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Archived copy:

Multicast DNS

By default, the xpra server will advertise the session it creates on the local network using Multicast DNS.

To turn off this feature, use the mdns=no option.


To view the list of sessions, run:

xpra list-mdns

To use the GUI mdns session launcher, run:

xpra mdns-gui

The user interface should look like this:
/raw-attachment/ticket/1334/mdns-gui.png And you should be able to connect to those sessions simply by pressing the "connect" button.


  • some features are only available in version 2.1 and newer (GUI, etc)
  • some platforms may not have the required libaries
  • no IPv6 support: #1345

Related tickets: #731 (mdns service type), #1334 (mdns gui), #1332 (mdns discovery), #1333 (macos and win32 listener support)

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