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Changes between Version 34 and Version 35 of Xdummy

10/30/19 17:10:37 (3 years ago)
Antoine Martin

remove oudated bits


  • Xdummy

    v34 v35  
    7979* [/browser/xpra/trunk/rpmbuild/0002-Constant-DPI.patch 0002-Constant-DPI.patch] for [/wiki/DPI DPI] support
    8080* [/browser/xpra/trunk/rpmbuild/0003-fix-pointer-limits.patch 0003-fix-pointer-limits.patch] to fix unresponsive clicks after resizing up - see #349
    81 * [/browser/xpra/trunk/rpmbuild/0005-support-for-30-bit-depth-in-dummy-driver.patch 0005-support-for-30-bit-depth-in-dummy-driver.patch] - see #909, now merged upstream so this should not be needed
    8382The dummy packages in the xpra repositories include those patches.
    8685Ubuntu does weird things with their Xorg server which prevents it from running Xdummy (tty permission issues).
    88 Status: at time of writing, Xdummy can be used with 16.10 (aka "yakkety") but not with earlier versions. (see r14327)
     87Status: at time of writing, Xdummy can be used with 18.04 but not with earlier versions. (see r14327)
    90 (The following workaround has been tested on Ubuntu 14.04 server.
    92 * make sure you have ''xserver-xorg-video-dummy'' package installed.
    93 * add the user who is going to start xpra/xdummy on the server to the following three groups: ''tty'', ''video'' and ''dialout'' (these are the groups {{{/dev/tty*}}}, {{{/dev/fb0}}} and {{{/dev/dri/card0}}} devices belong to)
    94 {{{
    95 sudo adduser username groupname
    96 }}}
    97 * fully reboot the server. Group membership change does not take effect until a new log in.
    98 * login to the server remotely (e.g. via ssh) and start the xpra using commands like this:
    99 {{{
    100 xpra --xvfb="Xorg -noreset -nolisten tcp +extension GLX \
    101     -config /etc/xpra/xorg.conf \
    102     +extension RANDR +extension RENDER -logfile ${HOME}/.xpra/Xorg-10.log" \
    103     start :100
    104 }}}
    105 If that works, you can then place this same xvfb option in your global config file ''/etc/xpra/xpra.conf''.
    107 Note, if you are running an instance of Xorg locally on the server (e.g. using it as a desktop with a monitor attached), you need to start xpra server ''before'' starting the local xorg instance, or some permission issues may prevent you from starting xorg.
    109 That's all! Using this method, I am able to run xpra with xdummy on an ubuntu 14.04 server)
    11290=== non-suid binary ===
    11391If you distribution ships the newer version but only installs a suid Xorg binary, Xpra should have installed the [/browser/xpra/trunk/src/scripts/xpra_Xdummy xpra_Xdummy] wrapper script and configured xpra.conf to use it instead of the regular Xorg binary.