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This bug tracker and wiki are being discontinued
please use https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra instead.

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Current Status

There are 3 versions currently supported:

  • v0.14.x - the current LTS (long term support) release. This version will be supported until mid 2016 when the next LTS release is due.
  • v0.15.x - the current release, will be supported until 0.16 comes out.
  • trunk - the current development version (will become 0.16).

Fixes are almost always committed to trunk before landing in other branches, you can find a list of the currently pending fixes here.

Here is the latest release notes (the version shown may not have been released yet): v0.14.x NEWS, v0.15.x NEWS, trunk NEWS.


Versions older than 0.14 are not supported. Please complain to your distributor for not updating a package with known bugs and vulnerabilities (more info here: wiki/Packaging).

You can mix versions between the clients and servers, as long as they are reasonably up to date:

  • v0.14.x is compatible with versions 0.7.8 onwards. (it may or may not work with earlier versions)
  • v0.15.x is compatible with versions 0.12.6 onwards.
  • trunk will be compatible with 0.14.x onwards (it may or may not be compatible with earlier versions)


You can find binaries for tagged versions (currently 0.14 and 0.15) here:

You may find beta builds of any branch or trunk here:

Release Schedule

The release schedule varies, versions are shipped when they are ready...

That said, the delay between 0.14 and 0.15 was far too long, we are trying to target a 3 months release cycle.

Release Process

  • development phase: roughly 2 months
    • ticket review and planning: updating the new milestone page
    • code refactoring and cleanups early
    • beta builds
    • run automated tests
  • stabilisation phase: roughly 1 month, including:
    • updating the OSX and win32 builds to the latest versions supported (ie: ffmpeg, pillow, etc..)
    • update patches with new offsets
    • check profiling results for regressions (see #797)
    • add new tests (see #847, #177, #660)
    • run with "-d all" and look for exceptions, look for idle events with out any clients connected
    • test old the oldest client version supported
    • whitepsace / tabspace cleanup
    • tagging the version in the repository
  • release:
    • add to wiki/News page
    • re-assign unfinished tickets to a later milestone
    • update wiki/Source and also this page