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    159159* you can specify more than one remote session string for each username and password pair using CSV format - but the client will then have to specify which one it wants on the connection URL
     163{{{#!div class="box"
     164== Username Matters ==
     166The proxy server can also be used to expose all local sessions dynamically.
     167This is what the [/wiki/Service] (aka "system wide proxy server") does.
     169In this case, the username, uid and gid are used to locate all the sessions for the user once it has authenticated, in the same way that a user can list sessions by running {{{xpra list}}}.
     170This type of proxy server usually runs as root to be able to access the sessions for multiple users.
     172This mode of operation cannot be used with the {{{sqlite}}} or {{{multifile}}} authentication modules since those modules specify the list of sessions explicitly.
     174For some authentication modules the uid and gid can be derived from the username automatically using the password database (ie: {{{pam}}}, others allow for it to be specified as a module option (ie: {{{--tcp-auth=ldap,uid=xpraproxy,gid=xpraproxy}}}) which makes it possible for non-local accounts to execute the proxy process instance as a non-root user.
     175The default value of "nobody" uid and "nobody" gid may or may not have sufficient privileges for executing a proxy process instance.
     177You should not use the {{{file}}}, {{{env}}} or {{{exec}}} authentication modules, as those would allow access to all usernames with the same password value.