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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1512 No menu bar in Ubuntu (again?) Alexander Kauer defect major 2.1 client
#2247 Second session start fails Anthony Stone defect major 3.0 client
#1820 HTML5 is slow on startup, showing ERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSE Antoine Martin defect minor 2.3 html5
#1840 tune x264 threading Antoine Martin enhancement major 2.4 encodings
#2316 Trackbacks on bytestreams.py when HTML5 Client tries to reconnect Antoine Martin defect critical 3.0 html5
#1482 In shadow mode pressed key works only once.. B defect major 2.2 core
#1490 no proxy video encoders B defect major 2.1 encodings
#1706 attach by session-name or multi- or all Boruch enhancement minor 2.3 core
#1710 gksu interface not accepting input Boruch defect major 2.2 core
#1722 window is blank black square Boruch defect major 2.3 core
#1808 Wish: Add a 'Window' menu for MacOSX Daniel O'Connor enhancement minor 3.0 client
#1502 Cursor doesn't appear Denis01 defect major 2.1 html5
#1520 html5 on-screen android keyboard input Denis01 defect major 2.1 html5
#1408 MacOSX: Xpra GUI does not show up, if Xpra was installed from UserSpace Jens H. Goebbert enhancement minor 2.0 core
#1418 cmd line arg "--configdir" Jens H. Goebbert enhancement minor core
#1853 After connection timeout, Xpra-Launcher.exe does not terminate but stays as a zombie process Lukas Haase defect major 2.4 client
#1695 macOS betas do not seem to include the latest code? Ray Donnelly defect major 2.2 platforms
#372 client mesa crash with opengl enabled SmO defect critical 0.10 client
#1545 Seemingly random DPI problem Thomas Esposito defect major 2.1 client
#1370 Improved timestamps on AV packets Xepol enhancement critical 2.1 sound
#977 ./setup.py install --home=install tries to create '/etc/xpra' a3nma3nm defect major 1.0 packaging
#2451 platform/xposix/appindicator_tray.py leaks a file descriptor in set_icon_from_data aerusso defect major 4.0 client
#483 is_native_keymap test is wrong alas defect major 0.12 server
#559 handle anti-aliasing and subpixel rendering, honour client component order alas enhancement critical 1.0 core
#627 bug reporting tool alas enhancement minor 0.14 client
#659 connecting with a new client did not cause the existing client to disconnect cleanly, got connection lost instead alas defect major 0.15 core
#902 getting h264 Missing reference picture errors client-side, while page display quality is pixelated and distorted. alas defect major 0.16 encodings
#1230 windows client printing blue text as red alas defect major 2.1 client
#1302 osx client 1.0 r13637 throwing handshake_complete errors on connection alas defect major 1.0 client
#1444 osx keyboard layout detection alas defect major 2.0 platforms
#1491 2.1 html5 updates: more complete implementation of client protocol alas enhancement major 2.1 html5
#285 Crash in swscale on CentOS6 ahuillet defect critical server
#939 key mapping issues with shadow server akaWolf defect major 0.16 client
#1628 How to clear all sessions after server reboot? Alexander defect minor 2.2 client
#6 Emacs Issues: xpra locks up, screen stops re-drawing Antoine Martin defect major 0.0.7.x client
#9 Couldn't kill "xpra attach" after emacs locked up Antoine Martin defect major 0.0.7.x client
#14 xpra died Antoine Martin defect major 0.0.7.x client
#22 forwarding system tray Antoine Martin defect major 0.0.7.x server
#108 Some german keys: "?" and "ß" mismatched Antoine Martin defect critical 0.3 client
#181 to yield or not to yield Antoine Martin task trivial 0.8 core
#259 xpra mishandling multiple desktops Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 client
#324 push-buffer error: <enum GST_FLOW_WRONG_STATE of type GstFlowReturn> Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 client
#445 x265 encoding Antoine Martin task major 0.13 core
#562 swscale assertion error: sizeFactor > 0 failed Antoine Martin defect critical client
#856 deal with unicode keysyms Antoine Martin enhancement trivial 4.0 platforms
#978 race in xshm image wrapper and video compression? Antoine Martin defect major 2.0 server
#1065 fix lame build with newer gcc versions Antoine Martin defect minor 0.17 packaging
#1107 support some container formats for video Antoine Martin enhancement major 1.0 html5
