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Ticket #535: :201.2.log

File :201.2.log, 39.4 KB (added by jamie, 8 years ago)

Server log with XPRA_DETECT_LEAKS=1

2X.Org X Server 1.15.0
3Release Date: 2013-12-27
4X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0
5Build Operating System: Linux 3.12-1-amd64 x86_64 Debian
6Current Operating System: Linux animal 3.12-1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.12.9-1 (2014-02-01) x86_64
7Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-3.12-1-amd64 root=/dev/mapper/vg_animal0-root ro quiet
8Build Date: 06 February 2014  03:20:45PM
9xorg-server 2:1.15.0-2 (http://www.debian.org/support)
10Current version of pixman: 0.32.4
11        Before reporting problems, check http://wiki.x.org
12        to make sure that you have the latest version.
13Markers: (--) probed, (**) from config file, (==) default setting,
14        (++) from command line, (!!) notice, (II) informational,
15        (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.
16(++) Log file: "/home/iceweasel/.xpra/Xorg.:201.log", Time: Fri Apr  4 10:54:32 2014
17(++) Using config file: "/etc/xpra/xorg.conf"
18(==) Using system config directory "/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d"
19setversion 1.4 failed: Permission denied
20Initializing built-in extension Generic Event Extension
21Initializing built-in extension SHAPE
22Initializing built-in extension MIT-SHM
23Initializing built-in extension XInputExtension
24Initializing built-in extension XTEST
25Initializing built-in extension BIG-REQUESTS
26Initializing built-in extension SYNC
27Initializing built-in extension XKEYBOARD
28Initializing built-in extension XC-MISC
29Initializing built-in extension SECURITY
30Initializing built-in extension XINERAMA
31Initializing built-in extension XFIXES
32Initializing built-in extension RENDER
33Initializing built-in extension RANDR
34Initializing built-in extension COMPOSITE
35Initializing built-in extension DAMAGE
36Initializing built-in extension MIT-SCREEN-SAVER
37Initializing built-in extension DOUBLE-BUFFER
38Initializing built-in extension RECORD
39Initializing built-in extension DPMS
40Initializing built-in extension Present
41Initializing built-in extension DRI3
42Initializing built-in extension X-Resource
43Initializing built-in extension XVideo
44Initializing built-in extension XVideo-MotionCompensation
45Initializing built-in extension SELinux
46Initializing built-in extension XFree86-VidModeExtension
47Initializing built-in extension XFree86-DGA
48Initializing built-in extension XFree86-DRI
49Initializing built-in extension DRI2
50Loading extension GLX
51setversion 1.4 failed: Permission denied
522014-04-04 10:54:32,980 server uuid is dfafc06452ca4385b9c0dbde141d14ab
532014-04-04 10:54:33,095 xpra server version 0.13.0
542014-04-04 10:54:33,095 running with pid 24454
552014-04-04 10:54:33,114 xpra is ready.
562014-04-04 10:54:43,080 print_leaks:
572014-04-04 10:54:43,088      661 : <type 'method_descriptor'> : 6030 matches
582014-04-04 10:54:43,095      574 : <type 'dict'> : 3136 matches
592014-04-04 10:54:43,101      376 : <type 'list'> : 1776 matches
602014-04-04 10:54:43,107      293 : <type 'weakref'> : 1718 matches
612014-04-04 10:54:43,113      239 : <type 'getset_descriptor'> : 1611 matches
622014-04-04 10:54:43,119      238 : <type 'tuple'> : 1708 matches
632014-04-04 10:54:43,124      174 : <type 'wrapper_descriptor'> : 2442 matches
642014-04-04 10:54:43,130      112 : <type 'type'> : 619 matches
652014-04-04 10:54:43,135       76 : <type 'classmethod_descriptor'> : 747 matches
662014-04-04 10:54:43,140       73 : <type 'set'> : 247 matches
672014-04-04 10:54:43,145       70 : <type 'instance'> : 301 matches
682014-04-04 10:54:43,150       61 : <class 'xpra.codecs.codec_constants.codec_spec'> : 61 matches
692014-04-04 10:54:43,155       46 : <type 'classobj'> : 189 matches
702014-04-04 10:54:43,160       38 : <type 'module'> : 432 matches
712014-04-04 10:54:43,165       31 : <type 'member_descriptor'> : 279 matches
722014-04-04 10:54:43,170       28 : <class 'gst._gst.MessageType'> : ['<flags 0 of type GstMessageType>', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_EOS of type G', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_ERROR of type', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_WARNING of ty', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_INFO of type ', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_TAG of type G', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_BUFFERING of ', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_STATE_CHANGED', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_STATE_DIRTY o', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_STEP_DONE of ', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_CLOCK_PROVIDE', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_CLOCK_LOST of', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_NEW_CLOCK of ', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_STRUCTURE_CHA', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_STREAM_STATUS', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_APPLICATION o', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_ELEMENT of ty', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_SEGMENT_START', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_SEGMENT_DONE ', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_DURATION of t', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_LATENCY of ty', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_ASYNC_START o', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_ASYNC_DONE of', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_REQUEST_STATE', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_STEP_START of', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_QOS of type G', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_PROGRESS of t', '<flags GST_MESSAGE_EOS | GST_MES']
