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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#79 removing need to set PYTHONPATH in the shell Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.0.7.x client
#142 On networks with high latency, typing fast characters are entered twice Antoine Martin defect minor 0.3 core
#76 try to minimize round trips: send pixel data with new override-redirect windows Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.4 server
#180 some keys are not forwarded Antoine Martin defect minor 0.5 core
#211 Killing xpra requires password Antoine Martin defect major 0.8 core
#239 Win32 Client has python error on startup. aradtech defect minor 0.8 client
#244 0.8.1: "segmentation fault" on connect Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.8 core
#261 Xpra on Debian Squeeze with Backports running TDE crashes Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.9 server
#267 CentOS 6.3 pulseaudio issues with 0.8.5 defect major 0.9 platforms
#303 invalid literal Value error when attaching with 32 bit xp via cmd alas defect major 0.9 client
#329 Sound sink underruns seem to lead to spinners and eventual ping timeouts (for win32 clients) alas defect major 0.10 client
#413 fix csc_nvcuda compilation on win32 ahuillet defect major 0.11 core
#439 osx memory leak alas defect major 0.11 platforms
#462 x264 encoder threading related memory corruption and crash Antoine Martin defect critical 0.11 server
#524 libav10 compatibility FTBFS Antoine Martin defect major 0.12 core
#527 Win32 client python code triggering false positive for virus scanner Smo task major 0.12 client
#542 xpra attach ssh times out and causes ssh key exchange to pause or time out Zebee defect major 0.12 client
#806 setup_pipeline fail produced a traceback (0.14.19) alas defect critical 0.14 server
#811 Controling window placement with multiple monitors Lukas Haase enhancement minor 0.14 client
#834 Sync issue with win32 client clipboard Antoine Martin defect minor 0.14 client
#848 0.14.23: client crashes onlyjob defect major 0.14 client
#851 Rencode error on 0.15.0 Fedora 20 and 21 builds Antoine Martin defect major 0.14 server
#710 Debian packaging is broken in 0.15 onlyjob defect critical 0.15 packaging
#750 lossless element re-painting seems to be overlooked when latency gets high Doug Doole defect major 0.15 server
#783 webp compression can be very poor Antoine Martin defect critical 0.15 encodings
#809 windows lost images Antoine Martin defect major 0.16 client
#862 Error with xpra commands... sezing defect major 0.16 server
#925 opencl csc is broken Antoine Martin defect critical 0.16 encodings
#975 xpra + virtualgl can't make them work adarrab defect minor 0.16 server
#1006 clients not working with first packet encryption enabled alas defect major 0.16 server
#1019 ImportError: No module named OpenGL.platform adarrab defect minor 0.16 client
#1021 xpra control debug enable - doesn't seem to be taking multiple arguments at once Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.16 android
#1032 "stop" command kills host X onlyjob defect critical 0.16 core
#1038 windows client passing wrong username Keith Lee defect major 0.16 client
#1040 Unmet dependency: python-rencode in Debian Jessie and Alpine Linux Edge zenny defect major 0.16 packaging
#1042 VirtualGL parameters turns off xpra client zenny defect major 0.16 client
#1047 xpra sound does not work for "identical user environment" Antoine Martin defect major 0.16 client
#1063 gstreamer-0.10 moduleset build on osx fails on priv_gst_parse_yylex Antoine Martin defect minor 0.17 platforms
#1084 Server crash on Ubuntu 14.04 Casper defect major 0.17 server
#1089 OSX 0.17.0 client periodically "failing to receive anything" from server when trying to connect. alas defect critical 0.17 client
#1102 xpra start not working, and unable to connect from a mac Antoine Martin defect major 0.17 client
#1109 connecting with ssh to winswitch server is failing. Antoine Martin defect major 0.17 server
#1126 xpra Fedora package uses xauth but does not depend on it Antoine Martin defect major 0.17 packaging
#1143 OSX client unpacking - "error parsing the Info.plist" Kerry defect major 0.17 client
#1165 google chrome version 50 breaks video Jiang defect minor 0.17 core
#1176 no icons in Kmail onlyjob defect major 0.17 core
#1180 Encryption appears to be ignored urzds defect major 0.17 server
#1181 PyGIWarning: Gst was imported without specifying a version first urzds defect major 0.17 server
#1183 0.17.0 is missing in http://xpra.org/src/ Antoine Martin defect major 0.17 packaging
#1156 Wacom Tablet - Holding scroll button does not block clicks J. Max Mena defect minor 1.0 client
#1220 Xdummy cannot be started on Ubuntu Xenial callegar defect major 1.0 server
