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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2051 nvenc produces invalid stream reopened Antoine Martin enhancement critical 2.5
#2454 DMG file can't be used on Catalina assigned Antoine Martin defect critical 4.1
#2750 xpra shell assigned Antoine Martin enhancement critical 4.1
#2812 Cluttered network doesn't seem to get detected quickly enough for batch delay to compensate. assigned Antoine Martin defect major 4.1
#2834 Xpra stop crashes X Display :0 new brady defect major 4.1
#2843 Slow keyboard input new FlowerBee defect major 4.1
#2859 Xpra proxy performance issue new Mark Knittel defect major 4.1
#2632 shadow cannot shift+arrow select new Antoine Martin defect minor 4.0
#2752 AHK hotkeys/hotstrings not passing via xpra win32 new Antoine Martin enhancement minor 4.1
#2770 4.0.1 client connect to 4.0.1 server: transparent or black windows new schvab defect minor
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