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This bug tracker and wiki are being discontinued
please use https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra instead.

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See also: wiki/Usage/Docker.

Pre-req: Install Docker


Pull the centos latest image

     # docker pull centos:latest

Startup the container and install xpra

    hostname# docker run -it -h container -p centos:latest /bin/bash
    root@container# cd /etc/yum.repo.d
    root@container# curl -O https://winswitch.org/downloads/CentOS/winswitch.repo
    root@container# yum repolist
    root@container# yum install xpra

Install dependency packages

  • You may hit bellow error if you run xpra in container now:
      /bin/xpra_Xdummy: line 52: which: command not found
       failed to locate Xorg binary to run
       2015-12-23 16:19:11,020
       2015-12-23 16:19:11,024 Xvfb command has terminated! xpra cannot continue
    this is because xvfb and which is not installed on centos7.2 official image. We need to install it
        root@container#yum install  xorg-x11-server-Xvfb
        root@container#yum install which

Generate uuid for container

  • You may hit UUID problem:
       D-Bus library appears to be incorrectly set up; failed to read machine uuid: UUID file 
       '/etc/machine-id'       should contain a hex string of length 32, not length 0, with no other text

which can be resolved by:

    root@container#dbus-uuidgen >/etc/machine-id

Run xpra in container

  • Create a new user in container:
        root@container# useradd -m xpra1
       root@container# passwd xpra1
  • Start xpra server with the created user (you may need to yum install emacs if you also want to run emacs):
      root@container# su - xpra1
      xpra1@container$ xpra start :100 --start-child=emacs --bind-tcp=
  • After that you can connect with xpra client!!


  • If you hit fakesystemd error during install xpra
       fakesystemd-1-17.el7.centos.noarch has installed conflicts systemd: fakesystemd-1-17.el7.centos.noarch

Please refer to fixing-centos-7-systemd-conflicts-with-docker