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03/12/17 11:26:45 (5 years ago)
Antoine Martin



  • Clipboard

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    2525Clipboard support is an ongoing struggle.
    27 The most common issues are:
     27You must ensure that there is no other clipboard synchronization tool already running as this is very likely to interfere and cause loops.
     28In particular, avoid using the clipboard synchronization from your virtualization solution if you use one (ie: virtualbox, vmware, etc), or from tools like synergy. Alternatively, you can disable xpra's clipboard instead. Just avoid running both at the same time.
     30The most common platform specific issues are:
    2831* Mac OSX and MS Windows clients only have a single clipboard selection whereas X11 has three ({{{CLIPBOARD}}}, {{{PRIMARY}}} and {{{SECONDARY}}}), and therefore we need to choose which one to exchange with (see "local-clipboard" and "remote-clipboard" switches)
    2932* on MS Windows, the OS pulls clipboard data as soon as we claim ownership of the selection (see workaround in r3051 + r3075)
    3033* on OSX, we have to use polling to see client-side changes (see #11)
     34* the HTML5 client can only access the clipboard when the browser decides it is appropriate to do so (usually following clicks or specific key combinations)
    3135* the xpra clibboard code is also problematic: the [/browser/xpra/trunk/src/xpra/gtk_common/nested_main.py nested main loop] code is known to cause serious problems on some platforms