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02/07/19 03:49:09 (21 months ago)
Antoine Martin


  • Ticket #2137, comment 2

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    1 Replying to [comment:1 Antoine Martin]:
    2 > > the window is resizable and resizing of window CHANGED the desktop dimension of server
    3 > I assume you mean that the server-side window got resized, and this is then propagated to the other client. The ''desktop dimension of the server'' (the xvfb size) is not affected by window resizing.
    4 >
    5 >
    6 > We need to:
    7 > * server should probably tell the client it is running in readonly mode rather try to cook all the window size-constraint metadata packets
    8 > * client should make all windows non-resizable in readonly mode - bearing in mind that this may affect their appearance (removing handles, removing buttons from the title bar, etc)
    9 > * reject the ''move'' and ''resize'' part of configure packets from the client when in readonly mode - but still keep track of where the client has mapped the window (since we can't prevent the client OS from moving windows)
    10 > * some client-side window managers may still force resize the window... in this case, not sure what to do
    121A readonly client can just be forced to open a flag `fit-to-window` where all resizing of window only scale the client side view, rather than resizing the master window. :D