#1149 win32 shadow server crashes with bind-tcp and -d sound,gstreamer Antoine Martin defect major 0.17 platforms
#1237 mismatch between encoder and image Antoine Martin defect critical 1.0 encodings
#1257 better x264 tuning for type of content Antoine Martin enhancement major 1.0 encodings
#1392 moduleset error horror Antoine Martin defect critical 2.0 packaging
#1527 win32 system service Antoine Martin enhancement major 4.0 platforms
#1569 python3 opengl client Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 client
#1621 ssh start on centos7 server Antoine Martin defect critical 2.2 client
#1715 segfaults on fresh fedora 26 machine Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 client
#1738 starting via system proxy fails Antoine Martin defect blocker 2.3 server
#1800 CUDA build errors with GCC 8 Antoine Martin defect critical 2.4 encodings
#1953 optimize based on new profiling Antoine Martin enhancement major 2.5 core
#2229 start-on-last-client-exit to differenciate on shadow session Antoine Martin enhancement minor 3.0 server
#2269 HTML5 Improvements Antoine Martin enhancement major 3.0 html5
#2306 start-desktop test failure Antoine Martin defect critical 3.0 tests
#2319 SIGINT can cause server crash during cleanup Antoine Martin defect major 3.0 android
#2321 html5 window resizing goes blank Antoine Martin defect major 3.0 html5
#2348 xpra top Antoine Martin enhancement major 3.0 server
#2350 opengl double-buffering needs re-testing with python3 Antoine Martin task major 3.0 client
#2409 socket.connect EWOULDBLOCK Antoine Martin defect blocker 3.0 core
#2416 CUDA device selection by name Antoine Martin enhancement major 4.0 encodings
#2476 server crash on re-connection Antoine Martin defect critical 4.0 server
#2483 html5 scroll paint error and disconnection Antoine Martin defect major 4.1 html5
#2501 python2 msys2 long term support Antoine Martin task major 4.0 platforms
#2592 server crash on SIGINT Antoine Martin defect major 4.0 server
#2698 wine console does not get keyboard events Antoine Martin defect critical 4.1 core
#2745 macos pycups 2.x Antoine Martin task major 4.1 platforms
#2755 centos 7.8 rebuild Antoine Martin task major 4.0 packaging
#2762 xpra new-border & window render miscalculations Antoine Martin defect minor 4.1 client
#2800 win32 python2 builds have crypto packaging problems Antoine Martin defect major 4.1 packaging
#589 Popup dialog disappears in Intellij IDE (java app) antonmos defect major 0.14 client
#461 allow authenticated command line clients to control the server aradtech enhancement critical 0.11 server
#1365 Arch Linux setup.py systemd bboehmke defect major 1.0 packaging
#1167 tray menu clipboard choice irreversible beelzebug defect major 0.17 client
#2763 xpra debs have excessive dependencies callegar defect major android
#2503 xpra.exe vs xpra-laucher.exe on Windows 10 Buffet Christophe defect major 4.0 client
#1294 Input methods don't work chaanakya defect minor 1.0 keyboard
#1281 xpra ssh mode cannot connect from mac gui launcher DavidE defect major 1.0 client
#881 Pop-up menu of Qt5 QML running with VirtualGL becomes 1x1 pixels duanbw defect major 0.16 server
#2097 SSHFP with paramiko elenril enhancement minor 2.5 client
#1609 Command and Control keys on macOS host ends up as the same key on Linux emclain defect major 2.3 platforms
#1556 Xpra beta - font artifacts, resize artifacts esarmien defect major 2.1 html5
#2281 Crash upon connection (SSH) John Smith defect critical 3.0 client
#1732 Overriding target screen for attach Peter Gervai enhancement minor 2.3 server
#1050 Portrait monitor full screen crashes tool idlacrosseplayer defect major 0.16 client
#1681 allow http/websocket over unix socket when --html idupree enhancement major 2.2 network
#2851 segfault in motion.pyx:match_distance() Ian Collier defect critical 4.1 server
#2191 XPRA_SCALING_INTERPOLATION=nearest not working janinko defect major 2.5 client
#1898 Bad keyboard mapping - French and Belgian layout - Some bad special characters jeanj4ck defect major 2.4 html5
#703 Copying URL from web browser address bar on remote host fails Jiang defect major 0.15 core
#1824 --key-shortcut not working when using start with attach=yes julian defect minor 2.3 keyboard
#1245 html5 client setup julianls defect major 1.0 client
#414 support variable expansion for socketdir option krlmlr enhancement trivial 0.10 server
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