732014-04-04 10:54:43,174       20 : <type 'property'> : 129 matches
742014-04-04 10:54:43,179       18 : <class 'gst._gst.EventType'> : ['<enum GST_EVENT_UNKNOWN of type ', '<enum GST_EVENT_FLUSH_START of t', '<enum GST_EVENT_FLUSH_STOP of ty', '<enum GST_EVENT_EOS of type GstE', '<enum GST_EVENT_NEWSEGMENT of ty', '<enum GST_EVENT_TAG of type GstE', '<enum GST_EVENT_BUFFERSIZE of ty', '<enum GST_EVENT_SINK_MESSAGE of ', '<enum GST_EVENT_QOS of type GstE', '<enum GST_EVENT_SEEK of type Gst', '<enum GST_EVENT_NAVIGATION of ty', '<enum GST_EVENT_LATENCY of type ', '<enum GST_EVENT_STEP of type Gst', '<enum GST_EVENT_CUSTOM_UPSTREAM ', '<enum GST_EVENT_CUSTOM_DOWNSTREA', '<enum GST_EVENT_CUSTOM_DOWNSTREA', '<enum GST_EVENT_CUSTOM_BOTH of t', '<enum GST_EVENT_CUSTOM_BOTH_OOB ']
752014-04-04 10:54:43,183       15 : <class 'gst._gst.CoreError'> : ['<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_FAILED of t', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_TOO_LAZY of', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEME', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_STATE_CHANG', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_PAD of type', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_THREAD of t', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_NEGOTIATION', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_EVENT of ty', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_SEEK of typ', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_CAPS of typ', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_TAG of type', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_MISSING_PLU', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_CLOCK of ty', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_DISABLED of', '<enum GST_CORE_ERROR_NUM_ERRORS ']
772014-04-04 10:54:43,191       13 : <class 'gst._gst.QueryType'> : ['<enum GST_QUERY_NONE of type Gst', '<enum GST_QUERY_POSITION of type', '<enum GST_QUERY_DURATION of type', '<enum GST_QUERY_LATENCY of type ', '<enum GST_QUERY_JITTER of type G', '<enum GST_QUERY_RATE of type Gst', '<enum GST_QUERY_SEEKING of type ', '<enum GST_QUERY_SEGMENT of type ', '<enum GST_QUERY_CONVERT of type ', '<enum GST_QUERY_FORMATS of type ', '<enum GST_QUERY_BUFFERING of typ', '<enum GST_QUERY_CUSTOM of type G', '<enum GST_QUERY_URI of type GstQ']
782014-04-04 10:54:43,195       11 : <class 'gst._gst.BufferFlag'> : ['<flags GST_BUFFER_FLAG_READONLY ', '<flags GST_BUFFER_FLAG_MEDIA4 of', '<flags GST_BUFFER_FLAG_PREROLL o', '<flags GST_BUFFER_FLAG_DISCONT o', '<flags GST_BUFFER_FLAG_IN_CAPS o', '<flags GST_BUFFER_FLAG_GAP of ty', '<flags GST_BUFFER_FLAG_DELTA_UNI', '<flags GST_BUFFER_FLAG_MEDIA1 of', '<flags GST_BUFFER_FLAG_MEDIA2 of', '<flags GST_BUFFER_FLAG_MEDIA3 of', '<flags GST_BUFFER_FLAG_LAST of t']
792014-04-04 10:54:43,199       10 : <class 'logging.PlaceHolder'> : 75 matches
802014-04-04 10:54:43,203        9 : <type 'staticmethod'> : 62 matches
812014-04-04 10:54:43,207        8 : <class 'xpra.codecs.codec_constants.video_codec_spec'> : ["codec_spec({'_all_fields': ['cod", "codec_spec({'_all_fields': ['cod", "codec_spec({'_all_fields': ['cod", "codec_spec({'_all_fields': ['cod", "codec_spec({'_all_fields': ['cod", "codec_spec({'_all_fields': ['cod", "codec_spec({'_all_fields': ['cod", "codec_spec({'_all_fields': ['cod"]
822014-04-04 10:54:43,211        7 : <class 'gst._gst.StreamStatusType'> : ['<enum GST_STREAM_STATUS_TYPE_CRE', '<enum GST_STREAM_STATUS_TYPE_ENT', '<enum GST_STREAM_STATUS_TYPE_LEA', '<enum GST_STREAM_STATUS_TYPE_DES', '<enum GST_STREAM_STATUS_TYPE_STA', '<enum GST_STREAM_STATUS_TYPE_PAU', '<enum GST_STREAM_STATUS_TYPE_STO']
832014-04-04 10:54:43,215        6 : <class 'gst._gst.SeekFlags'> : ['<flags 0 of type GstSeekFlags>', '<flags GST_SEEK_FLAG_FLUSH of ty', '<flags GST_SEEK_FLAG_ACCURATE of', '<flags GST_SEEK_FLAG_KEY_UNIT of', '<flags GST_SEEK_FLAG_SEGMENT of ', '<flags GST_SEEK_FLAG_SKIP of typ']
842014-04-04 10:54:43,219        5 : <class 'gst._gst.TagFlag'> : ['<enum GST_TAG_FLAG_UNDEFINED of ', '<enum GST_TAG_FLAG_META of type ', '<enum GST_TAG_FLAG_ENCODED of ty', '<enum GST_TAG_FLAG_DECODED of ty', '<enum GST_TAG_FLAG_COUNT of type']
852014-04-04 10:54:43,223        4 : <class 'gst._gst.SeekType'> : ['<enum GST_SEEK_TYPE_NONE of type', '<enum GST_SEEK_TYPE_CUR of type ', '<enum GST_SEEK_TYPE_SET of type ', '<enum GST_SEEK_TYPE_END of type ']
862014-04-04 10:54:43,227        3 : <class 'gst._gst.IndexFlags'> : ['<flags GST_INDEX_WRITABLE of typ', '<flags GST_INDEX_READABLE of typ', '<flags GST_INDEX_FLAG_LAST of ty']
872014-04-04 10:54:43,231        2 : <class 'gst._gst.CapsFlags'> : ['<flags 0 of type GstCapsFlags>', '<flags GST_CAPS_FLAGS_ANY of typ']
882014-04-04 10:54:43,235        1 : <type 'gtk.gdk.Display'> : ['<gtk.gdk.Display object at 0x7f8', '<gtk.gdk.Display object at 0x7f8']
892014-04-04 10:54:53,086 print_leaks:
90gc: collectable <frame 0x30e8e40>
91gc: collectable <list 0x7f8995fb1b00>
922014-04-04 10:55:03,096 print_leaks:
932014-04-04 10:55:03,102        1 : <type 'frame'> : ['<frame object at 0x7f89b0dec910>', '<frame object at 0x2840fd0>', '<frame object at 0x2729040>', '<frame object at 0x2876260>', '<frame object at 0x7f899916bb90>', '<frame object at 0x7f8996e4b3c0>', '<frame object at 0x7f8995fb3050>', '<frame object at 0x30ea3c0>', '<frame object at 0x30e8e40>']
942014-04-04 10:55:10,029 New connection received: SocketConnection(/home/iceweasel/xpra-socket/animal-201)
952014-04-04 10:55:10,046 Handshake complete; enabling connection
962014-04-04 10:55:10,051 Python/Gtk2 Linux client version 0.13.0 connected from 'animal' as 'jamie' ('Jamie McClelland')
97gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8995fc46d0>
98gc: collectable <StgDict 0x7f899f381be8>
99gc: collectable <_ctypes.PyCArrayType 0x3109250>
100gc: collectable <getset_descriptor 0x7f8994334d40>
