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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1105 systemd multi seat support Smo defect blocker server trunk
#1405 rpath ignored when system libraries are matched first Antoine Martin defect blocker packaging trunk
#1478 Windows Version x64 errno 10057 when using ssl B defect blocker client trunk
#1500 Firefox and Chrome causing hard client crash J. Max Mena defect blocker client trunk
#1370 Improved timestamps on AV packets Xepol enhancement critical sound trunk
#1400 clipboard rate limit alas enhancement critical clipboard trunk
#1469 Windows resize problems alin104n defect critical client trunk
#1475 X errors crash server Philip D Loewen defect critical core trunk
#1487 HTML client. Languages support Denis01 defect critical html5 trunk
#1501 2.1 moduleset updates Smo task critical platforms trunk
#1521 socket activation for system proxy server Smo enhancement critical server trunk
#1555 xpra client Antoine Martin defect critical client trunk
#1564 Cython 0.26 compatibility Antoine Martin task critical packaging trunk
#1583 hello startup-complete race Antoine Martin defect critical core trunk
#469 Focus issue with mouse on osx client Antoine Martin defect major client
#640 Python3 GTK3 client feature parity Antoine Martin task major platforms trunk
#1141 Sound loop is created when both microphone and speaker forwarding is enabled. Kundan defect major sound 0.16.x
#1230 windows client printing blue text as red alas defect major client trunk
#1253 split client and server builds Smo task major packaging trunk
#1317 nvidia capture sdk support Antoine Martin enhancement major server trunk
#1333 mdns listener support for osx and win32 Antoine Martin enhancement major platforms trunk
#1334 mdns GUI launcher alas enhancement major client trunk
#1347 nvenc RGB pixel upload mode Antoine Martin enhancement major encodings trunk
#1376 html5 users should be allowed to upload/download ERIC GRAMMATICO enhancement major html5 trunk
#1377 gvim sometimes has a very small window rektide defect major server 1.0.x
#1443 restore get_depth in pygtkglext OSX patch alas defect major platforms trunk
#1447 Server does not accept initial connection on remote start. psycho_zs defect major server trunk
#1466 Xpra systray icons have black background. alin104n defect major client 1.0.x
#1470 time.time() can go backwards Antoine Martin defect major core trunk
#1474 server hangs with two html5 clients connecting concurrently JAremko defect major server trunk
#1476 proxy control socket permission error B defect major server trunk
#1477 Xpra Proxy same user session management Andreas defect major server trunk
#1480 multifile auth module error: "Password file is missing" Denis01 defect major server trunk
#1481 no xpra menu in systemtray with Ubuntu 17.04 B defect major client trunk
#1483 workaround broken MSYS2 dependencies Antoine Martin task major packaging trunk
#1488 new auth module: sqlsqlite Denis01 enhancement major server trunk
#1490 no proxy video encoders B defect major encodings trunk
#1491 2.1 html5 updates: more complete implementation of client protocol alas enhancement major html5 trunk
#1493 initial network drag and drop J. Max Mena enhancement major client trunk
#1496 show pointer using opengl texture overlay Antoine Martin task major client trunk
#1498 attach via proxy multifile auth Denis01 defect major server trunk
#1502 Cursor doesn't appear Denis01 defect major html5 trunk
#1505 Windows get shifted outside screen when (even sligtly) shifted on client side anygoe defect major client trunk
#1506 Version. 2.1. Session start and Socket availability Denis01 defect major server trunk
#1507 html5 client sound forwarding broke alas defect major html5 trunk
#1508 Hitting 'Error during scrolling detection!'s with 1.05 & 1.06 clients with opengl enabled. alas defect major server 1.0.x
#1509 fix aurora software audio decoding Antoine Martin defect major sound trunk
#1512 No menu bar in Ubuntu (again?) Alexander Kauer defect major client 2.0.x
#1513 "--without-service" does not stop Xpra from writing files to /usr/lib Jens H. Goebbert defect major android trunk
