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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#1105 systemd multi seat support assigned Antoine Martin blocker 2.1 server
#478 opengl backend should preserve fbo contents when resizing new psycho_zs critical future client
#1504 delay SSL socket wrapping assigned Antoine Martin critical 2.2 server
#708 Cannot switch window focus using keyboard on OS X new ddally major future client
#898 vmware won't start through virtualgl LD_PRELOAD assigned Antoine Martin major future server
#999 catch limited bandwidth issues sooner assigned Antoine Martin major 2.1 encodings
#1070 Keyboard switch does not work reopened Pavel Alexeev major 0.17 keyboard
#1138 do not map new windows whilst the session is locked assigned Antoine Martin major future client
#1141 Sound loop is created when both microphone and speaker forwarding is enabled. new Antoine Martin major 0.17 sound
#1226 xshape scaling is too slow assigned Antoine Martin major 3.0 client
#1230 windows client printing blue text as red new alas major 2.1 client
#1249 Xephyr has geometry issues new Antoine Martin major future server
#1266 Sound is leaking across multiple xpra sessions attached to different machines. new Kundan major 1.0 sound
#1326 pointer confinement for osx new Antoine Martin major 3.0 platforms
#1345 mdns support for ipv6 new Antoine Martin major 3.0 network
#1351 resizing xeyes is very bumpy new Antoine Martin major 3.0 server
#1377 gvim sometimes has a very small window new Norman Rasmussen major 2.1 server
#1385 Xpra menu missing most options after reconnect (macOS/OS X) assigned Antoine Martin major future client
#1390 osx trackpad sends too many events with HTML5 client new alas major 2.0 html5
#1443 restore get_depth in pygtkglext OSX patch new Smo major 2.1 platforms
#1444 osx keyboard layout detection new alas major 2.0 platforms
#1465 Bad keyboard translations and some modifier keys not working in combos new vival major keyboard
#1466 Xpra systray icons have black background. new alin104n major client
#1467 dummy driver randr limitation assigned Antoine Martin major 2.1 server
#1482 In shadow mode pressed key works only once.. new B major 2.1 core
#1505 Windows get shifted outside screen when (even sligtly) shifted on client side new anygoe major client
#1507 html5 client sound forwarding broke new alas major 2.1 html5
#1508 Hitting 'Error during scrolling detection!'s with 1.05 & 1.06 clients with opengl enabled. new alas major server
#1509 fix aurora software audio decoding assigned Antoine Martin major future sound
#1512 No menu bar in Ubuntu (again?) new Alexander Kauer major client
#1519 xpra-15876 and NVENC v7: init_cuda fails for h264 new Antoine Martin major encodings
#1520 Text typing new Antoine Martin major html5
#1532 win32: remote resktop services assigned Antoine Martin major 2.2 platforms
#1536 Can not start server new psycho_zs major 2.1 server
#1544 cryptography 1.9+ support new Antoine Martin major 2.2 external
#1545 Seemingly random DPI problem new Thomas Esposito major client
#1546 performance on 1.0.x new Thomas Esposito major 2.1 server
#1550 NVENC7 active but not used? reopened Antoine Martin major 2.1 encodings
#1551 start-desktop latency very slow vs. start new Antoine Martin major 2.1 server
#222 Repeated keys when the server is under heavy I/O load reopened Johannes Schindelin minor future server
#579 resizing the transparent_window test application causes paint problems assigned Antoine Martin minor future tests
#761 hovering on a window sitting in the background can cause it to be raised when a tooltip is shown new Antoine Martin minor 2.1 client
#804 gnome-terminal tab-titles not updated until mouse-over new Antoine Martin minor future core
#853 py3k server support new Antoine Martin minor future platforms
#1219 microphone from client new kc7noa minor 1.0 sound
#1458 Clipboard is unreliable with thunderbird editor area reopened psycho_zs minor 2.0 clipboard
#1511 xpra screenshot cobbles windows together new Antoine Martin minor future server
#1542 FreeBSD, XFCE: Clicking tray icon opens and instantly closes the menu new Antoine Martin minor future client
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