#1239 HTML Server spewing name error tracebacks J. Max Mena defect major 1.0 html5
#1246 XStata-MP 14.0 crashes when running 'evince' esarmien defect major 1.0 client
#1248 Xephyr resizeable window goes into a loop Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 server
#1251 setup.py doesn't detect xvid Antoine Martin defect minor 1.0 core
#1270 Compiling --without-vpx still pulls in vpx functionality Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 core
#1272 pycallgraph throwing ImportError Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 server
#1286 printing conflicts with socket authentication module 'env' Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 server
#1290 video regions seem to play frames out of order occasionally, if moused over too much alas defect major 1.0 server
#1297 xvidcore provides no pkg-config file Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 encodings
#1353 Build failure on EL7 Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 packaging
#1362 CPU usage doesn't go idle on client when applications are idle Thomas Esposito defect major 1.0 client
#1363 OpenGL and other rendering errors aashidham defect major 1.0 client
#1431 pixel data race condition - unnecessary copy? Antoine Martin defect critical 2.0 server
#1435 centos 6.x in virtualbox crashes in opengl check Antoine Martin defect major 2.0 platforms
#1451 black screen after exit of xpra server on debian 9 mviereck defect critical 2.0 server
#1333 mdns listener support for osx and win32 Antoine Martin enhancement major 2.1 platforms
#1506 Version. 2.1. Session start and Socket availability Denis01 defect major 2.1 server
#1555 xpra client Antoine Martin defect critical 2.1 client
#1572 Will html5 client be able to list client's local printers in browser and print on it !!!! Antoine Martin enhancement major 2.1 html5
#1585 xpra cannot use lz4 with python-lz4 0.10.x Aynur Shakirov defect major 2.1 encodings
#1249 Xephyr has geometry issues Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 server
#1604 Poor performances with html5 client ERIC GRAMMATICO enhancement major 2.2 html5
#1610 Repaint problems in urxvt chaanakya defect major 2.2 client
#1619 Can not specify password on client when using attach Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 client
#1626 xpra html5 client is broken in xenial PPA - 2.1.1-r16658-1 defect major 2.2 html5
#1629 Dependency pygtkglext Antoine Martin task major 2.2 server
#1630 Failed to create socket and run html server sheenam defect major 2.2 html5
#1641 X clients on other hosts can't connect to xpra's Xorg instance Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 android
#1648 Debian Sid python2.7 breaks xpra Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 packaging
#1649 Seeing 'ERROR: Pipeline doesn't want to pause.' message (and sound start failures) when trying to start sound in browser tabs. alas defect major 2.2 server
#1650 HTML5 client (OSX) connection.html page 'Advanced options' no longer has any options. alas defect major 2.2 html5
#1661 Xpra always gets stuck when working with Mono/Wine applications like Analysis HFSS, Fluid flow and etc spxu defect major 2.2 core
#1667 Compression won't turn off? Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 network
#1673 PyFPE_jbuf is no longer in Debian Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 core
#1696 cups should not be a required dependency Antoine Martin task trivial 2.2 packaging
#1704 PLEASE make website https Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 platforms
#1709 authentication connection lost Boruch defect major 2.2 core
#1759 Using xpra v2.2.2 I get tracebacks trying to start an application Antoine Martin defect major 2.3 client
#1768 Replace CODEC_FLAG2_FAST with AV_CODEC_FLAG2_FAST Antoine Martin defect major 2.3 encodings
#1783 Cannot get "Get started" to work yannsalmon defect blocker 2.3 server
#1806 On 3-monitor screen, 'shadow'-ing "Disconnects" one screen Antoine Martin defect major 2.3 server
#1810 --exit-with-children broken Cigaes defect major 2.3 client
#1815 Doing `shadow` on top of an existing `shadow` confuses client? stdedos defect major 2.3 server
#1849 launcher icons not shown collected on taskbar Antoine Martin enhancement trivial 2.4 client
#1864 ubuntu 18.04 package Antoine Martin defect minor 2.4 packaging
#1891 Python3 build installs python2 scripts Antoine Martin defect major 2.4 packaging
#1900 xdg-open-forwarding broken in beta Antoine Martin defect major 2.4 html5
#1915 xpra tries to login to SSH without a password and hang Antonello Lobianco defect major 2.4 client
#1923 Using a proxy with Xpra ibuprofene defect major 2.4 server
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