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#2353 fixed Character encoding problem when connecting to server Antoine Martin psycho_zs

Using xpra 2.5.2+dfsg1-2 (currently in Debian unstable), also tested 2.5.2-r22875-1.

Connection to server is impossible, server reports:

Error: processing new connection from Protocol(unix-domain socket:/run/xpra/hostname-100):
 'latin-1' codec can't encode characters in position 0-6: ordinal not in range(256)
Disconnecting client Protocol(unix-domain socket:/run/xpra/hostname-100):

2.4.3 works fine

custom configuration, aside from key shortcuts and vars:

pulseaudio = no
dpi = 96
desktop-scaling = on
xsettings = no
start-new-commands = yes
#2347 fixed faster client startup Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Same as #2341 but for the client.

We already have:

#2346 fixed client to retry to connect until it succeeds Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

When we know where we want to connect, we may want to retry a number of times until we succeed. This would allow the server and client to be started in parallel. ie: https://github.com/mviereck/x11docker/issues/167#issuecomment-506864026

There should probable a configurable limit of retries.

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