101gc: collectable <getset_descriptor 0x7f8994334d88>
102gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8996e3c100>
103gc: collectable <getset_descriptor 0x7f8994334e18>
104gc: collectable <getset_descriptor 0x7f8994334e60>
1052014-04-04 10:55:10,053 mmap is enabled using 128MB area in /tmp/xpra.oEVg9H.mmap
1062014-04-04 10:55:10,053 client root window size is 2646x1024 with 1 displays:
1072014-04-04 10:55:10,053   ':0.0' (661x256 mm) workarea: 2646x994 at 0x30
1082014-04-04 10:55:10,053     LVDS1 1366x768 (277x156 mm)
1092014-04-04 10:55:10,053     VGA1 1280x1024 at 1366x0 (338x270 mm)
1102014-04-04 10:55:10,056 server virtual display now set to 3288x1080 (best match for 2646x1024)
1112014-04-04 10:55:10,057 setting key repeat rate from client: 660ms delay / 40ms interval
1122014-04-04 10:55:10,058 setting keymap: rules=evdev, model=pc105, layout=us
1132014-04-04 10:55:10,080 setting full keymap definition from client via xkbcomp
1142014-04-04 10:55:10,126 sent updated screen size to 1 clients: 3288x1080 (max 5120x3200)
115gc: collectable <frame 0x30ea3c0>
116gc: collectable <cell 0x7f899432e718>
117gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8995fc4690>
118gc: collectable <function 0x7f8994325b90>
119gc: collectable <list 0x7f8995fb1ab8>
120gc: collectable <list 0x7f8995fb1b48>
121gc: collectable <list 0x7f8995fb1b90>
1222014-04-04 10:55:13,106 print_leaks:
1232014-04-04 10:55:13,114      790 : <type 'list'> : 2567 matches
1242014-04-04 10:55:13,120      165 : <type 'dict'> : 3301 matches
1252014-04-04 10:55:13,127       39 : <type 'tuple'> : 1747 matches
1262014-04-04 10:55:13,133       38 : <type 'frame'> : 47 matches
1272014-04-04 10:55:13,140       29 : <type 'weakref'> : 1747 matches
1282014-04-04 10:55:13,146       24 : <type 'set'> : 271 matches
1292014-04-04 10:55:13,152       21 : <class 'threading._Condition'> : ['<Condition(<_RLock owner=None co', '<Condition(<_RLock owner=None co', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a']
1302014-04-04 10:55:13,157       20 : <type 'module'> : 452 matches
1312014-04-04 10:55:13,163       18 : <type 'getset_descriptor'> : 1629 matches
1322014-04-04 10:55:13,169       17 : <class 'xpra.log.Logger'> : 81 matches
1332014-04-04 10:55:13,174       16 : <type 'collections.deque'> : ['deque([])', 'deque([])', 'deque([], maxlen=64)', 'deque([])', 'deque([], maxlen=500)', 'deque([], maxlen=500)', 'deque([], maxlen=500)', 'deque([], maxlen=500)', 'deque([], maxlen=500)', 'deque([], maxlen=500)', 'deque([(1396623310.637233, 0.001', 'deque([(1396623310.637237, 0.002', 'deque([], maxlen=64)', 'deque([], maxlen=64)', 'deque([])', 'deque([], maxlen=64)']
1342014-04-04 10:55:13,180       14 : <class 'logging.PlaceHolder'> : 89 matches
1352014-04-04 10:55:13,185       11 : <type 'wrapper_descriptor'> : 2453 matches
1362014-04-04 10:55:13,190       10 : <type 'type'> : 629 matches
1372014-04-04 10:55:13,195        7 : <class 'threading._Event'> : ['<threading._Event object at 0x7f', '<threading._Event object at 0x7f', '<threading._Event object at 0x7f', '<threading._Event object at 0x7f', '<threading._Event object at 0x7f', '<threading._Event object at 0x7f', '<threading._Event object at 0x7f', '<threading._Event object at 0x7f']
1382014-04-04 10:55:13,200        5 : <class 'threading.Thread'> : ['<Thread(write, started daemon 14', '<Thread(read, started daemon 140', '<Thread(parse, started daemon 14', '<Thread(format, started daemon 1', '<Thread(encode, started daemon 1']
1392014-04-04 10:55:13,205        3 : <type 'instance'> : 304 matches
1402014-04-04 10:55:13,210        2 : <class 'xpra.server.batch_config.DamageBatchConfig'> : ['DamageBatchConfig(wid=0, always=', 'DamageBatchConfig(wid=0, always=']
1412014-04-04 10:55:13,215        1 : <class 'xpra.util.typedict'> : ["{'full_csc_modes': {'h264': ['AR"]
1422014-04-04 10:55:23,098 print_leaks:
1432014-04-04 10:55:23,103        6 : <type 'cell'> : 55 matches
1442014-04-04 10:55:23,109        1 : <type 'tuple'> : 1748 matches
1452014-04-04 10:55:33,093 print_leaks:
1462014-04-04 10:55:33,099       24 : <type 'tuple'> : 1772 matches
1472014-04-04 10:55:33,105       19 : <type 'dict'> : 3320 matches
1482014-04-04 10:55:33,110        9 : <type 'collections.deque'> : ['deque([])', 'deque([])', 'deque([], maxlen=64)', 'deque([])', 'deque([(1396623330.354183, 0), (', 'deque([(1396623330.356452, 0), (', 'deque([(1396623330.356452, 1, 0)', 'deque([(1, 1396623330.35205, 984', 'deque([(1, 1396623330.373054, 98', 'deque([(1, 1396623330.373094, 98', 'deque([(1396623310.637233, 0.001', 'deque([(1396623310.637237, 0.002', 'deque([], maxlen=64)', 'deque([], maxlen=64)', 'deque([])', 'deque([(1396623331.352636, 38.92', 'deque([])', 'deque([(1396623330.352058, 6.739', 'deque([(1396623330.352058, 6.739', 'deque([], maxlen=100)', 'deque([], maxlen=100)', 'deque([], maxlen=100)', 'deque([], maxlen=100)', 'deque([], maxlen=100)', 'deque([], maxlen=400)']
1492014-04-04 10:55:33,115        8 : <type 'cell'> : 63 matches
1502014-04-04 10:55:33,120        6 : <type 'method_descriptor'> : 6050 matches
1512014-04-04 10:55:33,125        5 : <class 'threading._Condition'> : ['<Condition(<_RLock owner=None co', '<Condition(<_RLock owner=None co', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a', '<Condition(<thread.lock object a']
1522014-04-04 10:55:33,131        2 : <type 'gtk.gdk.Window'> : ['<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89']
1532014-04-04 10:55:33,136        1 : <class 'xpra.server.window_video_source.WindowVideoSource'> : ['WindowVideoSource(1 : (0, 0))']
154gc: collectable <WindowModel 0x7f8994335e60>
155gc: collectable <dict 0x7f8994321b40>
156gc: collectable <EventMask 0x7f8994335cd0>
157gc: collectable <list 0x7f8995fb11b8>
158gc: collectable <dict 0x7f8994337d70>
159gc: collectable <list 0x7f8995fcd170>
160gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994335e10>
161gc: collectable <list 0x7f89943367a0>
