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This bug tracker and wiki are being discontinued
please use https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra instead.


Android Client

This client is a work in progress, it shares the core code with the Java clients.

Warning: development of this code has stalled (last change was r7304, code removed in r16823), but there is now a new alternative: Android client by Jakub Księżniak.

Future Work

  • focus bugs
  • keyboard support: show popup keyboard via menu key and/or button in window bar (see How to Capture soft keyboard input in a View?, and handle keyboard modifiers when simulating mouse events
  • use a separate thread for networking
  • android key events: #29
  • xpra android window container and sizes: #30
  • handle zooming with pinch
  • handle focus window with double tap
  • drag could use the same pixmap as XpraWindow (and ignore/deal with resize?)
  • context menu: about, preferences, etc
  • don't disconnect when screen times out? (option? or re-connect on resume)
  • ssh support
  • launcher gui: detect invalid host/port and show a more friendly error message
  • handle "disconnect" requests and IO errors better
  • add window icon
  • video encoding support (may require a video container format), pointers:
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