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please use https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra instead.

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Archived copy:

Application Quirks

Note: some of these issues may be at least partially resolved in newer versions, or have known workarounds. See the ticket links for details.

Here is a list of applications which have bugs that need to be resolved, these bugs cannot be fixed in xpra, only in each misbehaving application:

  • Google Chrome (and chromium and derivatives): transient windows focus issues #519, upstream bug: chromium bug 349322
  • firefox and thunderbird: can only be launched on a single display per user account
  • handbrake:
  • Java applications:
    • eclipse: #2715 (and many other issues..)
    • problems with window dimensions, especially with Sun JDK6 or older: #725, #705
    • failure to raise windows: #718
    • DPI issues: #163
    • other, application specific bugs: #378
  • Mainsoft's mainwin applications can lockup the X11 server: #785

These application may behave oddly:

  • kate editor and KMail: unnecessary repaints #522, this is causing video encodings to degrade quality. Increase the minimum quality setting or use a lossless encoding if you are having issues.
  • KDE, see wiki/FAQ
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