162gc: collectable <list 0x7f89943367e8>
163gc: collectable <frozenset 0x7f89943476a8>
164gc: collectable <WMSizeHints 0x7f8995fb2ad0>
165gc: collectable <gtk.gdk.Pixmap 0x7f8994335a00>
166gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994335b90>
167gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994335f00>
168gc: collectable <function 0x7f8994331398>
169gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89943359b0>
170gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994335820>
171gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994335730>
172gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89943355f0>
173gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89943356e0>
174gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994335550>
175gc: collectable <function 0x7f8994331320>
176gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994335690>
177gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89943355a0>
178gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89943350f0>
179gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994334bd8>
180gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8995fc4750>
181gc: collectable <cell 0x7f8995fc5168>
182gc: collectable <gtk.gdk.Window 0x7f8994335dc0>
183gc: collectable <WindowVideoSource 0x7f8995fc4050>
184gc: collectable <dict 0x7f8994345168>
185gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ceef0>
186gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940cdd70>
187gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ea368>
188gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940cefc8>
189gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940cef38>
190gc: collectable <list 0x7f8994336710>
191gc: collectable <DamageBatchConfig 0x7f8995fc4210>
192gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ea560>
193gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ead88>
194gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940e7ab8>
195gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940eadd0>
196gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ed440>
197gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994335f50>
198gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ea440>
199gc: collectable <WindowPerformanceStatistics 0x7f8995fb29d0>
200gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940eacf8>
201gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ceea8>
202gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994335640>
203gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ea3b0>
204gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940d21e0>
205gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89943376e0>
206gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89943456e0>
207gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940e7b00>
208gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994327670>
209gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89943277c0>
210gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994327c90>
211gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994327830>
212gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994327910>
213gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994327980>
214gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89943278a0>
215gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89943279f0>
216gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e0680>
217gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e0628>
218gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e05d0>
219gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e0578>
220gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e02b8>
221gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e0520>
222gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e04c8>
223gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e0470>
224gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e0418>
225gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e03c0>
226gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e0368>
227gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e0310>
228gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e0260>
229gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e0208>
230gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940e01b0>
2312014-04-04 10:55:43,112 print_leaks:
2322014-04-04 10:55:43,120       17 : <type 'dict'> : 3337 matches
2332014-04-04 10:55:43,127       15 : <type 'list'> : 2606 matches
2342014-04-04 10:55:43,133       10 : <type 'collections.deque'> : 35 matches
2352014-04-04 10:55:43,140        7 : <type 'tuple'> : 1779 matches
2362014-04-04 10:55:43,146        2 : <type 'gtk.gdk.Window'> : ['<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89']
2372014-04-04 10:55:43,152        1 : <class 'xpra.server.window_video_source.WindowVideoSource'> : ['WindowVideoSource(2 : (1364, 714', 'WindowVideoSource(1 : (0, 0))']
2382014-04-04 10:55:53,116 print_leaks:
2392014-04-04 10:55:53,123        6 : <type 'cell'> : 76 matches
2402014-04-04 10:55:53,131        3 : <type 'tuple'> : 1782 matches
2412014-04-04 10:56:03,109 print_leaks:
2422014-04-04 10:56:03,115        6 : <type 'cell'> : 82 matches
2432014-04-04 10:56:03,121        4 : <type 'tuple'> : 1786 matches
2442014-04-04 10:56:13,119 print_leaks:
2452014-04-04 10:56:13,126        3 : <type 'tuple'> : 1789 matches
2462014-04-04 10:56:23,124 print_leaks:
2472014-04-04 10:56:33,125 print_leaks:
2482014-04-04 10:56:33,132       19 : <type 'tuple'> : 1807 matches
2492014-04-04 10:56:33,138        2 : <type 'list'> : 2608 matches
2502014-04-04 10:56:33,144        1 : <type 'gtk.gdk.Window'> : ['<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89']
251gc: collectable <DamageBatchConfig 0x7f8994330a10>
252gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4280>
253gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940e6e88>
254gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4210>
255gc: collectable <list 0x7f899409fe60>
256gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940a1c30>
257gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940a1c80>
258gc: collectable <WindowSource 0x7f8994330510>
259gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940e36e0>
260gc: collectable <WindowPerformanceStatistics 0x7f89943305d0>
261gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940e67f8>
262gc: collectable <list 0x7f89943343f8>
263gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994090560>
264gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940937a0>
265gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899409a098>
266gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940904d0>
267gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4600>
268gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e41a0>
269gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e42f0>
270gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4360>
271gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e43d0>
272gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4440>
273gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ed710>
274gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940a2dd0>
275gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940a2e18>
276gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940a2fc8>
277gc: collectable <list 0x7f8995fb1050>
278gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940a3170>
279gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940a2f38>
280gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ce128>
281gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940a3098>
282gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940a1d70>
283gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940e6d70>
2842014-04-04 10:56:43,111 print_leaks:
2852014-04-04 10:56:43,117       11 : <type 'list'> : 2619 matches
2862014-04-04 10:56:43,122        8 : <type 'collections.deque'> : 43 matches
2872014-04-04 10:56:43,127        4 : <type 'dict'> : 3341 matches
2882014-04-04 10:56:43,132        1 : <class 'xpra.server.window_source.WindowSource'> : ['WindowSource(3 : (0, 0))']
289gc: collectable <DamageBatchConfig 0x7f8994330950>
290gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e44b0>
291gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940e3e88>
292gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4590>
293gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940b2280>
294gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940b2320>
295gc: collectable <WindowSource 0x7f8994330a90>
296gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940fe5c8>
297gc: collectable <WindowPerformanceStatistics 0x7f89943301d0>
298gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940fe910>
299gc: collectable <list 0x7f8995fb1128>
300gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899409f200>
301gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899410b0e0>
302gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940a31b8>
303gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940a3998>
304gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940a3f38>
305gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899409f4d0>
306gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b03c0>
307gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b0368>
308gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b00a8>
309gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b0260>
310gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b0208>
311gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b01b0>
312gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b0158>
313gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b0788>
314gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b07e0>
315gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b0310>
316gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b02b8>
317gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b0838>
318gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b0890>
319gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b08e8>
320gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940b0940>
321gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ae4d0>
322gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940af170>
323gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994101d40>
324gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940ed7e8>
325gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899409ffc8>
326gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4a60>
327gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4520>
328gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4670>
329gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e46e0>
330gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4750>
331gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e47c0>
332gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ed758>
333gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940af7a0>
334gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ae560>
335gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940b1200>
336gc: collectable <list 0x7f8994093f80>
337gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ae5f0>
338gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ae6c8>
339gc: collectable <list 0x7f8995fb1560>
340gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ae518>
341gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940b2370>
342gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940d84b0>
3432014-04-04 10:56:53,120 print_leaks:
3442014-04-04 10:56:53,126        9 : <type 'list'> : 2628 matches
3452014-04-04 10:56:53,132        8 : <type 'collections.deque'> : 51 matches
3462014-04-04 10:56:53,138        4 : <type 'dict'> : 3345 matches
