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File Transfers

This feature shares most of the code with wiki/Printing.

This is not meant to replace a network filesystem, it is only there to facilitate the transfer of individual files between the client and server.

For more details, see #494 and #1026.


Assuming that file-transfers are enabled (see configuration options below). The client can send files to the server using the system tray upload menu:

upload menu entry

The server can send files to the client using:

  • the xpra send-file subcommand (starting with version 4, see #2518)
  • the dbus interface: #904
  • the xpra control interface, ie:
    xpra control :10 send-file /path/to/the-file-to-send

Or to send to a specific client:

xpra control :10 send-file /path/to/the-file-to-send open CLIENT_UUID

The client UUID can be seen with: xpra info | grep uuid. To send to all the clients, replace use "*". (quoted to prevent shell expansion)

The "open" flag may not be honoured by the client.

To debug this feature, use the flag -d file.

Configuration Options

  • file-transfer enables or disables all file transfers
  • file-size-limit the maximum size (in MB) for file transfers
  • open-files allows files to be opened after being received - which may be a security risk
  • open-command the command to use for opening files

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