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Changes between Version 11 and Version 12 of Encodings

06/21/13 13:22:15 (9 years ago)
Antoine Martin

update for 0.10


  • Encodings

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    66Xpra supports a number of picture encodings, provided you have the required libraries installed. Even then, the features of each encoding may vary based on the version of the libraries and other dependencies, both client and server side.
    8 Here is the list as of v0.8
     8Here is the list as of v0.10
    99* lossless encodings:
    1010 * rgb24 (+zlib)
    11  * png
     11 * png (24/32-bit colour, 8-bit grayscale and 8-bit colour)
     12 * webp (lossless mode)
    1213* lossy encodings:
    1314 * jpeg
    14  * webm
     15 * webp (lossy mode)
    1516 * vpx
    1617 * x264
    1920The best thing to do is to try them all and choose the one that provides the best results.
    2021Here are some rough guidelines:
    21 * on LANs with 100MBit/s or higher, use fast lossy encodings: either rgb24 or png
     22* on LANs with 100MBit/s or higher: rgb24 + zlib should give you the best latency possible (whilst consuming quite a lot of bandwidth in the process..)
     23* to save a little bit of bandwidth at the expense of framerate and latency, use fast lossless encodings: webp or png
    2224* otherwise, choose x264 and tune the speed/quality to suit your needs (see below)
    2325The other encodings are somewhat less useful:
    2426* vpx is similar to x264 but it does not support speed and quality tuning
    25 * webm is single image subset of vpx, and therefore lacks [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intra-frame intra-frame] compression - but latency is good
     27* webp (lossy mode) is a single image subset of vpx, and therefore lacks [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intra-frame intra-frame] compression - but latency is decent
    2628* jpeg gives lower size/quality than other lossy encodings