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#2098 fixed Address family not supported by protocol connection error Antoine Martin J. Max Mena

Currently running trunk r21278 on a Fedora 28 server and trying to connect with another trunk r21278 Fedora 28 machine as a client.

Attempting to connect using xpra attach ssh:user@host or xpra attach tcp:ip:port or xpra attach ssh:host (which works for me because my user is the same on the client and server) fails with the following error:

xpra initialization error:
 connection failed: [Errno 97] Address family not supported by protocol

Rolling my server back to r21275 fixes it, and a quick bisection shows that r21276 is where the issue appears for me.

#2097 worksforme SSHFP with paramiko elenril elenril

One feature that I've been using with openssh, but is missing from the new paramiko code, is checking SSHFP DNS records.

Some background: SSHFP records are used to publish a host key fingerprints in DNS, then (assuming the domain is DNSSEC-secured and the client has a validating resolver) the client can verify the host keys through DNS rather than the classic trust-on-first-use method. In openssh, this is enabled by the VerifyHostKeyDNS yes option in ssh_config. Since I have many hosts which connect to each other, I think this scales better than the classic known_hosts approach.

Now, paramiko does not support SSHFP natively, but it can be implemented by the caller through a custom missing host key policy. I'm attaching code for this policy I use in another codebase, though I am not sure whether it belongs in xpra or should be added to paramiko itself, or implemented in some other manner. Thoughts?

#2096 needinfo unicode error with win32 builds Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

With 2.4.?

Stacktrace reported as a picture (..):

xpra/scripts/main.py line 68 in main
xpra/scripts/config.py line 1178 in make_defaults_struct
xpra/scripts/config.py line 389 in read_xpra_defaults
xpra/os_util.py line 486 in osexpand
xpra/os_util.py line 451 in shellsub

My guess, based on the screenshot is that this is a character encoding issue with the username or home path.

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