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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#28 large windows on android will cause out-of-memory problems Antoine Martin enhancement major future android
#29 android client does not pass key events at all! Antoine Martin defect major 2.0 android
#100 pra/x264/x264lib.c:154: error: ‘AVPacket’ undeclared (first use in this function) Antoine Martin defect major android
#304 opengl rendering needs all updates to go via the textures ahuillet defect critical 0.9 android
#1214 Administrative shadow Antoine Martin defect major future android
#1 context menus of applications are sometimes drawn outside visible area Antoine Martin defect major 0.0.7.x client
#2 openoffice slideshow shows only a tiny upper left corner of the slides Antoine Martin defect major 0.0.7.x client
#17 allow a chain of SSH hosts Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.2 client
#137 games rely on precise mouse movements and their timing ahuillet enhancement major future client
#313 speed up clipboard paste for "greedy" clients (win32) Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.10 client
#388 qt4 client Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.15 client
#398 AVFrameWrapper falling out of scope before being freed by avcodec ahuillet defect critical 0.10 client
#469 Focus issue with mouse on osx client Antoine Martin defect major 2.1 client
#539 tabbed client Antoine Martin task minor future client
#576 the --display seems to not exist in the client, thus implement --target-session Benoit Gschwind enhancement minor client
#608 allow any window layout to use opengl for rendering if available Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.15 client
#721 openh264 decoder Antoine Martin enhancement trivial never client
#735 Clipboard working incorrect with java-applications (x2go + xpra) dimti defect major client
#749 restrict the DLLs we load on win32 to avoid those with known vulnerabilities Antoine Martin defect major 0.15 client
#752 toggle and capture client debug logging at runtime Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.15 client
#761 hovering on a window sitting in the background can cause it to be raised when a tooltip is shown Antoine Martin defect minor 2.1 client
#870 When launched from launcher, clipboard contents are deleted from client upon disconnect alas defect minor 0.16 client
#882 DPI problem with Ubuntu 14.04 Antoine Martin defect minor 0.16 client
#945 OSX Launcher has wrong keymapping Antoine Martin defect trivial future client
#1035 support application menu forwarding in-window as a fallback mode Antoine Martin enhancement major 3.0 client
#1087 Scaling up and down triggered client side gdk_is_colormap assertion failure Antoine Martin defect major 0.17 client
#1091 Scaling and passing session back and forth between clients triggering a 'g_object_unref' warning alas defect trivial 0.17 client
#1233 whitelist some more intel chipsets? Antoine Martin task minor 1.0 client
#1305 native OSX notifications Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.3 client
#1358 Seeing opengl errors when forcing opengl=on with Intel 4000 video card Antoine Martin defect minor 1.0 client
#1419 No menu bar in Ubuntu Antoine Martin defect minor client
#1561 Show used encoding in Session Info Antoine Martin defect major client
#1705 Export session info data Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.2 client
#1856 Issues for on non-english OS error text Antoine Martin defect trivial 2.4 client
#1893 Migrate from pyopengl to ModernGL Antoine Martin task major never client
#2039 Dell "Second Mouse" keys not recognized stdedos enhancement minor 2.5 client
#2045 Latency Graph Loops Antoine Martin defect minor 2.5 client
#2084 clicking on the task manager window icon does not minimize heenwu defect major 2.5 client
#2135 Ambiguous / Erroneous logic on commandline flag "-desktop-scaling" thiner defect major 2.5 client
#135 change default zlib compression value Antoine Martin task minor 0.4 core
#139 forward input grabs to the client Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.0 core
#151 fix all gcc compiler warnings that we can fix - strict-aliasing rules Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.9 core
#154 Does not run X startup scripts on start Antoine Martin defect major 0.4 core
#159 swscale memalign Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.5 core
#166 Switching keyboard layouts does not work as expected angel.tsankov defect major future core
#190 handle COMPOUND_TEXT Antoine Martin defect trivial future core
#198 protect against mitm attacks Antoine Martin task critical 1.0 core
#199 vmware-gksu freezes xpra session ahuillet defect major 0.11 core
#219 mosh transport Antoine Martin enhancement minor future core
