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#1576 assigned defect

10 bpc ximage color channels - fix xdummy?

Reported by: Antoine Martin Owned by: Antoine Martin
Priority: major Milestone: 4.2
Component: server Version: trunk
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Follow up from #1309.
When running a 30 bit xdummy virtual display, the colors look correct.
But when running against an existing display powered by the nvidia driver... the red and blue channels are inverted.
My guess is that dummy needs fixing - no idea how.
It would be nice to have another driver to compare.

I have used the following code to dump the XImage data in both cases, and the output is identical... so it doesn't look like a case of our code missing a switch:

--- xpra/x11/bindings/ximage.pyx	(revision 16291)
+++ xpra/x11/bindings/ximage.pyx	(working copy)
@@ -311,6 +311,9 @@
                 self.pixel_format = BGRA
         elif self.depth==30:
+            #log.warn("30bpp, byte_order=%i, bitmap_bit_order=%i, bits_per_pixel=%s", image.byte_order, image.bitmap_bit_order, image.bits_per_pixel)
+            #log.warn("pad=%i, unit=%i, format=%i", image.bitmap_pad, image.bitmap_unit, image.format)
+            #log.warn("masks: red=%#x, green=%#x, blue=%#x", image.red_mask, image.green_mask, image.blue_mask)
             self.bytesperpixel = 4
             if image.byte_order==MSBFirst:
                 self.pixel_format = R210

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re-scheduling since #1577 is waiting for an upstream change

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