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This bug tracker and wiki are being discontinued
please use https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra instead.

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[[Image(...)]] Packaging

How to build covers installing the required libraries and building from source, it is a pre-requisite for building packages.

Distribution Packages

And why you should generally not use them.

DistributionVariantVersion ShippedKnown Issues
UbuntuPrecise aka too many to list - not a single bug fix applied in 2 years, derelict
UbuntuSaucy aka stable updates missing, version no longer supported
DebianSqueeze0.3.11Too many to list and only available in backports! (backports an out of date version!)
DebianWheezy0.3.11Far too many to list
DebianJessie0.11.6branch no longer maintained
DebianSid0.11.6branch no longer maintained
Gentoo 0.12.1OK-ish (one bug fix behind)
Arch 0.12.1OK-ish (one bug fix behind)

Last updated 2014-04-02


[[Image(...)]] RPMs

The spec file can be found here: xpra.spec
The quick and easy way (tested on Fedora 18):

mkdir -p ${HOME}/rpmbuild/SOURCES/ >& /dev/null
cd trunk/src
./setup.py sdist
cp dist/parti-all-*.tar.gz ${HOME}/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
cp patches/* ${HOME}/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
rpmbuild -ba ../scripts/xpra.spec --define 'Fedora 1'
ls -s ${HOME}/rpmbuild/RPMS/*/


1744 xpra-0.8.0-0.fc18.x86_64.rpm

You may need to add arguments to the rpmbuild command line to enable/disable certain features, or simply to get it to build properly on other RPM based distros. For example, to build on CentOS 6 64-bit with static video libraries and no opengl support, use:

rpmbuild -ba xpra.spec \
    --define 'CentOS 1'
    --define 'python_sitelib /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages'
    --define 'build_no 5'
    --define 'dist .el6'
    --define 'el6 1'
    --define 'static_video_libs 1'
    --define 'opengl 0'

[[Image(...)]] DEBs

You can find the debian packaging files here: /debian
Debian also ships packages, though the "stable" and "testing" versions are completely out of date, broken and unsupported, they should not be used.
Assuming that your build system is reasonably up to date, you should be able to build with:

cd trunk/src/
ln -sf ../debian .
debuild -us -uc -b

[[Image(...)]] Gentoo Ebuilds

You can find a generally up-to-date ebuild here /scripts (the ones in gentoo are somewhat behind the curve and fail to apply bug fixes in due time..).
The ebuilds for the released versions can be found here: http://www.xpra.org/dists/gentoo/