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#678 building all the dependencies from source on win32 Smo task blocker platforms trunk
#840 64-bit builds for OSX using moduleset Smo task blocker platforms trunk
#1452 html5 client + xpra info crash Antoine Martin defect blocker server trunk
#1456 Server crashes on launching application (inconsistently) psycho_zs defect blocker server trunk
#1464 latest python-lz4 breaks API compatibility Antoine Martin defect blocker packaging trunk
#728 xrandr reports screen dimensions as 0mm x 0mm Antoine Martin defect critical server trunk
#847 more automated tests Smo task critical tests trunk
#935 remove support for old buffers Smo task critical core 0.15.x
#1062 better keyboard layout detection on win32 Antoine Martin enhancement critical platforms trunk
#1174 named pipes improvements alas defect critical platforms trunk
#1392 moduleset error horror Antoine Martin defect critical packaging trunk
#1425 codec selftest crash on osx Antoine Martin defect critical platforms trunk
#1430 X11 crash during connection setup Antoine Martin defect critical server trunk
#1431 pixel data race condition - unnecessary copy? Antoine Martin defect critical server trunk
#1451 black screen after exit of xpra server on debian 9 mviereck defect critical server 0.17.x
#1453 gedit menus don't respond to clicks with macos client, centos 6.x server Antoine Martin defect critical client trunk
#1460 Paint bug with latest trunk (r15230) J. Max Mena defect critical server trunk
#29 android client does not pass key events at all! Antoine Martin defect major android
#232 deal with damage request storms Antoine Martin task major server trunk
#300 setup a proper build infrastructure for win32 builds Smo task major platforms
#425 Can't use Alt+<SYM> shortcuts in application running inside xpra Alexei Volkov defect major client
#628 ffmpeg + gcc 4.8.x dec_avcodec compatibility on win32 Antoine Martin defect major platforms trunk
#941 Key Release events miss akaWolf defect major client trunk
#978 race in xshm image wrapper and video compression? Antoine Martin defect major server 0.15.x
#1005 Prompt for passwords or encryption keys if required and missing Antoine Martin enhancement major html5 0.15.x
#1071 drop support for GStreamer 0.10 Antoine Martin task major sound trunk
#1118 sink.py is not able to play sound in ubuntu 15.10 and xpra 0.16.2. Kundan defect major sound trunk
#1170 fix printer sharing with osx shadow servers Antoine Martin defect major platforms trunk
#1215 build patched dummy drivers for Debian / Ubuntu Antoine Martin task major platforms trunk
#1309 10-bit color support in opengl client J. Max Mena enhancement major client trunk
#1340 OSX PKG signing J. Max Mena task major platforms trunk
#1361 better pypi integration Smo task major packaging trunk
#1367 enable more opengl chipsets alas enhancement major client trunk
#1372 split the html5 client into its own package Smo task major packaging trunk
#1373 shared mode keyboard conflicts alas defect major server trunk
#1380 synchronize xkb layout group alas enhancement major server trunk
#1381 occasionally xpra window gets stuck on top Pat B defect major client 0.17.x
#1390 osx trackpad sends too many events with HTML5 client alas defect major html5 trunk
#1404 2.0 moduleset updates Smo task major platforms trunk
#1409 mmap failures with start-desktop mode Antoine Martin defect major core trunk
#1413 64-bit MS Windows builds atnoine defect major platforms trunk
#1423 native jpeg encoder and decoder alas enhancement major encodings trunk
#1424 html5: faster network layer, input devices, etc alas task major html5 trunk
#1426 scrolling improvements J. Max Mena task major encodings trunk
#1428 Mouse wheel works only down but not up Lukas Haase defect major client 1.0.x
#1432 html5 client should honour paint flush order Antoine Martin defect major html5 trunk
#1433 iconified windows have nonsensical coordinates on win32 Antoine Martin defect major client trunk
#1434 native win32 systray using ctypes alas task major platforms trunk
#1435 centos 6.x in virtualbox crashes in opengl check Antoine Martin defect major platforms trunk
#1436 intellij idea right click popup menu window looses focus and dissapears pawelpanasewicz defect major client trunk
#1440 Scrolling in Quod Libet causes the server to lock up and stop sending paints Antoine Martin defect major server 1.0.x
#1444 osx keyboard layout detection alas defect major platforms trunk
#1445 support 8-bit pixel depth server Antoine Martin task major server trunk
#1457 Abnormal CPU usage on server while client is connected psycho_zs defect major server trunk
#1461 html5 clipboard alas enhancement major html5 trunk
#1485 New release 2.0.1-1 update. Transaction errors Denis01 defect major packaging trunk
#139 forward input grabs to the client Antoine Martin enhancement minor core trunk
#382 build universal osx binaries (multi-arch) or drop 32-bit support Antoine Martin enhancement minor platforms
#525 opencl yuv to rgb with nvidia SDK is broken Antoine Martin task minor core
#584 Implementation of API for crypto modules Antoine Martin enhancement minor core trunk
#662 Audio usability improvements onlyjob enhancement minor sound 0.14.x
#698 gtk is confused about some win32 screen settings Antoine Martin task minor client trunk
#732 make it easier to know what version of the dummy driver is installed (and if it has the required patches) Antoine Martin enhancement minor packaging trunk
#917 Use Msys2 for building Windows 32 and 64 bit builds Smo enhancement minor packaging trunk
#1004 osx client locks up in mmap code Antoine Martin defect minor platforms 0.15.x
#1209 pulseaudio presence dedection psycho_zs defect minor sound trunk
#1234 Keyboard layout sync and managers psycho_zs defect minor client trunk
#1280 update libyuv - add to osx Antoine Martin task minor packaging trunk
#1315 support 16-bit depth Antoine Martin enhancement minor server trunk
#1383 ./setup.py install --home=<inst> requires root Jens H. Goebbert enhancement minor core trunk
#1397 Regression: cannot minimise windows displayed by xpra Alfred defect minor platforms 1.0.x
#1408 MacOSX: Xpra GUI does not show up, if Xpra was installed from UserSpace Jens H. Goebbert enhancement minor core 1.0.x
#1420 Unable to start multiple gnome-terminals Doug Doole defect minor server 1.0.x
#1446 r15125 Slow drawing, encoding errors Antoine Martin defect minor encodings trunk
#1455 xpra does not check for MIT-SHM - server logfile with MBs of error messages mviereck task minor server 1.0.x
#1073 drop support for Python 2.6 and older Antoine Martin task trivial core trunk
#1398 Installation of xpra fails in ubuntu-16.04 due to missing dependencies Alfred defect trivial packaging 1.0.x
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