3472014-04-04 10:56:53,143        1 : <class 'xpra.server.window_source.WindowSource'> : ['WindowSource(3 : (0, 0))', 'WindowSource(4 : (0, 0))']
3482014-04-04 10:57:03,127 print_leaks:
3492014-04-04 10:57:13,129 print_leaks:
3502014-04-04 10:57:13,136       19 : <type 'tuple'> : 1822 matches
3512014-04-04 10:57:13,143        2 : <type 'list'> : 2630 matches
3522014-04-04 10:57:13,151        1 : <type 'gtk.gdk.Window'> : ['<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89', '<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0x7f89']
3532014-04-04 10:57:23,130 print_leaks:
3542014-04-04 10:57:33,134 print_leaks:
3552014-04-04 10:57:43,123 print_leaks:
3562014-04-04 10:57:53,126 print_leaks:
3572014-04-04 10:57:53,132        1 : <type 'tuple'> : 1822 matches
358gc: collectable <DamageBatchConfig 0x7f8994330c90>
359gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4e50>
360gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940e3398>
361gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4ec0>
362gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940525f0>
363gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994052640>
364gc: collectable <WindowSource 0x7f8994330bd0>
365gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940b7050>
366gc: collectable <WindowPerformanceStatistics 0x7f8994330e90>
367gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940b75c8>
368gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ae488>
369gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c7950>
370gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899408d950>
371gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994105638>
372gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994105680>
373gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940fdaf8>
374gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940509f0>
375gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050a48>
376gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050b50>
377gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050ba8>
378gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050c00>
379gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050c58>
380gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050cb0>
381gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050d08>
382gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050aa0>
383gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050af8>
384gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050d60>
385gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050db8>
386gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050e10>
387gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050e68>
388gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940538c0>
389gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940552f0>
390gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4f30>
391gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4fa0>
392gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994055050>
393gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940550c0>
394gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994055130>
395gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940e7b90>
396gc: collectable <list 0x7f8994053908>
397gc: collectable <list 0x7f899404eb48>
398gc: collectable <list 0x7f8994053560>
399gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940af488>
400gc: collectable <list 0x7f8994053368>
401gc: collectable <list 0x7f8994053440>
402gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940c6290>
403gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940535f0>
404gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994052690>
405gc: collectable <dict 0x7f8994056910>
4062014-04-04 10:58:03,136 print_leaks:
4072014-04-04 10:58:03,144       33 : <type 'tuple'> : 1855 matches
4082014-04-04 10:58:03,153       26 : <type 'list'> : 2657 matches
4092014-04-04 10:58:03,161       18 : <type 'collections.deque'> : 69 matches
4102014-04-04 10:58:03,169       14 : <type 'dict'> : 3360 matches
4112014-04-04 10:58:03,176        2 : <class 'xpra.server.batch_config.DamageBatchConfig'> : ['DamageBatchConfig(wid=0, always=', 'DamageBatchConfig(wid=0, always=', 'DamageBatchConfig(wid=1, always=', 'DamageBatchConfig(wid=3, always=', 'DamageBatchConfig(wid=4, always=', 'DamageBatchConfig(wid=2, always=', 'DamageBatchConfig(wid=5, always=', 'DamageBatchConfig(wid=6, always=']
4122014-04-04 10:58:03,182        1 : <class 'xpra.server.window_video_source.WindowVideoSource'> : ['WindowVideoSource(2 : (1364, 714', 'WindowVideoSource(1 : (0, 0))', 'WindowVideoSource(5 : (1240, 585']
413gc: collectable <gtk.gdk.Window 0x7f89940c4e10>
414gc: collectable <WindowModel 0x7f89940c4c30>
415gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940e6a28>
416gc: collectable <EventMask 0x7f89940c4dc0>
417gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940c61b8>
418gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940b5398>
419gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940c6200>
420gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89941045f0>
421gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940a7a70>
422gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940cee60>
423gc: collectable <frozenset 0x7f8994347308>
424gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994109b90>
425gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940c4eb0>
426gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940b2690>
427gc: collectable <function 0x7f8994331aa0>
428gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc190>
429gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc370>
430gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc3c0>
431gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc410>
432gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc460>
433gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc4b0>
