed Jun 06 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.3.2-1
910- fix missing 'a' key using OS X clients
911- fix debian packaging for xpra_launcher
912- fix unicode decoding problems in window title
913- fix latency issue
915* Tue May 29 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.3.1-1
916- fix DoS in network connections setup code
917- fix for non-ascii characters in source file
918- log remote IP or socket address
919- more graceful disconnection of invalid clients
920- updates to the man page and xpra command help page
921- support running the automated tests against older versions
922- "xpra info" to report the number of clients connected
923- use xpra's own icon for its own windows (about and info dialogs)
925* Sun May 20 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.3.0-1
926- zero-copy network code, per packet compression
927- fix race causing DoS in threaded network protocol setup
928- fix vpx encoder memory leak
929- fix vpx/x264 decoding: recover from frame failures
930- fix small per-window memory leak in server
931- per-window update batching auto-tuning, which is fairer
932- windows update batching now takes into account the number of pixels rather than just the number of regions to update
933- support --socket-dir option over ssh
934- IPv6 support using the syntax: ssh/::ffff: or tcp/::ffff:
935- all commands now return a non-zero exit code in case of failure
936- new "xpra info" command to report server statistics
937- prettify some of the logging and error messages
938- avoid doing most of the keyboard setup code when clients are in read-only mode
939- automated regression and performance tests
940- remove compatibility code for versions older than 0.1
942* Fri Apr 20 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.2.0-1
943- x264 and vpx video encoding support
944- gtk3 and python 3 partial support (client only - no keyboard support)
945- detect missing X11 server extensions and exit with error
946- X11 vfb servers no longer listens on a TCP port
947- clipboard fixes for Qt/KDE applications
948- option for clients not to supply any keyboard mapping data (the server will no longer complain)
949- show more system version information in session information dialog
950- hide window decorations for openoffice splash screen (workaround)
952* Wed Mar 21 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk> 0.1.0-1
953- security: strict filtering of packet handlers until connection authenticated
954- prevent DoS: limit number of concurrent connections attempting login (20)
955- prevent DoS: limit initial packet size (memory exhaustion: 32KB)
956- mmap: options to place sockets in /tmp and share mmap area across users via unix groups
957- remove large amount of compatiblity code for older versions
958- fix for Mac OS X clients sending hexadecimal keysyms
959- fix for clipboard sharing and some applications (ie: Qt)
960- notifications systems with dbus: re-connect if needed
961- notifications: try not to interfere with existing notification services
962- mmap: check for protected file access and ignore rather than error out (oops)
963- clipboard: handle empty data rather than timing out
964- spurious warnings: remove many harmless stacktraces/error messages
965- detect and discard broken windows with invalid atoms, avoids vfb + xpra crash
966- unpress keys all keys on start (if any)
967- fix screen size check: also check vertical size is sufficient
968- fix for invisible 0 by 0 windows: restore a minimum size
969- fix for window dimensions causing enless resizing or missing window contents
970- toggle cursors, bell and notifications by telling the server not to bother sending them, saves bandwidth
971- build/deploy: don't modify file in source tree, generate it at build time only
972- add missing GPL2 license file to show in about dialog
973- Python 2.5: workarounds to restore support
974- turn off compression over local connections (when mmap is enabled)
975- clients can specify maximum refresh rate and screen update batching options
977* Wed Feb 08 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
978- fix clipboard bug which was causing Java applications to crash
979- ensure we always properly disconnect previous client when new connection is accepted
980- avoid warnings with Java applications, focus errors, etc
982* Wed Feb 01 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
983- ssh password input fix
984- ability to take screenshots ("xpra screenshot")
985- report server version ("xpra version")
986- slave windows (drop down menus, etc) now move with their parent window
987- show more session statistics: damage regions per second
988- posix clients no longer interfere with the GTK/X11 main loop
989- ignore missing properties when they are changed, and report correct source of the problem
990- code style cleanups and improvements
992* Thu Jan 19 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
993- security: restrict access to run-xpra script (chmod)
994- security: cursor data sent to the client was too big (exposing server memory)
995- fix thread leak - properly this time, SIGUSR1 now dumps all threads
996- off-by-one keyboard mapping error could cause modifiers to be lost
997- pure python/cython method for finding modifier mappings (faster and more reliable)
998- retry socket read/write after temporary error EINTR
999- avoid warnings when asked to refresh windows which are now hidden
1000- auto-refresh was using an incorrect window size
1001- logging formatting fixes (only shown with logging on)
1002- hide picture encoding menu when mmap in use (since it is then ignored)
1004* Fri Jan 13 2012 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1005- readonly command line option
1006- correctly stop all network related threads on disconnection
1007- faster pixel data transfers for large areas
1008- fix auto-refresh jpeg quality
1009- fix potential exhaustion of mmap area
1010- fix potential race in packet compression setup code
1011- keyboard: better modifiers detection, synchronization of capslock and numlock
1012- keyboard: support all modifiers correctly with and without keyboard-sync option
1014* Wed Dec 28 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1015- bug fix: disconnection could leave the server (and X11 server) in a broken state due to threaded UI calls
1016- bug fix: don't remove window focus when just any connection is lost, only when the real client goes away