#1515 bencode parsing error from the HTML client depending on the remotized window height saste defect major html5 trunk
#1517 cannot concatenate 'str' and 'tuple' objects Denis01 defect major server trunk
#1519 xpra-15876 and NVENC v7: init_cuda fails for h264 Aynur Shakirov defect major encodings trunk
#1520 html5 on-screen android keyboard input Denis01 defect major html5 trunk
#1523 set exe file attributes Antoine Martin defect major packaging trunk
#1524 peercred auth module Antoine Martin defect major server trunk
#1529 TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'memoryview' and 'str' urzds defect major server 2.0.x
#1530 debian systemd service packaging Smo task major packaging trunk
#1536 Can not start server psycho_zs defect major server trunk
#1537 XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not created Denis01 defect major server trunk
#1543 sound source stopping DocMAX defect major sound trunk
#1545 Seemingly random DPI problem Thomas Esposito defect major client 1.0.x
#1546 performance on 1.0.x Thomas Esposito defect major server 1.0.x
#1547 Connection closes Antoine Martin defect major network trunk
#1548 No --display option? Antoine Martin defect major client trunk
#1550 NVENC7 active but not used? DocMAX defect major encodings trunk
#1551 start-desktop latency very slow vs. start esarmien defect major server 2.0.x
#1552 nvenc SDK v8 Antoine Martin task major encodings trunk
#1553 high bit depth test application J. Max Mena enhancement major encodings trunk
#1554 Error: xpra for python 2.7 is not installed Antoine Martin defect major packaging
#1556 Xpra beta - font artifacts, resize artifacts esarmien defect major html5 trunk
#1557 Resize desktop size with regard to browser window size Antoine Martin enhancement major html5 trunk
#1559 Websocket proxing oleg.z defect major network trunk
#1560 BR: xpra seg faults if I resize xfce4-terminal window John Smith defect major client 2.0.x
#1562 Xpra scales windows down (or uses lower dpi) John Smith defect major client 2.0.x
#1567 fix fullscreen handling Antoine Martin defect major client trunk
#1572 Will html5 client be able to list client's local printers in browser and print on it !!!! Antoine Martin enhancement major html5 trunk
#1585 xpra cannot use lz4 with python-lz4 0.10.x Aynur Shakirov defect major encodings trunk
#1592 Browser and Xterm scroll test data J. Max Mena task major tests 2.1.x
#1596 Webcam is greyed out, even when v4l2loopback device is present. Kundan defect major client trunk
#365 don't copy pixmap data to ram: avoid the round-trips and stay on the GPU if we can Antoine Martin enhancement minor server
#761 hovering on a window sitting in the background can cause it to be raised when a tooltip is shown Antoine Martin defect minor client 0.14.x
#776 virtual desktop support for osx alas task minor platforms trunk
#1144 Firefox window loses icon a1n10 defect minor server trunk
#1458 Clipboard is unreliable with thunderbird editor area psycho_zs defect minor clipboard trunk
#1468 Windows that are resized when not visible have black regions. timthelion defect minor client 0.17.x
#1489 Honor HTML5 Client settings when reconnecting JAremko defect minor html5 trunk
#1495 Query availability JAremko enhancement minor html5 trunk
#1499 Digitally sign the installer andrewmunn enhancement minor client trunk
#1558 xpra start ssh: issues with --damon=no, --use-display, --xvfb mviereck defect minor server 2.0.x
#1565 twm in desktop mode crashes the server Antoine Martin defect minor server trunk
#1566 option to terminate child commands on server shutdown Antoine Martin enhancement minor server trunk
#1072 move to python 3.5 on win32 Antoine Martin task trivial packaging trunk
#1450 Use systemd to create group bug enhancement trivial packaging trunk
#1473 HTML5: audiocontext caching, re-connect, events, etc JAremko enhancement trivial html5 trunk
#1539 FR: Make text selectable in Session Info tabs John Smith enhancement trivial client 2.0.x
#1540 FR: Add 'Stop server' menuitem to the menu John Smith enhancement trivial client 2.0.x
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