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Notifications Forwarding

This feature allows applications to send system notifications (aka notifications bubbles) to the client.

It is supported on all platforms and controlled by the notifications configuration option.

Installation and platform support

  • MS Windows use system "bubbles" - you may need to configure your system to show the xpra systray icon and / or the bubbles.
  • OSX clients use a custom GTK window since there was no system API until OSX 10.8.x (this should be replaced with native code at some point: #1305)
  • posix clients can use python-notify or python-dbus (the exact name of the packages required vary)


  • start both the client and server with the debug command line flags: -d notify,dbus
  • as of r13678, you can also test notifications forwarding using the dbus interface (#904) or xpra control, ie:
    xpra control :100 send-notification "foo" "hello world" "*"

will send the message to all clients.


  • MS Windows XP:

example of notification with win xp client

  • OSX 10.10.x client:

example of GTK notification with osx client

  • Gnome-shell desktop:

example of notification with gnome shell desktop on Linux

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