1017- bug fix: initial windows should get focus (partial fix)
1018- support key repeat latency workaround without needing raw keycodes (OS X and MS Windows)
1019- command line switch to enable client side key repeat: "--no-keyboard-sync" (for high latency/jitter links)
1020- session info dialog: shows realtime connection and server details
1021- menu entry in system tray to raise all managed windows
1022- key mappings: try harder to unpress all keys before setting the new keymap
1023- key mappings: try to reset modifier keys as well as regular keys
1024- key mappings: apply keymap using Cython code rather than execing xmodmap
1025- key mappings: fire change callbacks only once when all the work is done
1026- use dbus for tray notifications if available, prefered to pynotify
1027- show full version information in about dialog
1029* Mon Nov 28 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1030- threaded server for much lower latency
1031- fast memory mapped transfers for local connections
1032- adaptive damage batching, fixes window refresh
1033- xpra "detach" command
1034- fixed system tray for Ubuntu clients
1035- fixed maximized windows on Ubuntu clients
1037* Tue Nov 01 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1038- fix for update batching causing screen corruption
1039- fix AttributeError jpegquality: make PIL (aka python-imaging) truly optional
1040- fix for jitter compensation code being a little bit too trigger-happy
1042* Wed Oct 26 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1043- fix partial packets on boundary causing connection to drop (properly this time)
1045* Tue Oct 25 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1046- fix partial packets on boundary causing connection to drop
1047- improve disconnection diagnostic messages
1048- scale cursor down to the client's default size
1049- better handling of right click on system tray icon
1050- posix: detect when there is no DISPLAY and error out
1051- support ubuntu's appindicator (yet another system tray implementation)
1052- remove harmless warnings about missing properties on startup
1054* Tue Oct 18 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1055- fix password mode - oops
1057* Tue Oct 18 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1058- much more efficient and backwards compatible network code, prevents a CPU bottleneck on the client
1059- forwarding of system notifications, system bell and custom cursors
1060- system tray menu to make it easier to change settings and disconnect
1061- automatically resize Xdummy to match the client's screen size whenever it changes
1062- PNG image compression support
1063- JPEG and PNG compression are now optional, only available if the Python Imaging Library is installed
1064- scale window icons before sending if they are too big
1065- fixed keyboard mapping for OSX and MS Windows clients
1066- compensate for line jitter causing keys to repeat
1067- fixed cython warnings, unused variables, etc
1069* Thu Sep 22 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1070- compatibility fix for python 2.4 (remove "with" statement)
1071- slow down updates from windows that refresh continuously
1073* Tue Sep 20 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1074- minor changes to support the Android client (work in progress)
1075- allow keyboard shortcuts to be specified, default is meta+shift+F4 to quit (disconnects client)
1076- clear modifiers when applying new keymaps to prevent timeouts
1077- reduce context switching in the network read loop code
1078- try harder to close connections cleanly
1079- removed some unused code, fixed some old test code
1081* Wed Aug 31 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1082- Use xmodmap to grab the exact keymap, this should ensure all keys are mapped correctly
1083- Reset modifiers whenever we gain or lose focus, or when the keymap changes
1085* Mon Aug 15 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1086- Use raw keycodes whenever possible, should fix keymapping issues for all Unix-like clients
1087- Keyboard fixes for AltGr and special keys for non Unix-like clients
1089* Wed Jul 27 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1090- More keymap fixes..
1092* Wed Jul 20 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1093- Try to use setxkbmap before xkbcomp to setup the matching keyboard layout
1094- Handle keyval level (shifted keys) explicitly, should fix missing key mappings
1095- More generic option for setting window titles
1096- Exit if the server dies
1098* Thu Jun 02 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1099- minor fixes: jpeg, man page, etc
1101* Fri May 20 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1102- ability to bind to an existing display with --use-display
1103- --xvfb now specifies the full command used. The default is unchanged
1104- --auto-refresh-delay does automatic refresh of idle displays in a lossless fashion
1106* Wed May 04 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1107- more reliable fix for keyboard mapping issues
1109* Mon Apr 25 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1110- xrandr support when running against Xdummy, screen resizes on demand
1111- fixes for keyboard mapping issues: multiple keycodes for the same key
1113* Mon Apr 4 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1114- Fix for older distros (like CentOS) with old versions of pycairo
1116* Mon Mar 28 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1117- Fix jpeg compression on MS Windows
1118- Add ability to disable clipboard code
1119- Updated man page
1121* Wed Jan 19 2011 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1122- Honour the pulseaudio flag on client
1124* Wed Aug 25 2010 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1125- Merged upstream changes.
1127* Thu Jul 01 2010 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1128- Add option to disable Pulseaudio forwarding as this can be a real network hog.
1129- Use logging rather than print statements.
1131* Tue May 04 2010 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1132- Ignore minor version differences in the future (must bump to 0.0.8 to cause incompatibility error)
1134* Tue Apr 13 2010 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1135- bump screen resolution
1137* Mon Jan 11 2010 Antoine Martin <antoine@devloop.org.uk>
1138- first rpm spec file
1140### eof