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Ticket #678: python-lzo-envpath-fix.patch

File python-lzo-envpath-fix.patch, 910 bytes (added by Antoine Martin, 4 years ago)

we still need to patch python-lzo for 1.11 (fixed in trunk)

  • python-lzo-1.11/setup.py

    a b  
    2020    # Windows users have to configure the LZO_DIR path parameter to match
    2121    # their LZO source installation.  The path set here is just an example
    2222    # and thus unlikely to match your installation.
    23     LZO_DIR = r"c:\src\lzo-1.08"
     23    LZO_DIR = os.environ.get("LZO_DIR", r"c:\src\lzo-1.08")
    2424    if not os.path.exists(LZO_DIR):
    2525        raise Exception("please set LZO_DIR to where the lzo source lives")
    26     include_dirs.append(os.path.join(LZO_DIR, "include"))
    27     extra_objects.append(os.path.join(LZO_DIR, "lzo.lib"))
     26    include_dirs.append(os.path.join(LZO_DIR, "include/lzo"))
     27    #extra_objects.append(os.path.join(LZO_DIR, "lib"))
     28    libraries = ["lzo2"]
    2930    libraries = ["lzo2"]
    3031    include_dirs.append("/usr/include/lzo")