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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#619 better TCP_NODELAY handling: only use it when it is useful new enhancement critical 2.3 core
#1655 Initial Xorg vs Xvfb testing data new task critical 2.2 tests
#2231 automated tests should be able to test html5 client new enhancement critical 3.0 tests
#1157 Wacom Tablet OSX Support new enhancement major 2.2 client
#1840 tune x264 threading new enhancement major 2.4 encodings
#1851 tune vpx threading new task major 2.4 encodings
#1957 preemptive use of the bandwidth-limit in video encoders new enhancement major 2.4 encodings
#2064 x264 produces too many delayed frames new defect major 2.5 encodings
#2073 2-finger scroll with ms edge new defect major 2.5 html5
#2112 Automated Tests missing data new defect major 2.5 tests
#2118 dummy video encoder for testing new defect major 2.5 android
#2130 TCP_CORK new enhancement major 2.5 network
#1320 lossless scrolling new enhancement minor 3.0 encodings
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