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Operating Systems

Unless otherwise stated, all the operating systems listed here support all versions of xpra.

Please make sure to test the latest supported version before reporting bugs.


DistributionSupport Notes
Fedora 23
Fedora 24
Fedora 25
CentOS / RHEL 5.x 0.14.x only - limited support
CentOS / RHEL 6.x CentOS 6.4 or later only
CentOS / RHEL 7.x 7.0 and 7.1: up to 1.x only
openSUSE 13.2
Ubuntu Precise up to 1.x only
Ubuntu Trusty up to 1.x only
Ubuntu Xenial
Ubuntu Yakkety
Debian Wheezy up to 1.x only
Debian Jessie
Debian Stretch

Microsoft Windows

VersionSupport Notes
XP up to v1.x only
Windows 7
Windows 8.x
Windows 10

Mac OS X

XpraOS Version
v0.14.x 10.5 onwards
v1.x 10.5 onwards - 10.6.x onwards for the PKG installer
v2.x 10.10 onwards (TBC)


All BSD variants should work, but are not regularly tested.


All other operating systems and architectures are not officially supported at present, but bug report and patches will be accepted.