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#2931 new defect

qdirstat mouse clicks are not delivered

Reported by: stdedos Owned by: Antoine Martin
Priority: minor Milestone: 4.1
Component: client Version: 3.0.x
Keywords: Cc:


I am using qdirstat (https://github.com/shundhammer/qdirstat/) from sources, compiled against qt514.

I feel that interaction with it is complicated. More specifically, I feel that native (Do you want to permanently delete these files Yes/No?) or non-native (Open File Manager here) buttons, right-click menus etc may not "respond" to clicks I've made.

The session below is my long-standing one, but I have replicated this on a clean session too. On that session, opengl was enabled, which resulted in the Windows client crashing (ofc, I have a graylisted Intel adapter)

My server/clients are:

"Xpra-Python3-x86_64_4.1-r27892\xpra_cmd" attach ssh://user@ip/3 --ssh="plink -ssh -agent" --modal-windows=no --title="@title@ on @@/@server-display@" --headerbar=off --opengl=no --bandwidth-limit=6Mbps


2020-11-11 10:56:30,401 Xpra GTK3 client version 4.1-r27892 64-bit
2020-11-11 10:56:30,405  running on Microsoft Windows 10
2020-11-11 10:56:31,827 GStreamer version 1.18.1 for Python 3.8.6 64-bit
2020-11-11 10:56:32,173 created named pipe 'Xpra\11868'
2020-11-11 10:56:32,562 keyboard layout code 0x409
2020-11-11 10:56:32,562 identified as 'United States - English' : us
2020-11-11 10:56:32,950  keyboard settings: layout=us
2020-11-11 10:56:32,952  desktop size is 4160x1440 with 1 screen:
2020-11-11 10:56:32,953   Default (1100x381 mm - DPI: 96x96) workarea: 4160x1400
2020-11-11 10:56:32,954     Generic PnP Monitor 1600x900 at 0x534 (309x174 mm - DPI: 131x131) workarea: 1600x860 at 0x534
2020-11-11 10:56:32,954     C32JG5x 2560x1440 at 1600x0 (697x392 mm - DPI: 93x93) workarea: 2560x1400 at 1600x0
2020-11-11 10:56:37,761 enabled remote logging
2020-11-11 10:56:37,764 Xpra GTK3 X11 server version 3.0.12-r27620 64-bit
2020-11-11 10:56:37,766  running on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 xenial

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comment:1 Changed 2 weeks ago by stdedos

As a side question: qdirstat has a status window on cleanup actions. Even with modals disabled, if that window is not minimized, any clicks on any different session window will automatically bring the rest of qdirstat forward and direct the click there instead.

Is that fixable from your side? (I don't think it happens like that on a native screen)

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