434gc: collectable <function 0x7f8994331a28>
435gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc500>
436gc: collectable <WMSizeHints 0x7f8994330c50>
437gc: collectable <WindowVideoSource 0x7f89943307d0>
438gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940fe4b0>
439gc: collectable <WindowPerformanceStatistics 0x7f89943309d0>
440gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940b5050>
441gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc5f0>
442gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc690>
443gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8995fb2fd0>
444gc: collectable <DamageBatchConfig 0x7f8994330850>
445gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc550>
446gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940de140>
447gc: collectable <cell 0x7f8996e48948>
448gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940b7168>
449gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4830>
450gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4130>
451gc: collectable <list 0x7f899404e098>
452gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899409be18>
453gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994109f80>
454gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899404ee18>
455gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994055590>
456gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e40c0>
457gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4980>
458gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4910>
459gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4ad0>
460gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4b40>
461gc: collectable <list 0x7f899404e050>
462gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940aae60>
463gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a7a0>
464gc: collectable <list 0x7f8994053638>
465gc: collectable <list 0x7f899404e368>
466gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a2d8>
467gc: collectable <list 0x7f899404e6c8>
468gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940ae638>
469gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940a2ef0>
470gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994052730>
471gc: collectable <dict 0x7f8994054c58>
472gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940af710>
473gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940eda70>
474gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a050>
475gc: collectable <list 0x7f899410b758>
476gc: collectable <DamageBatchConfig 0x7f8994330790>
477gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4c90>
478gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940b5a28>
479gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4c20>
480gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc870>
481gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc780>
482gc: collectable <WindowSource 0x7f8994330f50>
483gc: collectable <dict 0x7f899404f398>
484gc: collectable <WindowPerformanceStatistics 0x7f8994330e50>
485gc: collectable <dict 0x7f899404f6e0>
486gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940c6170>
487gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994109d88>
488gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899410bb00>
489gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940cb518>
490gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940cb830>
491gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994101440>
492gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940cba70>
493gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940a25f0>
494gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899409a950>
495gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940cb998>
496gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940a26c8>
497gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940cbe60>
498gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899410bcf8>
499gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994106a48>
500gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940a8aa0>
501gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c9578>
502gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c97e0>
503gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c9890>
504gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c9940>
505gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c99f0>
506gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940f4d08>
507gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c9418>
508gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c9680>
509gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940be520>
510gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c9fc8>
511gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940500a8>
512gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050158>
513gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994050208>
514gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a638>
515gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c8f38>
516gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994105d88>
517gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c8290>
518gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c8128>
519gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994090e60>
520gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940f8050>
521gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994090170>
522gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899408da70>
523gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940f3c68>
524gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994101e18>
525gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994055980>
526gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e4bb0>
527gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994055520>
528gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940554b0>
529gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994055670>
530gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940556e0>
531gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405aa70>
532gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405ad40>
533gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405ab90>
534gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405acf8>
535gc: collectable <list 0x7f899404e170>
536gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940c6248>
537gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a758>
538gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940a2e60>
539gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405abd8>
540gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc640>
541gc: collectable <dict 0x7f899405fe88>
542gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a3f8>
543gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899405b1b0>
544gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899405b158>
545gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899405b100>
546gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899405b0a8>
547gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057a48>
548gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899405b050>
549gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057fc8>
550gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057f70>
551gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057f18>
552gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057838>
553gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057890>
554gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057940>
555gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057aa0>
556gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057af8>
557gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994102ba8>
558gc: collectable <WindowSource 0x7f8994330f10>
559gc: collectable <dict 0x7f8994056168>
560gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a5a8>
561gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a488>
562gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a878>
563gc: collectable <dict 0x7f899405d5c8>
564gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940c67a0>
565gc: collectable <WindowPerformanceStatistics 0x7f8994330490>
566gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a6c8>
567gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a4d0>
568gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940c6710>
569gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940526e0>
570gc: collectable <DamageBatchConfig 0x7f89943308d0>
571gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940c8098>
572gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a680>
573gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f8994052500>
574gc: collectable <list 0x7f89940533b0>
575gc: collectable <instancemethod 0x7f89940cc5a0>
576gc: collectable <dict 0x7f89940564b0>
577gc: collectable <dict 0x7f8994056398>
578gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994055600>
579gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994055210>
580gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994055360>
581gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940553d0>
582gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940551a0>
583gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994055440>
584gc: collectable <list 0x7f899405a8c0>
585gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f89940e49f0>
586gc: collectable <collections.deque 0x7f8994055280>
587gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899405b310>
588gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899405b2b8>
589gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899405b260>
590gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f899405b208>
591gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057158>
592gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057ec0>
593gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057e68>
594gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057e10>
595gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057db8>
596gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c91b0>
597gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940579f0>
598gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057998>
599gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994057100>
600gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f89940c96d8>
601gc: collectable <tuple 0x7f8994102d08>
6022014-04-04 10:58:13,137 print_leaks:
6032014-04-04 10:58:13,144       51 : <type 'tuple'> : 1906 matches
6042014-04-04 10:58:13,151       26 : <type 'list'> : 2683 matches
6052014-04-04 10:58:13,158       14 : <type 'collections.deque'> : 83 matches
6062014-04-04 10:58:13,164        4 : <type 'dict'> : 3364 matches
6072014-04-04 10:58:13,171        2 : <class 'xpra.server.window_source.WindowSource'> : ['WindowSource(3 : (0, 0))', 'WindowSource(4 : (0, 0))', 'WindowSource(6 : (0, 0))', 'WindowSource(8 : (0, 0))', 'WindowSource(7 : (0, 0))']
6082014-04-04 10:58:23,134 print_leaks:
6092014-04-04 10:58:23,140        1 : <type 'frozenset'> : ["frozenset(['__hash__'])", "frozenset(['__iter__'])", "frozenset(['next'])", "frozenset(['__len__'])", "frozenset(['__contains__'])", "frozenset(['__call__'])", "frozenset(['__iter__', '__len__'", "frozenset(['discard', 'add', '__", "frozenset(['__iter__', '__getite", 'frozenset([])', "frozenset(['__delitem__', '__set", "frozenset(['__getitem__', '__len", "frozenset(['__delitem__', '__set", "frozenset(['1', '0', '3', '2', '", "frozenset(['and', 'elif', 'is', ", "frozenset(['real', '__rtruediv__", "frozenset(['__rtruediv__', '__ra", "frozenset(['__rtruediv__', 'deno", "frozenset(['__ror__', '__rtruedi", "frozenset(['_NET_WM_STATE_MODAL'", "frozenset(['_NET_WM_STATE_MODAL'", "frozenset(['_NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN"]
6102014-04-04 10:58:33,127 print_leaks: