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We try to synchronize the DPI from the client to the server, so that applications will render with the correct settings and "look right" on the client. This may affect fonts, window sizes, cursors sizes, etc.


  • support varies greatly depending on the operating system and version, desktop environment, number of monitors attached and their resolution, etc
  • with X11, there are far too many places where the DPI can be looked up, many places where it can be overriden
  • for virtualized "hardware DPI" which some applications calculate from the virtual monitor dimensions, you will need a patched wiki/Xdummy driver and wiki/FakeXinerama - without a patched dummy driver, the hardware DPI (as reported by xdpyinfo) cannot be updated at runtime and must be set in advance, either in the xorg.conf file or on the xvfb command line
  • many applications will not reload the DPI settings, so they must be started after the client connects to get the correct DPI value


For wiki/Debugging, some relevant information can be collected from:

  • client and server debug output with "-d dpi" command line switch
  • xdpyinfo output
  • xrandr output

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