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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#476 workarounds for crippled desktop environments without a system tray (ie: gnome3) assigned Antoine Martin enhancement future critical
#1160 per socket authentication and encryption configuration assigned Antoine Martin enhancement 4.0 critical
#1582 User config ignored if started via proxy new Marc Ordinas i Llopis defect 2.3 critical
#1655 Initial Xorg vs Xvfb testing data new Smo task 2.2 critical
#1716 per user keyboard state assigned Antoine Martin defect 4.0 critical
#1941 Java Mouse Location Incorrect when moving a window assigned Antoine Martin defect 4.0 critical
#2040 buildbot switch to docker new Smo task 4.0 critical
#2454 DMG file can't be used on Catalina new Alexandre Strube defect 4.0 critical
#2476 server crash on re-connection assigned Antoine Martin defect 4.0 critical
#2507 windows 10 dev env assigned totaamwin32 task 4.0 critical
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