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Ticket #1785: xpra-setup-py.patch

File xpra-setup-py.patch, 2.0 KB (added by Mikolaj, 4 years ago)

xpra setup.py patch for OpenBSD

  • setup.py

    - disable V4L2
    - fix man path
    - disable -lrt linking
    old new OSX = sys.platform.startswith("darwin") 
    6666LINUX = sys.platform.startswith("linux")
    6767NETBSD = sys.platform.startswith("netbsd")
    6868FREEBSD = sys.platform.startswith("freebsd")
     69OPENBSD = sys.platform.startswith("openbsd")
    6970PYTHON3 = sys.version_info[0] == 3
    7071POSIX = os.name=="posix"
    7172import struct
    vpx_ENABLED = DEFAULT and pkg_config_versi 
    191192enc_ffmpeg_ENABLED      = False
    192193#opencv currently broken on 32-bit windows (crashes on load):
    193194webcam_ENABLED          = DEFAULT and not OSX and not (WIN32 and BITS==32)
    194 v4l2_ENABLED            = DEFAULT and (not WIN32 and not OSX and not FREEBSD)
     195v4l2_ENABLED            = DEFAULT and (not WIN32 and not OSX and not FREEBSD and not OPENBSD)
    195196#ffmpeg 3.1 or later is required
    196197dec_avcodec2_ENABLED    = DEFAULT and pkg_config_version("57", "libavcodec")
    197198csc_swscale_ENABLED     = DEFAULT and pkg_config_ok("--exists", "libswscale")
    if WIN32: 
    14371438    #OSX and *nix:
    14381439    scripts += ["scripts/xpra", "scripts/xpra_launcher", "scripts/xpra_browser", "scripts/udev_product_version", "scripts/xpra_signal_listener"]
    1439     add_data_files("share/man/man1",      ["man/xpra.1", "man/xpra_launcher.1", "man/xpra_browser.1"])
     1440    add_data_files("man/man1",            ["man/xpra.1", "man/xpra_launcher.1", "man/xpra_browser.1"])
    14401441    add_data_files("share/xpra",          ["README", "COPYING"])
    14411442    add_data_files("share/xpra/icons",    glob.glob("icons/*"))
    14421443    add_data_files("share/applications",  ["xdg/xpra-launcher.desktop", "xdg/xpra-browser.desktop", "xdg/xpra.desktop"])
    if OSX: 
    16901691                ))
    16921693monotonic_time_pkgconfig = pkgconfig()
    1693 if not OSX and not WIN32:
     1694if not OSX and not WIN32 and not OPENBSD:
    16941695    add_to_keywords(monotonic_time_pkgconfig, 'extra_link_args', "-lrt")
    16961697            ["xpra/monotonic_time.pyx", "xpra/monotonic_ctime.c"],