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Environment Options

This page lists some features which are often only available via environment variables, or where the environment variables override other options.

This list evolves constantly and should not be used as a definitive reference, only the source code for a particular version is.

There are also many environment variables which can be set for debugging, see wiki/Logging.

Unless the environment value is specified as being a number, the possible values are:

  • 0 to disable
  • 1 to enable

No other values should be used (undefined behaviour).

Generic System Environment Variables

These variables may be defined by the system before xpra is launched.

XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP Detect the Ubuntu 'Unity' desktop
LD_LIBRARY_PATH Locate wiki/FakeXinerama and other libraries
DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS Locate the dbus session server


Variable Meaning Default Value
DEFAULT_XPRA_CONF_FILENAMEConfiguration file name 'xpra.conf'
DEFAULT_NET_WM_NAMETo change the window manager name, aka _NET_WM_NAME (see ticket:705#comment:10) 'Xpra'
NO_ROOT_WARNING Skip warning if running as root 0
INITENV_COMMAND The command we run via ssh to ensure the environment is ready "xpra initenv"
XPRA_USE_PROCESS_POLLING Use process polling instead of relying on SIGCHLD 0
XPRA_SKIP_UI Skip warnings, useful when running without a console 0
XPRA_FORCE_COLOR_LOG Force enable the coloured logger 0


XPRA_X_SYNC Enable XSynchronize 0
XPRA_X11_PROPERTIES_IGNORED X11 properties we ignore as a CSV list "_NET_WM_OPAQUE_REGION"
XPRA_FORCE_REPLACE_WM Force an existing window manager to exit 0
XPRA_LOG_MANAGE_FAILURES Log all failures to manage a window 0
XPRA_NO_NET_SUPPORTEDCSV list of "_NET_SUPPORTED" items to remove from the default list we claim to support
XPRA_X11_DEBUG_EVENTS CSV list of X11 events to debug - typical values: "KeyPress?,ClientMessage?" ..
XPRA_REPARENT_ROOT Reparent windows to the root window, see #770 0
XPRA_X11_XKB Enable Xkb 1
XPRA_X11_XTEST Enable XTest 1
XPRA_X11_XFIXES Enable XFixes 1

Network / Connection

XPRA_SOCKET_HOSTNAMEThe name to use for the sockets the hostname
SOCKET_TIMEOUTHow long to wait before the initial connection times out 10
TCP_NODELAY Use TCP no-delay 1
XPRA_PASSWORD Override the password file option
XPRA_ENCRYPTION_KEY Override the encryption key file option
XPRA_XSHM Enable XShm 1

Fault Injection

XPRA_PAINT_FAULT_INJECTION_RATE Numeric value: how often to simulate paint errors (a value of 10 will cause 1 fault for every 10 paint events) 0
XPRA_PAINT_FAULT_INJECTION_TELL Whether paint faults are reported back to the server 1


XPRA_DISCARD_TARGETS List of clipboard targets which are discarded
XPRA_TRANSLATEDCLIPBOARD_LOCAL_SELECTION Default local selection for translated clipboard
XPRA_TRANSLATEDCLIPBOARD_REMOTE_SELECTION Default remote selection for translated clipboard