Xpra: Ticket #67: mmap improvements: zero-copy, avoid wrap-around, memcopy, mmap.ACCESS_COPY

mmap is fast but can be made faster:

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patch for measuring the improvement using zerocopy

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Part 1: zero-copy The patch above allows us to measure the zero-copy case against the standard code (one must add and False to make it go through the non zero-copy case for non-split areas). Some numbers with a 1024x1024 glxgears on a fast system (ignoring small screen updates which skew the number due to the high overhead of method calls compared to the actual time spent preparing the data - which means the benefit is less, almost negligible, when used on small pixel buffers):

So the benefit is in the 10% to 50% range, average around 20%.

Merged in r400

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Part 2: avoid wrapping around Done in r401, which also adds diagrams to show how the mmap transfers work.

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This is good enough for now, the only features left to consider are:

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We now use XShm (see #345).

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(setting correct milestone the work was completed in)

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