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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#770 drag and drop support assigned enhancement blocker 0.15 core
#861 xor error with differing pixel format reopened defect blocker 0.16 encodings
#371 xkbcommon code to replace core keyboard and xkb calls assigned task critical 0.16 server
#390 damage events for the posix shadow server assigned enhancement major future server
#472 use the ubuntu launcher API to populate the correct icon assigned enhancement major 0.16 platforms
#509 grab video using a video adapter rather than getting rgb pixels from pixmap assigned enhancement major future core
#510 video stream pass-through assigned enhancement major 1.0 core
#511 AMD hardware accelerated h264 encoding: VCE Video Codec Engine assigned enhancement major future server
#616 HEVC single frame encoding support new enhancement major future encodings
#619 better TCP_NODELAY handling: only use it when it is useful assigned enhancement major 0.16 core
#639 UDP transport assigned task major future core
#723 _NET_WM_SYNC_REQUEST resizing support new enhancement major 0.16 core
#778 use private sockets for the X11 server new enhancement major future server
#790 Windows is continous flashing in loop new defect major 1.0 client
#794 emwh attributes: missing pieces, incomplete platform support new task major 0.17 core
#802 Chrome disappears after left-click very fast in it button from taskbar new defect major client
#812 re-implement clipboard without gtk or nested main assigned task major 0.16 core
#814 Menus cannot be clicked sometimes (after using SHIFT+WIN+Arrows?) assigned defect major 0.16 client
#815 SELinux policy assigned task major future core
#817 keyboard language input change during sessions new enhancement major 0.16 client
#824 AltGr new defect major server
#835 synchronize sound with video frames assigned enhancement major 0.16 sound
#846 JavaFx-Applications starts with wrong size with jdk>=8 assigned defect major 0.14 core
#847 more automated tests assigned task major 0.16 tests
#849 sound improvements: refactorings, cleanups, assigned task major 0.16 sound
#81 Add client option to re-establish connection accepted enhancement minor future client
#134 allow user to specify key mapping overrides accepted enhancement minor future client
#173 xinput forwarding accepted enhancement minor future core
#228 Send ApplicationMenu data from server to client new enhancement minor future core
#273 handle more clipboard formats, converting them on the fly accepted enhancement minor 1.0 core
#276 clipboard direction restrictions: client to server only, server to client only assigned enhancement minor future core
#346 Hardware-accelerated video decoding on Windows using DxVA assigned enhancement minor 1.0 client
#382 build universal osx binaries (multi-arch) or drop 32-bit support new enhancement minor future platforms
#386 vsync handling server side - tear free frames new enhancement minor future server
#391 osx shadow server improvements new enhancement minor 0.16 server
#404 fix gtk-osx to expose the system tray location new enhancement minor future platforms
#406 fix appindicator so we can use it for forwarding system trays new enhancement minor future client
#407 handle .xpra file associations on osx new task minor future platforms
#428 Add SSH support for Android client new enhancement minor future android
#451 libva accelerated encoding new enhancement minor future server
#489 Allow sending a single application window assigned enhancement minor 0.16 server
#538 nvenc improvements: fast resize / reconfigure, rgb modes, max grid sizes, etc assigned enhancement minor 1.0 core
#541 more seamless server upgrades new enhancement minor future core
#558 nvenc support for shadowing on win32 new task minor 0.16 platforms
#577 detect lack of transparency support and disable it to save bandwidth new enhancement minor future client
#584 Implementation of API for crypto modules new enhancement minor future core
#612 automatic DISPLAY selection over ssh new enhancement minor future server
#618 jpeg2000 encoding new enhancement minor never encodings
#761 hovering on a window sitting in the background can cause it to be raised when a tooltip is shown new defect minor 1.0 client
#776 virtual desktop support for osx and win32 new task minor 1.0 platforms
#779 libfakexinerama cleanups new enhancement minor 0.16 server
#800 allow B frames with video encoders new enhancement minor 0.16 encodings
#804 gnome-terminal tab-titles not updated until mouse-over new defect minor future core
#839 fast restride and xor in cython assigned enhancement minor 0.16 encodings
#853 py3k server support new defect minor future platforms
#855 UI thread gets stuck on osx (at random?) new defect minor 0.16 platforms
#873 0.15.0 server throwing thread parse exception assigned defect minor 0.16 server
#721 openh264 decoder new enhancement trivial future client
#731 register the xpra mdns service type new task trivial future packaging
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