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06:08 Ticket #186 (Xdummy support for adding resolutions and screens on the fly) created by Antoine Martin
Follow up from #10 What we want to do is make sure that the virtual …


14:21 Ticket #184 (Xcb-Errors) reopened by Antoine Martin
I've seen it for the first time with x264 encoding, by running this …


09:17 Ticket #185 (Better parsing for --ssh option) closed by Antoine Martin
fixed: thanks! applied in r1593
09:07 Ticket #185 (Better parsing for --ssh option) created by Mike
If you use some more sophisticated options for ssh (like ssh -o …
06:41 Ticket #184 (Xcb-Errors) closed by Antoine Martin
worksforme: Closing for now. (r1591 fixes the mmap issue) FYI: jpeg at 20% …


13:53 Ticket #184 (Xcb-Errors) created by Mike
Part of changeset r1527 was a change to protocol.py (see the patchset …
09:10 Ticket #159 (swscale memalign) closed by Antoine Martin
wontfix: I've looked at the code and ffmpeg allocates memory aligned to 8 bytes …


16:11 Milestone 0.6 completed
* packaging changes * code cleanup/reorganization * fix for oversized …


06:04 Ticket #183 (client side protocol errors) closed by Antoine Martin
fixed: This was caused by r1402 and should be fixed in r1476 for trunk, r1477


12:29 Ticket #183 (client side protocol errors) created by onlyjob
There is a minor regression introduced in 0.5.2 and 0.6.0: when mouse …


11:30 Ticket #170 (preserve workspace mapping) closed by Antoine Martin
fixed: * r1438 *tries* to keep client properties separate by using a (client …


19:03 Ticket #169 (move client capabilities flags to server source) closed by Antoine Martin
fixed: More in r1407, this is enough for this ticket, will follow up in #41
18:56 Ticket #156 (large clipboard packets cause the connection to drop) closed by Antoine Martin
fixed: Fixed properly: * r1386 for trunk * r1402 for 0.5.x * r1403 for 0.3.x …
06:38 Ticket #182 (Wrong x264 dependency in xpra.spec for Fedora with ATrpms) closed by Antoine Martin
fixed: You must have missed the part where I said: >>Note: the only downside …


12:22 Ticket #182 (Wrong x264 dependency in xpra.spec for Fedora with ATrpms) created by xdml
From your build instructions it looks like ATrpms repo is …
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