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This bug tracker and wiki are being discontinued
please use https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra instead.

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Pending Fixes

Feel free to suggest fixes that you think should be applied.

Current Release Notes

Latest release notes (the version shown may not have been released yet):

Branch Current Release Notes Commit Log
v0.14.x NEWS log
v0.15.x NEWS log
trunk NEWS log

Very Likely

These fixes should land in the next stable update:

  • r9725: gil required
  • r9728: shadow server fix
  • r9743: avoid invalid caps parsing warning
  • r9740: cl version
  • r9737 + r9738: max-size fixes (verify with 0.15)
  • r9727: bug with sink state = None
  • r9715: decorations flag

Less Likely

These changes may be backported at some point:

  • backport parts of r9519: timestamp, overrun-handling later
  • r9729: fix size-constraints with GTK3? (if needed only?)
  • r9711: cleaner exit?
  • r9694: conf fixes (0.15)
  • r9682: non-opengl rgb32 paint error


Unlikely to be backported to older versions:

  • r9434 (parts): proxy encoding fixes
  • r9424 + r9425: password auth fixes
  • r9310: race with errors (rare)
  • r7765: size-hints can change
  • r9095: keyboard mapping translation - use it!
  • r9571: mimetype mapping files (already in 0.15)
  • r9504: opengl paint box debugging
  • r9491: less copying before xoring (risky?)
  • r9307: update session info after systray opengl change
  • vp9 fixes? (speed) - meh, vp9 disabled anyway!
  • r9164 non-blocking sockets for proxy server
  • r9163: re-compress window icon
  • r8982 child reaper pid safe
  • r8530: win32 workspace maximize dimensions for undecorated windows
  • HTML5 improvements

(some of these changes have already been applied in 0.15)