#245 0.8.1: text flickery with x264 and min-quality<70 Antoine Martin defect major 0.8 core
#361 man xpra does not mention the units of --max-bandwidth option Antoine Martin enhancement minor core
#454 daala encoding Antoine Martin enhancement minor future core
#471 cursor improvements: send as picture, cache pixels client side Antoine Martin enhancement trivial future core
#525 opencl yuv to rgb with nvidia SDK is broken Antoine Martin task minor 2.0 core
#584 Implementation of API for crypto modules Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.0 core
#611 remove Xorg setuid detection in setup.py pyther defect major 0.14 core
#780 improved mouse position synchronization alas enhancement minor 0.15 core
#1250 build failure on OpenSuse Antoine Martin defect major core
#1391 Gstreamer src/sink Antoine Martin enhancement minor future core
#1909 TLS is the new SSL Antoine Martin task major never core
#616 HEVC single frame encoding support Antoine Martin enhancement major future encodings
#926 csc opencl performance has regressed Smo defect critical 0.16 encodings
#944 thor video codec Antoine Martin task minor never encodings
#2226 limit video helper meta data to the modes we will need Antoine Martin enhancement major 3.0 encodings
#519 google chrome drop down windows are missing attributes Antoine Martin task major future external
#1134 fix websockify bottleneck Antoine Martin enhancement minor 3.0 external
#1005 Prompt for passwords or encryption keys if required and missing Antoine Martin enhancement major 2.0 html5
#2018 html5 support for rencode Antoine Martin enhancement major 3.0 html5
#1660 client also send a challenge to the server Antoine Martin defect major future network
#2156 detect network pushback Antoine Martin enhancement major 2.5 network
#2164 python2 socket.connect can raise EINTR Antoine Martin defect minor 2.5 network
#399 CentOS 6.3 package install error: "can't apply partial context to unlabeled file" Mark Hills defect minor packaging
#732 make it easier to know what version of the dummy driver is installed (and if it has the required patches) Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.0 packaging
#1128 Update Ubuntu Trusty package to 0.16.2 Antoine Martin defect major 0.17 packaging
#1386 use python3 for the sound subprocess Antoine Martin task major 3.0 packaging
#1683 audio dependency issues with centos7 packages Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 packaging
#1899 comtypes runtime error with python 3 packaging Antoine Martin defect minor 2.4 packaging
#2259 show version on download page Antoine Martin task minor 3.0 packaging
#74 svn 471: Error converting Pyrex file to C: bindings.pyx:324:50: Expected ')' Antoine Martin defect major 0.0.7.x platforms
#299 try newer gstreamer win32 builds aradtechkk task critical 0.9 platforms
#382 build universal osx binaries (multi-arch) or drop 32-bit support Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.0 platforms
#526 unicode window titles do not work on XP Antoine Martin defect major 0.12 platforms
#628 ffmpeg + gcc 4.8.x dec_avcodec compatibility on win32 Antoine Martin defect major 2.0 platforms
#696 Client memory leak if Win32 client 0.14+ runs inside a RDP session sschnitzer defect minor 0.15 platforms
#855 UI thread gets stuck on osx (at random?) Antoine Martin defect major 0.16 platforms
#998 cursors of any size on win32 Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.4 platforms
#1703 raising windows in i3wm Antoine Martin defect minor 2.2 platforms
#85 Error starting VisIt ahuillet defect minor future server
#115 Bail out when password file is not present Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.3 server
#232 deal with damage request storms Antoine Martin task major 2.0 server
#240 early startup errors should not leave a vfb behind defect trivial 0.15 server
#390 damage events for the posix shadow server Antoine Martin enhancement major future server
#395 Xpra session not wide enough for my screens Antoine Martin defect major server
#574 Improve ProxyServer to be front end for several server in backend Benoit Gschwind enhancement minor server
#676 Allow admin to restrict the user's ability to overwrite xpra config settings sschnitzer enhancement major server
#728 xrandr reports screen dimensions as 0mm x 0mm Antoine Martin defect critical 2.0 server
#836 centos 7 gobject warnings Antoine Martin defect major 0.15 server
#883 Pasting into WYSIWYG editors rich text fails and causes too many clipboard requests Paul defect critical 0.16 server
#908 --with-Xdummy --with-Xdummy_wrapper options not honored across invocations of setup.py Antoine Martin defect minor future server
#1130 Control batch delay for video regions Scott Bennett enhancement major 0.17 server
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