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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#533 migrate osx build to using jhbuild and modulesets packaging task smo new 03/14/14
#697 gtk screen dimension detection is broken with high dpi displays on windows7 and later client trunk 1.0 defect totaam assigned 09/28/14
#410 better sub-window encoding: detect regions and use sub video encoder core 0.13 enhancement afarr new 08/09/13
#620 performance optimizations from profiling android 0.12.x 0.14 defect totaam assigned 07/30/14
#625 a server event interface core trunk 0.14 task sbennett assigned 08/03/14
#349 some parts of windows can not be clicked after changing resolutions client 0.14.x 0.15 defect antoine assigned 06/04/13
#478 opengl backend should preserve fbo contents when resizing client 0.15 defect totaam assigned 12/18/13
#626 server does not run cleanups on SIGINT from a console platforms trunk 0.15 defect totaam reopened 08/05/14
#669 speaker forwarding may cause server to hang sound 0.14.x 0.15 defect totaam assigned 09/04/14
#751 Menus appear anywhere on the screen platforms trunk 0.15 defect lukashaase new 12/03/14
#791 undecorated windows can't minimize by left-click in it from the win32 taskbar client trunk 0.15 defect John1221 new 01/23/15
#198 protect against mitm attacks core trunk 0.15 task totaam assigned 10/13/12
#728 xrandr reports screen dimensions as 0mm x 0mm server trunk 0.16 defect totaam assigned 11/04/14
#371 xkbcommon code to replace core keyboard and xkb calls server 0.16 task antoine assigned 07/06/13
#642 all blank windows for a particular session on reboot/win-switch restore client trunk defect eblade new 08/19/14
#700 CentOS 6.4 client is often rendering large portions of window in black client 0.14.x defect afarr new 10/01/14
#757 Getting "BUG: failed to setup video pipeline..." Server output android trunk defect afarr new 12/04/14
#764 Getting a seg fault on CentOS client when resizing client trunk defect afarr new 12/12/14
#788 OSX client GUI launcher text displaying as empty rectangles client trunk defect smo new 01/22/15
#790 Windows is continous flashing in loop client trunk defect John1221 new 01/23/15
#90 python3 and gtk3 support core 0.1.0 0.14 task afarr new 03/27/12
#797 Profile xpra and capture tests for regression tests trunk 0.14 task nickc assigned 01/27/15
#469 Focus issue with mouse on osx client client 0.15 defect totaam reopened 12/11/13
#598 support for printing via a cups backend script core 0.15 defect totaam assigned 06/13/14
#628 ffmpeg + gcc 4.8.x dec_avcodec compatibility on win32 platforms trunk 0.15 defect totaam assigned 08/07/14
#637 screenshots from bug report in 0.14 are weird client trunk 0.15 defect totaam assigned 08/17/14
#701 xpra launcher causes new menus to show in global menu bar on osx platforms trunk 0.15 defect afarr new 10/01/14
#713 current using window is on top client 0.14.x 0.15 defect afarr new 10/13/14
#718 focus change requests in java applications does not work core trunk 0.15 defect afarr new 10/21/14
#743 [Android Client] - "failed to negotiate a packet encoder" while trying to connect issue android 0.11.x 0.15 defect totaam assigned 11/21/14
#749 restrict the DLLs we load on win32 to avoid those with known vulnerabilities client trunk 0.15 defect antoine assigned 12/01/14
#392 integrate a win32 crash report tool client 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 07/18/13
#472 use the ubuntu launcher API to populate the correct icon platforms 0.15 enhancement antoine assigned 12/12/13
#508 MS Windows taskbar integration platforms 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 02/01/14
#616 HEVC single frame encoding support encodings 0.15 enhancement antoine new 07/20/14
#619 better TCP_NODELAY handling: only use it when it is useful core 0.12.x 0.15 enhancement antoine new 07/30/14
#638 system tray menu needs a command-launcher server trunk 0.15 enhancement afarr new 08/18/14
#679 opengl improvements: double buffering, limited repaints, paint state client trunk 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 09/14/14
#773 support more wm states (keep above, below, etc) core trunk 0.15 enhancement afarr new 01/03/15
#774 more correct synchronization of virtual desktops core trunk 0.15 enhancement afarr new 01/03/15
#775 more complete emwh specification support core trunk 0.15 enhancement afarr new 01/03/15
#786 remote logging for client core trunk 0.15 enhancement afarr new 01/11/15
#796 YUV444 and lossless mode with NVENC4 encodings trunk 0.15 enhancement antoine assigned 01/27/15
#639 UDP transport core trunk 0.15 task antoine assigned 08/19/14
#653 NVENC SDK version 4 support encodings trunk 0.15 task smo new 08/22/14
#660 stricter pre-release test plan core trunk 0.15 task antoine new 08/23/14
#680 osx modulesets for building GTK3 + gobject-introspection bindings platforms trunk 0.15 task smo new 09/14/14
#756 multi delta core trunk 0.15 task afarr new 12/04/14
#56 add new resolutions to Xdummy on the fly - dummy driver needs randr support added? platforms 0.16 enhancement totaam accepted 12/06/11
#723 _NET_WM_SYNC_REQUEST resizing support core trunk 0.16 enhancement antoine new 10/31/14
#784 BPG compression support encodings trunk 0.16 enhancement totaam assigned 01/09/15
