Xpra: Ticket #935: remove support for old buffers

Follow up from #465, see also #1073. This will mean dropping compatibility with Python versions older than 2.7, which means that the release before it would probably have to be LTS.

Sun, 02 Aug 2015 15:53:43 GMT - Antoine Martin: attachment set

switch to a wrapper class for memalign memory

Sun, 02 Aug 2015 15:55:45 GMT - Antoine Martin: status changed

The patch above removes lots of ugly code, can help us avoid making copies in some cases and speeds up argb and cyxor by a factor of 2.

And whilst we're at it, we could probably drop support for Python3 versions older than 3.3 so we can assume PyMemoryView_FromMemory is present.

Fri, 13 Nov 2015 13:26:34 GMT - Antoine Martin: milestone changed

Let's make 0.17 and LTS, do this after.

Tue, 12 Jul 2016 16:51:50 GMT - Antoine Martin: milestone changed

Milestone renamed

Sun, 21 Aug 2016 09:55:49 GMT - Antoine Martin: milestone changed

Milestone renamed

Fri, 16 Dec 2016 19:09:40 GMT - Antoine Martin:

r14514 removes support for old style buffers

Fri, 16 Dec 2016 22:16:57 GMT - Antoine Martin: owner, status changed

The memoryview-buffer-wrapper patch has been merged in r14557.

Potential problems with this:

@smo: please run the automated tests and compare with v1.0 so we can make sure we don't have regressions anywhere.

Fri, 30 Dec 2016 07:09:22 GMT - Antoine Martin: priority, description changed

Sun, 29 Jan 2017 13:58:10 GMT - Antoine Martin:

More related changes: r14519 (assume memoryview type is available), r14885: zerocopy in network layer!

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 00:26:26 GMT - Smo: status changed; resolution set

These have been in for some time and many automated tests ran with no issues.

Sat, 23 Jan 2021 05:10:13 GMT - migration script:

this ticket has been moved to: https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra/issues/935