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#2451 worksforme platform/xposix/appindicator_tray.py leaks a file descriptor in set_icon_from_data aerusso aerusso

When a new temporary file is created,

self.tmp_filename = tempfile.mkstemp(prefix="tray", suffix=".png", dir=tmp_dir)[1]

a file is opened (and its file descriptor is assigned to the [0] element of that tuple). That file is actually immediately clobbered---it is not used except to avoid races.

That file descriptor can just be immediately closed:

fd,self.tmp_filename = tempfile.mkstemp(prefix="tray", suffix=".png", dir=tmp_dir)   

This works (on Linux) and resolves the leak. It resolves an issue that looks like an unresponsive client (in my case right clicking just showed a blank box, with the colored border expected around windows). It failed with an error message like unable to create file descriptor or unable to open file (I've forgotten the exact wording).

#2450 fixed eclipse does not paste Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

As reported on the mailing list: Clipboard paste in Eclipse. Reproducible with win7 client and Fedora 30 server. I saw a similar problem earlier with a Fedora 30 client, but can't reproduce it.

Here's the debug log.

  • Copy:
    client   4 @00.867 clipboard event: CLIPBOARDUPDATE
    client   4 @00.867 schedule_emit_token() elapsed=17919 (max=100)
    process clipboard token selection=CLIPBOARD, local clipboard name=CLIPBOARD, proxy=X11ClipboardProxy(CLIPBOARD)
    got token, selection=CLIPBOARD, targets=None, target data=None, claim=True, can-receive=True
    claim_selection: set selection owner returned 1, owner=0x40000d
    claim_selection: sending message to root window
    claim_selection: done, owned=True
    client   4 @00.868 _send_clipboard_token_handler(Win32ClipboardProxy, '()')
    client   4 @00.868 clipboard_send: clipboard-token
    client   4 @00.869 remove_block: CLIPBOARD
    do_xpra_xfixes_selection_notify_event(<X11:XFSelectionNotify {'send_event': '0', 'serial': '0xf1f4', 'delivered_to': '0x40000d', 'window': '0x40000d', 'subtype': '0', 'owner': '0x40000d', 'selection': 'CLIPBOARD', 'timestamp': '213693543', 'selection_timestamp': '213693543'}>)
    do_selection_notify_event(<X11:XFSelectionNotify {'send_event': '0', 'serial': '0xf1f4', 'delivered_to': '0x40000d', 'window': '0x40000d', 'subtype': '0', 'owner': '0x40000d', 'selection': 'CLIPBOARD', 'timestamp': '213693543', 'selection_timestamp': '213693543'}>) owned=True, was True (owner=0x40000d, xid=0x40000d), enabled=True, can-send=True
  • Paste into eclipse:
    do_xpra_selection_request(<X11:SelectionRequest {'send_event': '0', 'serial': '0xf676', 'delivered_to': '0x40000d', 'window': '0x40000d', 'requestor': '0xc01045', 'selection': 'CLIPBOARD', 'target': 'UTF8_STRING', 'property': 'GDK_SELECTION', 'time': '213702106'}>)
    do_selection_request_event(<X11:SelectionRequest {'send_event': '0', 'serial': '0xf676', 'delivered_to': '0x40000d', 'window': '0x40000d', 'requestor': '0xc01045', 'selection': 'CLIPBOARD', 'target': 'UTF8_STRING', 'property': 'GDK_SELECTION', 'time': '213702106'}>)
    clipboard request for CLIPBOARD from window 0xc01045: 'Eclipse', target=UTF8_STRING, prop=GDK_SELECTION
    send_clipboard_request_handler(X11ClipboardProxy(CLIPBOARD), 'CLIPBOARD', 'UTF8_STRING')
    send_clipboard_request id=2
    sending clipboard-pending-requests=1 to ClientConnection(4 : Protocol(tcp socket: <-
    client   4 @09.438 process_clipboard_packet: clipboard-request, helper=ClipboardProtocolHelperCore
    client   4 @09.439 process clipboard request, request_id=2, selection=CLIPBOARD, local name=CLIPBOARD, target=UTF8_STRING
    client   4 @09.439 OpenClipboard(0x1f0410)=1
    client   4 @09.439 got 22 bytes of data: "b'ALL_CSC_MODULE_OPTIONS'"
    client   4 @09.440 got_text('ALL_CSC_MODULE_OPTIONS')
    process clipboard contents, selection=CLIPBOARD, type=text/plain, format=8
    client   4 @09.440 proxy_got_contents(2, CLIPBOARD, UTF8_STRING, text/plain, 8, <class 'bytes'>:22) data=0x414c4c5f4353435f4d4f44554c455f4f5054494f4e53..
    wire selection to raw, encoding=bytes, type=text/plain, format=8, len(data)=22
    clipboard wire -> raw: ('text/plain', 8, 'bytes', '"b\'ALL_CSC_MODULE_OPTIONS\'"') -> "b'ALL_CSC_MODULE_OPTIONS'"
    clipboard got contents(2, 'text/plain', 8, '"b\'ALL_CSC_MODULE_OPTIONS\'"'): proxy=X11ClipboardProxy(CLIPBOARD) for selection=CLIPBOARD
    got_contents('UTF8_STRING', 'text/plain', 8, '"b\'ALL_CSC_MODULE_OPTIONS\'"') pending=(<GdkX11.X11Window object at 0x7f9dd87fc460 (GdkX11Window at 0x5652a2d286b0)>, 'GDK_SELECTION', 213702106)
    setting response 'ALL_CSC_MODULE_OPTIONS' to property GDK_SELECTION of window 'Eclipse' as text/plain
    set_selection_response(<GdkX11.X11Window object at 0x7f9dd87fc460 (GdkX11Window at 0x5652a2d286b0)>, UTF8_STRING, GDK_SELECTION, text/plain, 8, '"b\'ALL_CSC_MODULE_OPTIONS\'"', 213702106)
    client   4 @09.440 perform clipboard limit checking - datasize - 22, -1
    client   4 @09.440 _munge_raw_selection_to_wire('UTF8_STRING', 'text/plain', 8, "'ALL_CSC_MODULE_OPTIONS'")
    client   4 @09.440 _do_munge_raw_selection_to_wire(UTF8_STRING, text/plain, 8, <class 'bytes'>:22)
    client   4 @09.441 clipboard raw -> wire: ('text/plain', 8, '"b\'ALL_CSC_MODULE_OPTIONS\'"') -> '"(b\'bytes\', b\'ALL_CSC_MODULE_OPTIONS\')"'
    client   4 @09.441 clipboard_send: clipboard-contents
    client   4 @09.443 process_clipboard_packet: clipboard-pending-requests, helper=ClipboardProtocolHelperCore
    client   4 @09.443 clipboard_progress(None, 1)
    client   4 @09.443 clipboard_notify(1) notification timer=None
    sending clipboard-pending-requests=0 to ClientConnection(4 : Protocol(tcp socket: <-
    client   4 @09.544 process_clipboard_packet: clipboard-pending-requests, helper=ClipboardProtocolHelperCore
    client   4 @09.544 clipboard_progress(None, 0)
    client   4 @09.544 clipboard_notify(0) notification timer=None
#2448 fixed win32 builds need the gtk main loop early totaamwin32 totaamwin32

This manifests itself as a slow system / hang: Xpra 3.0 Windows very slow ssh login.

That's because when we call the dialog subprocess, the main loop is not running yet - and something apparently needs it.

The patch attached fixes things, but forces us to run the gtk main loop then exit it, before running it again. It would be better to figure out what needs the main loop, and delay it.

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