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Ticket #1379: xpra-1.0-webp-encode-fix-import.patch

File xpra-1.0-webp-encode-fix-import.patch, 517 bytes (added by jonathan.underwood, 5 years ago)
  • xpra-1.0/xpra/codecs/webp/encode.pyx

    diff -up xpra-1.0/xpra/codecs/webp/encode.pyx.orig xpra-1.0/xpra/codecs/webp/encode.pyx
    old new import os 
    88from xpra.log import Logger
    99log = Logger("encoder", "webp")
    11 from xpra.util envbool
     11from xpra.util import envbool
    1212cdef int LOG_CONFIG = envbool("XPRA_WEBP_LOG_CONFIG", False)
    1313cdef int USE_THREADS = envbool("XPRA_WEBP_THREADING", True)