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#999 catch limited bandwidth issues sooner J. Max Mena defect critical encodings 0.14.x
#1665 Keyboard mapping: German keyboard special characters wrong (client: Win7, server:CentOS7) Alex defect critical keyboard trunk
#417 re-implement bandwidth constraint option J. Max Mena enhancement major server
#1157 Wacom Tablet OSX Support alas enhancement major client trunk
#1465 Bad keyboard translations and some modifier keys not working in combos vival defect major keyboard trunk
#1482 In shadow mode pressed key works only once.. B defect major core trunk
#1586 HTML5 client, when reconnecting, sometimes fails reconnection with errors indicating 'unknown or invalid packet type' alas defect major html5 trunk
#1587 2.2 moduleset updates Smo task major platforms trunk
#1638 Sound sync regression J. Max Mena defect major sound trunk
#1649 Seeing 'ERROR: Pipeline doesn't want to pause.' message (and sound start failures) when trying to start sound in browser tabs. alas defect major server trunk
#1655 Initial Xorg vs Xvfb testing data J. Max Mena task major tests trunk
#1679 fedora 27 selinux policy error Smo defect major platforms trunk
#1689 firefox does not emit clipboard events alas defect major html5 trunk
#1709 authentication connection lost Boruch defect major core trunk
#1710 gksu interface not accepting input Boruch defect major core trunk
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