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#1513 fixed "--without-service" does not stop Xpra from writing files to /usr/lib Jens H. Goebbert Jens H. Goebbert


we updated lately to Xpra 1.0.5 using the install option "--without-service" on our system (without root permissions). Currently we need to patch Xpra as it tries to write to the system directory /usr/lib or /lib in setup.py and fails:

1514	        #not supported by all distros, but doesn't hurt to install it anyway:
1515	        prefix = "/usr/lib"
1516	        from xpra.os_util import is_Fedora, is_CentOS
1517	        if is_Fedora() or is_CentOS():
1518	            prefix = "/lib"
1519	        add_data_files("%s/tmpfiles.d" % prefix, ["tmpfiles.d/xpra.conf"])
1520	        add_data_files("%s/sysusers.d" % prefix, ["sysusers.d/xpra.conf"])

Can you change setup.py that way, that it avoids this if installed with --without-service.

This is related to the ticket: #1383

Best, Jens Henrik

#144 fixed "AssertionError" in free_image when resizing a window using x264 encoding ahuillet ahuillet

This is easy to reproduce:

Error while decoding frame
 paint_with_video_decoder: ouch, decompression error 2
Unhandled error while processing packet from peer
File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/xpra/window_backing.py", line 104, in paint_with_video_decoder
File "codec.pyx", line 87, in xpra.x264.codec.Decoder.free_image (xpra/x264/codec.c:1397)

It happens every time (or almost?) one resizes a window. This looks like a race condition - as if the client was resetting its decoding context *after* trying to play one wrong frame?

#996 fixed "Run Command" Menu option is broken (trunk clients) J. Max Mena J. Max Mena

Tested with trunk r10783 Win8.1 Fedora 19/22 clients:

  • Selecting "Run Command" from the tray, and entering a command, then running it does not work
  • xpra control :whatever start-child xterm works as expected

Windows client prints the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "xpra\client\gtk_base\start_new_command.pyc", line 145, in run_command
AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'get_active'


Note: I did see this with a slightly older OSX client, but just chocked it up to our build being buggered, but

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