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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1783 Cannot get "Get started" to work new yannsalmon defect blocker
#1654 xpra start with proxy fails / xvfb error new mviereck defect critical 2.3
#1723 move to xdg base directory specification assigned Antoine Martin task major 3.0
#1748 [Packaging Request] Linux binaries in 'AppImage' format assigned Antoine Martin enhancement major 3.0
#1751 deb: switch back to system libraries for ffmpeg on newer distros assigned Antoine Martin task major 2.3
#1753 Namespace GtkosxApplication not found new unkulunkulu defect major
#1762 default gui new Antoine Martin enhancement major 2.3
#1763 nvfbc cuda regression: picture does not update assigned Antoine Martin defect major 2.3
#1771 SCRAM new Antoine Martin task major 3.0
#1773 better unit tests for mixins new Antoine Martin task major 3.0
#1774 html5 clients does not connect, goes to xpra.org instead new mviereck defect major
#1770 opengl exception handler function new Antoine Martin enhancement minor 3.0
#1772 Deprecated declarations assigned Antoine Martin defect minor future
#1775 html5 sound delay assigned Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.3
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