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     7== 2015-12-27 ==
     8=== 0.16.0 Release ===
     10This release builds on the structural improvements made in 0.15 to enhance the code and add new features.
     12Here are some of the most prominent changes:
     13* desktop scaling (#976), which allows you to upscale window contents saving bandwidth and CPU, and change the scaling at runtime using the system tray or keyboard shortcuts
     14* audio-video synchronization (#835)
     15* improved printer forwarding and HTML5 client printing support (#913)
     16* support for screen capture tools (#988)
     17* support remote SSH start without specifying a display (#612), ie: {{{xpra start ssh:SOMEHOST --start=xterm}}}
     18* dbus server for easier runtime control (#904)
     19* XShape forwarding for X11 clients (#976), so ''xeyes'' looks better
     20* remove more legacy code, cleanups, add sanity checks, etc
     21* switch to GStreamer 1.x on most platforms (#903)
     22* zero copy memoryview buffers (#465), safer read-only buffers
     23* improved vp9 support (#832)
     24* handling of very high client resolutions (8k and above - #969)
     25* more reliable window positioning and geometry (many changes)
     26* network and protocol improvements: safety checks, threading, etc
     27* support multiple socket directories (ie: ''/run'') (#888)
     28* encryption improvements: support TCP only encryption, PKCS#7 padding
     29* improved DPI and anti-alias synchronization and handling (incomplete #559)
     30* better multi-monitor support
     31* lz4 faster modes with automatic speed tuning (#878)
     32* server file upload from system tray
     33* new debugging subcommand: "xpra showconfig"
     34* option to select a specific clibpoard to synchronize with (MS Windows only: #966)
     35* faster OpenGL screen updates: group screen updates (#792)
     36* replace calls to setxkbmap with native X11 API (#371)
     37* opensuse support (#1037)
     38* XShm for override-redirect windows and shadow servers
     39* faster X11 shadow servers (#899)
     40* improved logging and debugging tools, fault injection (#910)
     41* more robust error handling and recovery from client errors
     42* NVENC support for MS Windows shadow servers (in progress: #558)
     44You can find more links and ticket details on the [/trac/milestone/0.16 0.16 milestone page].
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