#640 Python3 GTK3 port feature parity platforms trunk 0.16 task totaam assigned 08/19/14
#678 building GTK3 and all the dependencies from source on win32 platforms trunk 0.16 task smo new 09/14/14
#794 emwh attributes: missing pieces, incomplete platform support core trunk 0.17 task antoine new 01/27/15
#29 android client does not pass key events at all! android 1.0 defect totaam accepted 09/20/11
#202 hardware accelerated video decoding core trunk 1.0 enhancement totaam assigned 11/01/12
#510 video stream pass-through core 1.0 enhancement antoine assigned 02/02/14
#33 if an application changes the screen size on the server via randr - what do we do? server 1.0 task totaam assigned 10/14/11
#473 html5 client platforms 1.0 task joshiggins new 12/14/13
#526 unicode window titles do not work on win32 platforms future defect antoine new 03/04/14
#28 large windows on android will cause out-of-memory problems android future enhancement totaam accepted 09/20/11
#137 games rely on precise mouse movements and their timing client trunk future enhancement ahuillet assigned 06/03/12
#390 damage events for the posix shadow server server future enhancement antoine assigned 07/18/13
#408 Support "singleton" mode -- start xpra instance only if no other live instance exists server future enhancement krlmlr new 08/08/13
#417 re-implement bandwidth constraint option server future enhancement totaam assigned 08/21/13
#486 better xpra info namespace core future enhancement totaam assigned 01/08/14
#509 grab video using a video adapter rather than getting rgb pixels from pixmap core future enhancement antoine assigned 02/02/14
#511 AMD hardware accelerated h264 encoding: VCE Video Codec Engine server future enhancement antoine assigned 02/04/14
#778 use private sockets for the X11 server server trunk future enhancement antoine new 01/05/15
#663 speaker forwarding after re-attach sometimes unsuccessful sound 0.14.x defect onlyjob new 08/24/14
#708 Cannot switch window focus using keyboard on OS X client 0.14.x defect jbylsma new 10/07/14
#466 nvenc improvements: YUV444P mode and bandwidth auto tuning server task smo new 12/03/13
#798 libfakeXinerama.so.1 cannot be loaded core trunk 0.14 defect lukashaase new 01/28/15
#582 x11 cleanup must still be done in the UI thread server 0.15 defect totaam assigned 05/28/14
#696 Client memory leak if Win32 client 0.14+ runs inside a RDP session platforms trunk 0.15 defect sschnitzer new 09/27/14
#771 undecorated windows should not cover the taskbar when maximized on win32 client trunk 0.15 defect John1221 new 01/02/15
#799 ungroup windows from taskbar client trunk 0.15 defect John1221 new 01/30/15
#139 Handle input grabbing core trunk 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 06/04/12
#400 sound improvements - better queue handling, refactoring and cleanups sound 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 08/02/13
#401 detect bad connection and warn the user core 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 08/05/13
#405 better native tray support for *nix client 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 08/08/13
#455 vpx improvements: vp9 support, zero copy, VBR, speed and quality core 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 11/06/13
#465 improve picture buffer handling core 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 12/03/13
#476 workarounds for crippled desktop environments without a system tray (ie: gnome3) client 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 12/18/13
#494 file channel for upload/download from server core 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 01/12/14
#540 handle connection issues, session events, network drop outs, power events, etc core 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 03/20/14
#572 provide input methods for ms windows clients (alt + numbers) server 0.15 enhancement afarr new 05/17/14
#622 seccomp security support core 0.15 enhancement totaam assigned 07/31/14
#719 Hardcoded umasks limit some use cases server trunk 0.15 enhancement skids new 10/23/14
#716 rpm packages for supporting mp3 sound forwarding with centos / fedora packaging trunk 0.15 task smo new 10/17/14
#365 don't copy pixmap data to ram: avoid the round-trips and stay on the GPU if we can server 0.16 enhancement totaam assigned 07/01/13
#389 ms windows shadow server improvements server 0.16 enhancement totaam assigned 07/18/13
#391 osx shadow server improvements server 0.16 enhancement antoine new 07/18/13
#505 fix bottleneck with applications like gtkperf server 0.16 enhancement totaam assigned 01/28/14
#530 allow client side shadow windows to be resized client 0.16 enhancement totaam assigned 03/10/14
#760 debug option for subregion color coding according to encodings, quality, speed, etc? client trunk 0.16 enhancement afarr assigned 12/09/14
#772 _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE for win32 and osx client trunk 0.16 enhancement antoine new 01/02/15
#779 libfakexinerama cleanups server trunk 0.16 enhancement antoine new 01/06/15
#558 nvenc support for shadowing on win32 platforms 0.12.x 0.16 task antoine new 04/10/14
#761 hovering on a window sitting in the background can cause it to be raised when a tooltip is shown client 0.14.x 1.0 defect antoine new 12/10/14
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