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Pending Fixes

Feel free to suggest fixes that you think should be applied.

Current Release Notes

Latest release notes (the version shown may not have been released yet):

Branch Status Current Release Notes Commit Log
v0.14.x legacy LTS NEWS log
v0.15.x EOL NEWS log
v0.16.x EOL NEWS log
v0.17.x EOL NEWS log
v1.0.x Stable LTS NEWS log
trunk Development NEWS log

Very Likely

  • r15339 run minifier on win32
  • r15331 rpm package dependency
  • r15333 error message with stripped down installations
  • r15371 + r15372 + r15373 + r15374 osx libepoxy update
  • r15375 osx opengl depth function
  • r15380 create tmpfiles.d directory on RPM install
  • r15382 allow absolute paths for socket bind location


(assuming a fix is found, and / or that it is given sufficient testing)

  • r15309: using 4K resolution instead?
  • r14760: OSX pixbuf loader
  • r15205 (partial): don't start win32 shadow servers for unsupported bit depths


Probably not worth the effort / risk:

  • r15325: compile membuf (xxhash) with -O3
  • r15199: avoid large quality drops due to backlog
  • r15190: match existing server when remotely starting via ssh
  • r15192: locale warnings on osx with command line tools
  • ticket:1169#comment:11 : OSX shadow start via ssh

1.1 candidates

  • r15042 + r15043: better validation of csc modules, better error messages
  • r14965 (partial): faster scrolling, avoiding memory copy
  • r14547: split html5 client into its own package
  • #1401: reset video region via dbus / xpra control
  • r14818 (partial): only 2 fields are actually mandatory in multifile auth
  • #1367 opengl validation

See Also

wiki/Versions/PendingFixes/Abandoned changes that never got applied to older branches.

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