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09/21/20 09:38:11 (4 months ago)
Antoine Martin

(possible bug) "Xpra-launcher.exe ..." doesn't pick up conf from etc conf files, whereas "Xpra.exe launcher ..." does.

Fixed in #2878

(possible bug) when building, server side only supports zlib whereas client is supporting lz4 and lzo also (seen on ubuntu and alpine build).

That would be a bug. But I don't see that here:

$ xpra info | grep -i network.lz4
$ ./xpra/net/net_util.py | grep lz4
* compressors                     : zlib, lz4, lzo, brotli, none
* lz4
  - python-lz4                    : True

Which Ubuntu release and how did you ascertain this?

(request) It would be very nice to be able to set .conf properties in the .xpra file. env vars specifically for the below.

I don't really understand this one. How is that different from #2878?

(request) For xpra ws connection to connect through authelia's mechanism we need to set a cookie session id in the header, this can be grabbed from javascript webpage and set into a generated .xpra file, but is it possible to allow setting a custom header on the websocket connection through the use of a env var?

Should be easy to add. Can't you just use #1741 for that?

(nice to have) maybe through flags, hide launcher after successful connection, restore if failed connection, close if disconnected.

That's what it does. works-for-me(tm)

(nice to have) not required for me but might be nice to offer the .xpra download option on the html login page, which would generate based on form values.

Nice idea: #2881


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    33I'm chasing a use case where a user logs into a webpage using Authelia 2 factor login (https://github.com/authelia/authelia).