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07/25/18 22:48:54 (4 years ago)
Antoine Martin

failed to connect to '':

If this is your proxy server IP, this should work. Are you sure that this isn't blocked by the firewall?

Once you get past the firewall, you need to find a way to get the proxy to know about which sessions it is proxying for. Assuming that the servers it is proxying for are remote systems, your best bet is to use the sqlite backend. See #1488 for details. The credentials used with sqlite do not require a corresponding user account on the proxy server system.


  • Ticket #1923

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  • Ticket #1923 – Description

    initial v1  
    33I have a first machine, my server, which is running xterm with xpra, I use the following command:
    45xpra start :100 --daemon=no --bind-tcp= --start=xterm
    5  The only error I have is:
     7The only error I have is:
    692018-07-25 17:51:12,368 Error: failed to query sound subsystem:
    7102018-07-25 17:51:12,368  No module named sound.common
    912Now I go to the proxy:
    1014xpra proxy :101 --tcp-auth=allow --bind-tcp= --daemon=no
    1116It works fine and says xpra is ready.
    1318I finally go to the client and use:
    1420xpra attach tcp/login@ip:1203/100
    1522and i have the following:
    1624xpra initialization error:
    1725 failed to connect to '':
    1826 [Errno 111] Connection refused
    19 I know it cannot work because I didn't say to xpra proxy where is the server but I don't know whre I can say that.
     28I know it cannot work because I didn't say to xpra proxy where is the server but I don't know where I can say that.
    2029Thank you.